Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 31 - Ye Erruo Took Action
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Chapter 31: Ye Erruo Took Action

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Liu Yang was blushing slightly. “It’s no problem.”

Gu Feirou bit her lower lips. Was this damn woman possessed by a ghost? How did she find out about her and Lin Jingxuan?

It was no wonder that she had taken revenge on Jingxuan. His lower body had been beaten up so badly that he had to be bedridden for more than one month and he almost became sterile. Since when did she find out about them?

“Ye Erruo, it’s only seven hundred thousand yuan. Burp... W-why don’t you sleep with me for one night? I’ll give you the money.” The lecherous man walked to Ye Erruo with a lustful look. Suddenly, one of his hands reached out and yanked her wrist.

“Wang Qiang, what are you doing?!!” Liu Yang grasped his arm.

“Poor lad, move away.” Wang Qiang lifted Liu Yang to one side with his strong arms.

“You’re too much. Ye Erruo’s boyfriend will be arriving soon. Don’t mess around.”

“Boyfriend? Hahahaha.”

“Isn’t she just a prostitute? How can she have a boyfriend? I’m a big boss and I’m rich. My dad is a real estate developer. I’ll play with any kind of chick I want. Who dares to stop me?”

Wang Qiang was in a drunken stupor and his strength was frightening. He pulled Ye Erruo and headed to the outside of the private room.

Ye Erruo was wobbly and listless all over. She trembled and her back turned cold. In her past life, she had been framed at one of the class reunions and slept with a stranger. She had been drugged and hallucinated that Lin Jingxuan was the stranger. However, she ended up in the old residence of the Lin family when she woke up. That night, she thought that she became Lin Jingxuan’s woman. It was only when she was dying that she found out from Gu Feirou that Lin Jingxuan had never touched her.

This time, she was also framed in a classmates gathering. As to what would happen next, she dared not even think of it. She would definitely not let the tragedy repeat itself.

“Let go of me.” Ye Erruo struggled and tried to shake his hands off.

None of the classmates beside them dared to go forward and help. It was true that Wang Qiang’s father was a very powerful real estate developer. He got off scot-free despite having committed various evil deeds. Obviously, he had powerful people backing him and no one could afford to provoke him.

Although Liu Yang did not wish to offend Wang Qiang, he still went forward and blocked his way. He spoke and continued to stop him, “Wang Qiang, if you really do something to Ye Erruo, you’re committing a rape and will be punished by the law.”

“Law? Burp~ My dad is the law, lad. Move out of the way for the big boss,” Wang Qiang hollered impatiently.

His burly figure dragged Ye Erruo away as he reached for the beer beside him and started gulping them down. Very soon, his neck turned red and a greasy smile filled his face. He lifted Ye Erruo on his shoulder and opened the door of the private room. He could not wait to find a quiet room.

“Why are all of you standing there in a daze? Cell phone. Call the police. Hurry, call the police,” Liu Yang bellowed at the group of classmates in the room.

Gu Feirou clenched her fists. Her anger had not subsided. “Call the police? Don’t you all know who Wang Qiang is? Don’t you want to live?”

“Gu Feirou, do you still have the shame to speak? You’re just a dishonorable third wheel. I’m afraid you’re lying when you say that the president of ‘Lin Teng’ Corporation is your boyfriend?”

Gu Feirou was extremely calm. “I will make Ye Erruo pay for her slap today. I will get married with my boyfriend very soon. Whether it is true or false... Won’t you be able to find out who the third wheel is when you attend my wedding... I will make everyone take a good look with their eyes wide open!”

Upon finishing her words, she left the private room without even turning back.

All of a sudden, the group of classmates, who was seemingly in for a good show, did not know who to believe.


There was a scream. All the classmates in the private room rushed outside.

They saw Wang Qiang lying on the floor with a bleeding head. Ye Erruo was clutching onto a broken wine bottle. Gu Feirou was so frightened that she stood rooted to the ground, not daring to move.


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