Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 35 Who Wanted to Harm Us?
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The charcoal was burning inside his skin at this moment. If they dragged it out by force, they would cause extreme pain on Xiaoyu once again.

Aunt Jinyue hit on an idea in desperation. She brought a bucket of cold water and poured it on the head of Xiaoyu. The charcoal instantly turned into the black fossil and fell from his body with white smoke.

"Xiaoyu, wake up! Please hold on!" Lin Mengya held him cautiously. His back must have been burned very badly and he might die if they didn’t deal with his wound well.

Xiaoyu had already fainted from severe pain.

Holding the little guy in her arms, for a moment, Lin Mengya even thought that she would lose him.

No! She would not!

She had the most advanced medical knowledge, and she must save Xiaoyu!

"We’re gonna find a drug store to deal with Xiaoyu’s wound. Baizhi, Aunt Jinyue, you two must be alert!"

After a series of accidents, Lin Mengya was sure that she was their target.

She was furious and thought that she would never forgive those who dared to hurt the people around her!

With Lin Zhongyu in her arms, she rushed into a drug store.

"Hey, what are you doing..." The shopkeeper of the drug store found these four people and wanted to stop them, but he was pushed away by Lin Mengya.

The four people in front of him looked a little awkward and the one who pushed him away was disheveled. But she was also beautiful and he suddenly felt cold in his spine when she stared at him coldly.

"Shopkeeper, please prepare a pair of scissors for me, Aunt Jinyue, I want a long enough clean gauze. Baizhi, go and find a clean bed for me. Hurry up!"

Under the arrangement of Lin Mengya, all of them quickly finished their tasks.

She put Xiaoyu on the bed and cut the little guy’s clothes. His skinny back was split and his flesh broke forth by the burning of the charcoal.

The horrible scars revealed his black and red flesh. Lin Mengya bit her lip with distress and told herself she couldn’t feel panicked!

"Shopkeeper, I want the frankincense, gypsum, charred sanguisorba, egg white, lard, and borneol." "Please boil the water with andrographis paniculata and I’m gonna disinfect Xiaoyu!"

After five years of studying medicine, Lin Mengya still remembered what the instructor said when she first took the experimental class.

No matter what happened, as a doctor, you must calm down before you could save your patient.

She scrubbed the wound of Xiaoyu in an orderly manner and then applied the ointment. Others could only watch and couldn’t do anything.

"Master! Master, are you all right?" Lin Mengya just finished the treatment and Steward Deng appeared at the gate of the drug store.

He heard that something had happened to the carriage when he just left. But after he came back, he found that the carriage had already become pieces.

However, he was trapped in the crowd and could not move. That was the reason why he came so late.

He wanted to rush to the broker house, but he found Baizhi who was anxious at the door. Only then did he know that the princess was in this small drug store.

"I’m fine, but Xiaoyu is hurt. I need to bring him back now. We can’t delay anymore!"

In the small store, Lin Mengya stood in front of Xiaoyu’s bed, and her eyes were cold.

Steward Deng had already prepared. In a while, the carriage with the emblem of Prince Yu’s Mansion stopped at the door of the drug store.

The street became quiet once again.

Even if there were still people looking at them, they dared not block the carriage of Prince Yu’s mansion. They returned to the mansion without stop or delay.

Xiaoyu was taken over by the royal doctor after they arrived at the mansion. Fortunately, Lin Mengya’s first aid was timely, and the medication she used was accurate, so his wounds stopped deteriorating.

Lin Mengya sat in her own room without lighting any candles.

Who was it? They smashed her carriage on the street and tried to kill her with hot charcoal.

In her hand, she held the charcoal she had secretly got in the daytime.

This charcoal seemed to be something unusual.

"Is there anyone? Ask the handyman who supervises the coal in winter come here!" An old woman outside immediately followed her order and left.

In a short time, the handyman who wore the blue-gray shorts knelt in the main house of the Qinglan Courtyard.

"I ask you to come here because I want you to see if there’s something unusual about the charcoal." The room was bright, but the handyman felt cold after seeing the beautiful face of the princess.

Lin Mengya’s eyes were filled with desires of killing. If she found the one who did this, she was going to make his/her life a living hell.

"Princess, this charcoal looks like the silver charcoal produced by Yue City."

"Oh? Can you tell me what’s the difference?" She raised her eyebrows and realized that she had guessed right.

The handyman was familiar with all kinds of charcoal, so he suddenly became very talkative.

"The silver charcoal produced by the Yue City is made of the wood called Baixiang. Unlike ordinary charcoal, the Baixiang wood is extremely hard and consumes fire. So the silver charcoal made from it was harder than ordinary ones. Besides, it can also produce a calming scent after burning. Because the silver charcoal burns longer than ordinary joss stick, many ladies like to replace the joss stick with silver charcoal. But it’s very expensive. Except for the imperial palace, there are only five or six families in Dadu who can afford it."

Lin Mengya was puzzled after hearing what the handyman had said.

This kind of valuable charcoal was usually used by the ladies in the inner house. But she stayed in her home for the most time and why did this person hate her so much?

Ling Mengya had a brainwave and suddenly thought of someone. Was that her?

No, it was only her carriage on the street at that time.

That guy was proud and arrogant. She disdained to walk with the ordinary people. So where did this charcoal come from?

"Well, I know. Nurse Yu, give him the reward."

She wrapped the little charcoal in the handkerchief. Lin Mengya knew that she must be patient.

The person failed this time and he/she would try again.

It seemed that there was only one way to seize the people behind this. Under the candlelight, Lin Mengya had an idea.

In the study room not far away, Long Tianhao wore black clothes. The clothes were simple but he still looked overwhelming.

He narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows. His eyes were dark and no one could find out what he was thinking.

"Did you find out who made the trouble on the street?" Night told him the events on the street in the afternoon.

If Lin Zhongyu didn’t sacrifice and save Lin Mengya, it was she who was suffering from the pain now.

"Not yet. This thing is quite strange. Master, I’m incompetent and should be punished." Steward Deng knelt down on the ground and was willing to be punished.

"Get up, I can’t blame you for this. But, have you found any clues?" Lin Mengya was only an ornament for him.

And he didn’t care about her life at all.

But the group of people tried to kill her on the street, which was challenging him.

People who dared to provoke him never had good results.

Steward Deng thought for a while and said with resignation, "At that time, there were too many people on the street and I arrived after the accident had happened. The clues are too messy and there are too many of them, so I’m not sure at this moment."

Long Tianhao nodded. He trusted Steward Deng and it seemed that the one who wanted to kill Lin Mengya was still hiding in the dark and waiting for the next opportunity.

"Send more guards to protect the princess in secret. Besides, if you find any suspects, you can catch and interrogate them. I don’t want this kind of event to happen to the princess once again, do you understand?"

Their carriage was chopped on the street and even the princess became so miserable. It seemed that the governor of Dadu didn’t want to work anymore!

But Lin Mengya was very low-key when she left home, why did these people know her whereabouts?

Was there any spy in his home and he didn’t notice them?

He frowned when thinking about this possibility. If it was true, his mansion was not safe anymore.

A shadow was cast on his face. If there were spies in his mansion, he would definitely find and kill them secretly this time.

To carry out this plan, he needed to cooperate with the princess.

He turned around and left the study room. He hoped that this woman was not so stupid!


In the east of the Qinglan Courtyard, Lin Mengya was holding a bowl of warm chicken soup and wanted to feed Lin Zhongyu, who was lying on the bed.

When night fell, Lin Zhongyu had a high fever.

She knew that this was the normal reaction after inflammation, but she was still worried.

"Sister... I feel painful..." Lin Zhongyu awakened from a trance and blinked his eyes. But his eyes did not shine.

He was so cute and clever. Lin Mengya suddenly felt heart-broken and her eyes were wet with tears.

"Why did you take the hot charcoal for me? If one piece of them fell on your face, you will become ugly, don’t you know that?"

She nipped the little guy’s little face and was moved.

He tried his best to raise his head and the wound on his back ached because of his movement. But he still insisted and looked at Lin Mengya with his sincere eyes.

"Sister, you saved my life. Without you, I might have died, so I will protect you even at the cost of my own life." His voice was young but he was determined.

Lin Mengya touched his head and felt warm.

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