Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 7 Expose the Conspiracy
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"Housekeeper Chen, why can’t we eat? My sister Mengwu gave them to me before I got into the sedan chair, saying that if Prince Yu and I ate them, we could have our own baby soon! "

Lin Mengya pretended to be naive to say these words. Anyway, she was a fool, so it was not surprising to say anything.

Lin Mengwu initially said this sentence, but Lin Mengya added a Prince Yu.

Housekeeper Chen got sweated with fear, and his back was all wet. Now if Prince Yu became suspicious of what Lin Mengya just said, and as long as these dates were testified poisonous, that was a big crime against prince!

In the panic, Housekeeper Chen fooled Lin Mengya as usual and said, "These dates are not fresh. Prince Yu is born in royal families, and he will not like the things in our family."

"Oh..." Lin Mengya moved the dates from Long Tianhao’s mouth and watched them in front of her eyes.

Seeing that Lin Mengya seemed to agree with him, Housekeeper Chen did breath a sigh of relief.

Before he could finish his breath, Lin Mengya said again, "No wonder I felt colic in my stomach and even spat something black after eating one just now."

Then she pulled out the handkerchief with her blood from her sleeve and showed it to the public. She naively said, "Look! I thought it was because of my disease. It turns out to be the date problem!"

The crowd was shocked at the moment—this black thing was blood! The reason why it turned black was that she was poisoned!

It turned out that this second daughter in the Lin family was not so gentle and virtuous as the rumor said. She was such a sinister person!

Long Tianhao’s face was almost darker than this. He was born in the imperial family and naturally knew that there was no kinship between brothers and sisters.

He hated the person who seemed to be kind but shot you from behind!

He didn’t expect that Lin Mengwu had oppress her sister and used such a toxic in cold blood!

He could imagine how much pain the woman in his arms suffered when she vomited out the blood.

People already began to talk in succession, and Housekeeper Chen’s face was as white as ashes. With the wisdom of Prince Yu, it was futile to say more at this moment!

And Prince Yu’s silent and gloomy face at the moment made him dare not speak again. He had just learned the man’s cruelty!

However, he did not know that Long Tianhao didn’t say anything at this moment because he wanted to see how the rumored fool in his arms would deal with them.

Listening to people whispering about Lin Mengwu and their words becoming harsher and harsher, Lin Mengya revealed a smile on the corners of her mouth under the cover and said again, "Well, in this case, let’s make the dates into the dry ones and store them up. After all, they are gifts from my sister, but... Prince Yu, don’t eat it!"

Long Tianhao’s eyes were more and more profound—This woman was not stupid at all; instead, she was unusually clever.


Lin Mengwu was the Queen’s niece. If Ling Mengya insisted on finding it out and there was no conclusive evidence, she might not get any benefits.

However, she chose to make the matter public in this way. Seemingly, she did nothing, but the reputation of Lin Mengwu plummeted, which was even worse than beating her dozens of times!

In the end, she didn’t forget to keep the evidence, so that she could take it out again if she wanted to investigate in the future!

This woman... was a little interesting!

This wedding seemed to have become less boring!

He felt a little happy in his heart for no reason. His lip angle was slightly raised, but he didn’t even notice it and said, "Good."

They only felt a brightness before their eyes at the moment as the cold handsome man unexpectedly smiled. His smile was so fascinating that the women along the street who were unmarried even blushed and were secretly jealous of the woman in Prince Yu’s arms!

At that time, it became quieter.

Only Lin Mengya broke the peace again.

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