Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 30 Pick up a Younger Brother
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Lin Mengya felt uncomfortable being stared by them, so she had to put down her book. Then she and the two guys stared at each other.

After a while, Ruyue couldn’t help asking questions while she was being stared by Lin Mengya.

"Miss, where did you learn all these skills? Why didn’t you teach me anything?"

Ruyue complained about her but Lin Mengya was disinclined to answer her questions.

She turned around and took a look at that thin and little guy.

"What’s your name?" The teenager seemed to wake up from a dream and his face turned red, but he still gathered up his courage.

"They...They all called me Shitou." The voice of the teenager was so thin that it couldn’t be heard clearly. But his voice fell on Lin Mengya’s heart and caused ripples.

"Where do you live? And do you have any relatives?" On the principle of saving people’s lives to the end, Lin Mengya wanted to send the child back to his family.

But unexpectedly, the little guy shook his head, as if he was thinking of something unhappy.

"Ever since I could remember, I wandered with an old beggar. Then, the gang discovered me in a ruined temple and then they killed the old beggar and took me away. Mao San said that they would sell me to a large family as a catamite in the future. Therefore, they only asked me to do these jobs that will not really hurt my bones and muscles."

Lin Mengya’s heart sank suddenly.

And her pretty face even became as cold as frost. She guessed right, but if he were to be sold to a large family as a catamite, wouldn’t that be the same as death?

At this moment, her eyes flashed and she made a decision.

"This name—Shitou—is not a nice name, and from now on, your name is Lin Zhongyu. My name is Lin Mengya. We are cousins, do you remember?"

Shitou, no, he should be called Lin Zhongyu now. He, with a pair of cat eyes, looked dumbly at the princess sister in front of him.

He ruthlessly pinched his thigh and found himself not dreaming.

"Is it really... OK?" Lin Zhongyu couldn’t believe that this kind of good thing unexpectedly had fallen from the sky and had even fallen on him.

"Of course, don’t worry. I will protect you in the future and no one dares to bully you!" Lin Mengya also didn’t know why she accepted the child as her cousin on impulse.

But she did not regret it. If she had just let him go, they would surely come after him.

At that time, she was the one who destroyed him.

It was better and safer to keep him nearby. Besides, the mansion was rich enough to feed him.

After they experienced such a thrilling morning, when Lin Mengya brought Lin Zhongyu and Ruyue into the Mansion, Aunt Jinyue who served Concubine De was already waiting at the gate.

There were two maids who had accompanied Concubine De since she married the Emperor.

Aunt Jinyue was gentle and usually treated the servants courteously, so she often served in the outer court.

The other maid Aunt Jingyue was calm, careful and considerate, but she was a little bit quiet. Therefore, she mostly served Concubine De.

"Your Highness, pay my respects to you—"Jinyue bent down to salute, and even in the mansion, she was still well-mannered.

Lim Mengya bowed down and didn’t put on airs as she did in the Lin family. Jinyue’s eyes grew softer and softer—The Princess was not only beautiful and smart but also had a good family background. And she was a good daughter-in-law.

"The reason why Aunt comes to look for me is Concubine De has something to ask me?" she cautiously asked. To tell the truth, although she could win the favor of the incomparably graceful Concubine De, she had little experience in this kind of problem—the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

"Now, you should call her mother. She has something to entrust you and you come with me." Lin Mengya arranged Ruyue and Lin Zhongyu hastily, and then she followed Jinyue to the Art Courtyard, the main court.

In the main hall, Concubine De was sitting uprightly on her seat. Because she was not in the palace, she only wore a dark gray Magic Lotus informal dress, and only wore her hair in an ordinary bun decorated with a peony head-ornament.

Although she wasn’t as wealthy and powerful as she looked in the palace, she made people feel a little closer.

Lin Mengya knelt down there primly and paid her respects to Concubine De.

"I pay my respects to mother." Concubine De’s phoenix eyes revealed a little light sadness. Only after she saw her clever daughter-in-law did her sadness dissipate a little.

"Good, get up. Come to me and I have something to entrust you." Concubine De had endured for several years only for the safety of Long Tianhao. Because Lin Mengya was her son’s princess, she was also bound to cultivate her.

"I heard people say that you had a dispute with others in the street today?" What Concubine De said made Lin Mengya blush.

Today, she did cause a commotion. But she didn’t anticipate that Concubine De, who lived in the depths of the Mansion, was so well-informed.

"I know you are sensible. But now you have married my son, you should plan everything for him. For example, what happened today, do you know those ruffians could run amuck at the territory of the Emperor and they must have forces behind? Do you know which faction the forces belong to?"

Concubine De’s words suddenly made Lin Mengya realize her own shortcomings.

Since she was a child, she had fought alone. Hence, she dealt with matters in accordance with her preference and she really didn’t think through some things.

Furthermore, Concubine De said these words from the bottom of her heart.

At this moment, Lin Mengya nodded and she respected Concubine De from the bottom of her heart.

Seeing that the daughter-in-law received her teachings, Concubine De showed a faint smile on her face.

"Just in time, since tomorrow, Jinyue will go to the Qinglan Courtyard to serve you. If there is anything inconvenient or incomprehensible, you can ask Jinyue more. I am exhausted, so you can go back and have a rest, too."

"Yes. Excuse me, I have to go now."

"Yes, I will follow the order."

Out of the gate of the main hall of Art Courtyard, Jinyue followed Lin Mengya. Although she could be regarded as an elder, Jinyue still abided by her duty.

All people along the way bent to salute her. Up to now, Lin Mengya realized how many lives were tied to Prince Yu in such a large courtyard.

In the Qinglan Courtyard, Lin Mengya sat on the soft couch and thought back the incident in the morning while her hand was holding her forehead.

"Are you worried about the incident in the morning?" The considerate Aunt Jinyue brought up a plate of selected fresh fruits.

She lacked interest because she only cared about herself for pleasure but forgot to think of others.

"Aunt Jinyue, did I... do something wrong?" Jinyue smiled and shook her head and she whispered, "You did not do anything wrong. You just did not consider thoroughly and you are still young and will surely have a bright future in the future."

Concubine De, at this age, was only a little girl who had just entered the palace.

However, the princess had the cruelty that Concubine De had cultivated for 20 years. And that was enough for her to gain a firm foothold.

"Considering thoroughly"—these four words—made Lin Mengya suddenly enlightened.

It seemed that in the future she had to think of the four words everywhere at any moment.

"Thank Aunt Jinyue for your advice, and Ya’er is very grateful." Lin Mengya admired the gentle and amiable Jinyue very much because she could live in the palace for so many years. And she still had much to learn.

"Miss, Miss, you go quickly and have a look. Childe Yu, he... he..." Ruyue, who brought Lin Zhongyu to take a shower, yelled and ran in.

Her small and round face flushed and her big watery eyes showed shyness and timidity. She kept saying "he... he", but she couldn’t say a complete sentence.

"You are in such a panic. Have you forgotten the rules? If the prince were here, wouldn’t you lose your manners?" Compared with Lin Mengya’s gentleness and politeness, Jinyue treated Ruyue, this innocent little girl, a bit more harshly.

The skill of controlling the servants was also a lesson that a princess must learn, so Lin Mengya did not interrupt and just quietly watched them.

She brought Ruyue here, but also dragged her into the unfathomable whirlpool of the royal family. If she was as simple as before, Lin Mengya was afraid that Ruyue would become a sacrifice sooner or later.

If they wanted to live well, they must change.

"Yes, Aunt." Ruyue was used to being rebuked in the Lin family and she immediately became honest. But she still looked at her miss pathetically with her big eyes.

Lin Mengya sighed faintly and helplessly got up. After all, Ruyue was still a girl.

"Aunt, there’s nothing important here. You might better teach the rules tomorrow," Lin Mengya said. Ruyue immediately seemed to find a big savior and hid in the side of Miss and then secretly looked at Aunt Jinyue.

Jinyue, of course, knew Lin Mengya’s thoughts and gave a salute, and then went out of the gate of the main hall.

"Miss, who is this woman? Why did she look so fierce?" Ruyue rubbed her head and looked at Lin Mengya.

"She is Aunt Jinyue who has served Concubine De, and later, she will manage you all little girls. In addition, you must learn the rules carefully. If something happens in the future, how can I take you out?"


To play tactics and tricks was to play with the mind.

She didn’t expect Ruyue to become a female expert on scheming, but at least, she must have the ability to protect herself. Otherwise, she might as well find someone to marry early and would not have to worry about those things.

But Ruyue was one of those people that Lin Mengya cared before and even for the poor innocent girl who died in vain, she had to protect Ruyue.

"Yes, I will follow the orders." As soon as she heard she would learn the rules, she didn’t feel at ease.

Previously, when they were in the Lin family, she often suffered beating for Miss who couldn’t learn the rules at all.

But, now Miss learned the rules well and why was she still the one to be scolded?

"Well, why did you call me hurriedly?" Thinking for a while, even Ruyue almost forgot her original intention.

Then she immediately took Lin Mengya’s arm and wanted to say something, but the voice of a teenager at the door interrupted her words.

"Sister, princess sister, may I come in?" Lin Mengya walked to the door with a slight smile on her face.

"Come on in. Oh, my God!" Even Lin Mengya, who saw the extremely handsome prince every day, could not help exclaiming.

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