Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 8 Detoxifying
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"Housekeeper Chen, you go back and tell Lin Mengwu: When she gets married, I, her elder sister, will certainly give her a gift bigger than this!"

Lin Mengya’s voice sounded less innocent, and she was firm even with a hint of cruelty.

The people felt as if they had woken up from a dream—This woman was not as silly as in the rumor.

But, Long Tianhao strode toward the mansion, holding Lin Mengya in his arms before people thought too much about it.

He completed the ceremony without any hesitation. Until the bride was sent to the room, he came out to propose a toast. The Queen, who waited in the imperial palace and wanted to sentence him a crime against the imperial edict, heard the report and abruptly smashed several cups!

"This Lin Mengwu really broke my whole plan!"

"If she weren’t my own sister’s daughter, I was afraid that she must be dead now!

At this time, Lin Mengya was quite carefree, sitting alone in her new house, and was bored.

Because the new house was in the inner house and the banquet was in the outer one, it was quite a peace at the moment, except for her growling stomach.

After a long day of tossing and turning, she didn’t eat anything. The ancient bride was really pitiful!


Lin Mengya quietly lifted the corner of the bridal veil, looked out of the quiet window and the dim sum on the table. After struggling for three seconds, she did not hesitate to lift the veil and strode toward it.

The dessert was delicious.

Lin Mengya, who was enjoying herself, glanced at the side at random and saw a face in the mirror. Suddenly, she was frightened and the dim sum in her hand fell to the ground.

This face...

With the golden phoenix crown on the top of her head, she looked at the mirror. There were two big eyes and some chippings of sesame cake around her mouth. This face belonged to her present body!

What was that the dark mass which was disgusting on the left of her face?

Was it a birthmark?

Lin Mengya was about to query the God why he gave her such an ugly face!

"God, you treated me unfairly!"

Lin Mengya was so upset and wailed as she touched her left face as if she simply wanted to pinch off the birthmark toughly!

All of a sudden, an emotionless voice sounded in her brain.

"Toad Poison, Cobra Venom... Antidotes: 50 grams of Chinese Alpine Rush, 30 grams of Gastrodia Elata..."

Lin Mengya suddenly realized at the moment that this turned out to be a kind of poison!

Lin Mengya had never felt that the sound would be so pleasant that it must be regarded as the sounds of nature!

After all, no one wanted to have an ugly face all day long!

Lin Mengya bowed to pick up the dim sum that fell to the ground, carefully put it back on the plate, and began to think.

This antidote was a normal medicine and there should be a pharmacy in this large Prince Yu Mansion?

Outside the house, there were toasts in the distance, but inside the house, there was no sound at all.

As soon as Lin Mengya made up her mind, without hesitation, she opened the door quietly and searched for it secretly one by one.

Suddenly, she smelled a mixed fragrance of herbs and smiled—This was it!

Lin Mengya was very sensitive to herbs because she had dealt with them all years round.

Sure enough, when she opened the door, she was shocked by the herbs in the room.

There were too many herbs!

She had no time to think, so she quickly found what she needed.


After several medicines were prepared in proportion, Lin Mengya quickly applied them to her left face.

After an unbearable feeling of burning, Lin Mengya touched her left face with her hand. Her skin was smooth and delicate, so she thought the poison must have been detoxicated.

Lin Mengya didn’t dare to stay longer, so she quickly picked up the pharmacy, confirmed that no one would found she had entered this room, and immediately returned.

She wanted to see what her face looked like after recovery!

Only when she returned to the wedding room, she heard footsteps coming from far and near!

Not good! Was it possible that Prince Yu had returned to his room after toasting?

According to the etiquette of this dynasty, when the bride entered the bridal chamber, the groom would entertain guests outside, and then the matchmaker would lead him to carry out the bridal veil ceremony.

Since the matchmaker was not here, it must be Prince Yu!

Lin Mengya felt panic without specific reasons and had no time to look at her face in front of the mirror. She hastily sat back on the bed and put the veil on her head in a hurry!

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