Stuck as a Villain!

Stuck as a Villain!

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    On a random day, at a random place… I died.

    And by the grace of gods, got reincarnated in a world that has put a label over my head of Otaku.

    'Rise of the Thunder Emperor. '

    Same clichè dense hero and harem of beauties involved in an Academy setting.

    I would have accepted my fate if I had gotten in some mob's body but no…I had to be a villain who was destined to taste the awakened power of the protagonist, firsthand.

    I planned to manage my life through this whole mess and if possible get that milf teacher on the way too.

    But why the heck this hero is behaving like he knows what I am going to do?

    Why are these heroines not performing their roles and turning yandere for me but not the protagonist?

    And the milf I tried to trap is now flirting in the middle of the whole school?

    Why did things turn out so hectic?


    A/N: - Give the story at least ten chapters before you guys judge.

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