Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 948
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Chapter 948 Please Protect Her

Baili Wuchen was stunned for a while. He knew clearly that Lin Mengya was the only one in Long Tianyu’s heart, who was about to become the emperor of the Jin State.

But now, was he going to send her away?

Baili Wuchen looked at Long Tianyu, puzzled. But the latter just sat behind the desk, with a complicated look on his face.

At this moment, even though it was the worship oration he must use during the enthronement ceremony that was placed before him, Long Tianyu still could not pay attention to it.

“Your Highness, I don’t understand what you mean.”

The abdication edict stated that Long Qinghan would ascend to the throne in five years.

But they all knew that Long Qinghan was not interested in the throne at all.

As long as the prince wanted it, the throne would always belong to him.

Lin Mengya’s status was now honorable and it was natural for her to be the empress.

A few days ago, the officials who had been supporting the prince had discussed in private how to expand the new emperor’s harem.

But he knew better than them that none of the daughters from the noble families could attract the prince’s attention.

“She has her own mission, and I can’t go with her. But I can’t watch her fall into danger. Wuchen, you’re the person I trust the most, and also the only one who can help her. Please, help her.”

Baili Wuchen had never seen Long Tianyu make such a sincere request to others.

Looking into the deep yet helpless black eyes, he could only take in a deep breath and nod his head hard, making a promise that he would not easily make.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. I will protect the princess and let her come back unharmed.”

Long Tianyu looked at Baili Wuchen gratefully. He knew that this promise would become Lin Mengya’s last line of defense.

No matter what danger she was in, Baili Wuchen would definitely protect her with his life.

But he was more likely to want both of them to come back unharmed.

Baili Wuchen was given the highest authority so that he could make the best plan with his power. Sitting alone in the study room, Long Tianyu felt that his hands, which he could use to hold weapons, were too weak at this moment.

He looked down. No one could read the thoughts in his deep eyes.

After a long time, Long Tianyu raised his head, and a deep sigh slowly came out from the oppressive study room.

Probably out of illusion, Lin Mengya felt that Long Tianyu was particularly obsessed with her these days.

Although Long Tianyu must officially ascend to the throne on the first day of the first lunar month, many national affairs needed him to make a decision because of the emperor’s poor health.

The study room in Prince Yu’s Mansion, which used to be private and quiet, became busy now.

Additionally, because she was a princess from a foreign country, some old-fashioned officials had warned Long Tianyu several times, both overtly and covertly.

They hoped that the new emperor could pay attention to his reputation, but more than that, they felt that it was outrageous for the new emperor to have only one woman.

It was a pity that Long Tianyu somehow changed a lot. No matter how plausible those people were, he still went his own way even if those veteran officials got very angry.

Now, no matter how busy he was, he would eat all his meals with Lin Mengya.

Every night, after finishing his work, he would return to their bedroom in the Liuxin Courtyard to sleep with Lin Mengya.

Most of the time, the couple just slept peacefully in each other’s arms. But Lin Mengya seemed to feel that something was hidden in Long Tianyu’s eyes every time he looked at her.

However, because she was going to leave, many thoughts were crowding in her mind, and she wished she could stay with Long Tianyu every minute.

Thus, the two of them kept their respective secrets, and their lives were sweeter than candied fruit.

Early in the morning, it was not yet light. Long Tianyu was invited by Lin Kui to discuss some important national affairs.

He carefully tucked Lin Mengya, so that her body would not be exposed to the wind. The latter held the quilt, where she could still feel the temperature and smell of Long Tianyu, and rubbed herself against it intimately.

She had once despised those women who would become as clingy as cats in love.

But now she realized that once she fell in love, no matter how strong and independent she had been, she would become a clingy woman.

She was no longer reserved.

In fact, she was the one who ignited the sparks of almost all passionate nights in recent days.

Certainly, Long Tianyu was enjoyable of that.

“Master, you have been sleeping more these days. But you’d better get up now today. Yesterday, the steward of the Ministry of Internal Order came to me and said that he would bring a few sets of auspicious clothes here for you to try on today,” Baishao said with a teasing tone, while she nimbly opened the curtain with Baiji and helped Lin Mengya wear the warm and pleasant cotton-padded clothes, which had been baked on the brazier.

Lin Mengya’s silky black hair flowed behind her head. Baiji held a black jade comb and gently combed her long hair.

On the dressing table were some jewellery in fashion at the moment.

The hairpins, dangling ornaments, and earrings inlaid with pearls or agates were in whole set.

Only those around Lin Mengya knew that the reserves of her jewellery had reached an extravagant level.

Even the total jewellery of all concubines in the palace could be narrowly comparable to that.

Moreover, Lin Mengya’s jewellery were not ordinary items.

After the hard work of Baiji and Baishao who were both skillful at makeup, Lin Mengya, the naturally beautiful woman, looked even more stunning in the mirror. She was so dazzling that people could not take their eyes off her.

Although Lin Mengya was not narcissistic, there was no woman disliking to be always beautiful, was there?

Besides, she had something very important to do today.

To be honest, the hairstyle and jewellery in ancient times were indeed beautiful, but for her, it was as heavy as if her neck were being crushed.

“The prince sent word that he wouldn’t come for the moment, so you didn’t have to worry about him and you could have breakfast first.”

Baisu, dressed in tight clothes, came in from the outside. After she came back this time, Lin Mengya did not want to trouble her with something she was not good at.

This girl was now the number one female guard in Prince Yu’s Mansion, and she had won the admiration of many young maidservants.

During this period of time, there were fewer maidservants learning needlework in the mansion. Many of them were secretly watching Baisu practice martial arts.

Some bolder ones even peeked at Lin Kui and the other guards when they were training.

Those humorless men would blush every time they saw the girls peeping over the wall.

Lin Kui had even complained to Lin Mengya about that. Fortunately, Lin Mengya was quite prestigious in the mansion. After her reminder, those girls, who had just reached puberty, no longer peeped over the wall, but watched them overtly in groups.

Of course, it finally led to a few couples. But Lin Mengya’s original intention was that those girls could see clearly the hardships of practicing martial arts and then make a choice.

And no matter what choice the girls made in the end, she would support them.

These days, she had been considering asking Baisu to invite a female martial artist to teach these girls.

For this reason, the girls in Prince Yu’s Mansion even worshipped Lin Mengya as a bodhisattva.

If anyone dared to speak ill of the princess, they would rush to fight against that one.

All of a sudden, Lin Mengya’s reputation was on par with that of the violent hostess in Long Qinghan’s mansion.

After finding out about this, Lin Mengya did not stop it. Anyway, such a reputation was a good thing for her with no harm.

In the future, if anyone wanted to target her husband when she was not around, that one had to think about it carefully.

Rubbing her chin, Lin Mengya gazed at the lively and cute girls in the courtyard.

Once Long Tianyu ascended to the throne, he would definitely move to the palace.

Should she ask him to take all the people in the mansion with him?

By then, all the servants in the palace would be spies working for her. Long Tianyu would definitely live a happy life as the emperor.

Lin Mengya, whose mind was filled with her bright future, was unaware of how terrifying her smile was.

Baizhi, who was leading other servants to serve the breakfast, touched the goosebumps on her arms and gently poked Baisu beside her.

“Elder Sister Baisu, tell me, is Master crazy?”

Baizhi’s lovely face was full of doubts. Baisu also looked carefully at the different look on the face of her master.

Then, she nodded secretly and said with embarrassment, “Do you think that someone can be cured if she got something wrong with her brain?”

Except for Lin Mengya, the other girls could not help laughing when they saw Baisu’s serious face.

However, Baisu looked puzzled. She had ever seen several women, who got something wrong with their brains, smile like this, so she was worried that her master had also fallen ill.

But when she saw the others’ looks, she felt that she seemed to have said something wrong.

What was exactly wrong with her words?

Lin Mengya, who was said to get something wrong with her brain, finally came to her senses and began to eat breakfast in high spirits.

When she finally settled down and sat in the reception hall of the mansion, she was full of energy and vigor.

When a person was full, even the things on her head were not as heavy as before.

Lin Mengya sat on the seat of honor in the reception hall. The four maidservants stood beside her like four guardians.

The reception hall was redecorated inside and out. Long Tianyu knew that she felt the cold a lot, so he asked some people to redecorate it. Now, although it was not as warm as her bedroom in the Liuxin Courtyard, it was much better than that of ordinary rich families.

Since they were serious in this meeting, the guests must be some people of great background.

When Lin Mengya was taking a sip of the second cup of warm tea served by Baiji, she heard some sweet voices coming from outside.

With a faint smile at the corner of her mouth, Lin Mengya took another sip of tea.

“Finally, they are here. Good.”

“Prince Yu’s Mansion is indeed extraordinary, but you will know that the palace is much better when you live there in the future.”

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