Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 29 - Did You Have A Good Time Sleeping With Lin Jingxuan?
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Chapter 29: Did You Have A Good Time Sleeping With Lin Jingxuan?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Oh~” Ye Erruo nodded silently, not missing the eye contact between the two of them.

Although Gu Feirou was sitting at an inconspicuous corner, she could sense where she was right away.

Ten people brought out the beers angrily. Since it did not concern them, the other classmates had fun watching them by the side.

“Open all the lids and bring them over,” Lee Suran said.

The other classmates opened the lids of the beer bottle by bottle, lining them up on the table.

“There is no need to open mine,” Ye Erruo said.

She leaned against the sofa, drinking the water to soothe her throat. She was thinking to watch the fun while they drank the beers.

“We must drink them together. Ye Erruo, you have to finish seven cartons of beer tonight! Don’t think of going back on your words.”

“You can rest assured that I will follow the rules.” She had a devilish smile on her face.

“Drink!” Lee Suran placed the open beer in front of Ye Erruo.

“I have an allergy to alcohol. Therefore, you can go ahead and drink them.”

“Ye Erruo, are you thinking of going back on your words and not drinking them!!??”

“One bottle of beer is ten thousand yuan. One carton is one hundred thousand yuan. Seven boxes are only worth seven hundred thousand yuan.”

There were 20 boxes of beer. She did not believe that they would not be bloated after finishing them!! After they started to drink the beers, they would surely think of canceling her seven cartons of beer.

“You!!!” Lee Suran was furious. Did she intend to pay for them?

“Mmm, of course, you can choose not to drink. We just have to go according to the rules.”

“Ha!” Lee Suran smiled in anger.

“You are indeed a b***h and a kept woman, you are very rich.”

Ye Erruo sneered, “I hope that you will watch your behavior.”

“Give us the money first. Seven hundred thousand yuan in cash. Otherwise, we will not drink the beer.”

“Yes, give us the money first, otherwise, we won’t drink beer.”

Seven hundred thousand yuan was not a small amount. They believed that a kept woman would not be able to come up with seven hundred thousand yuan at once.

There was a cold glitter in Ye Erruo’s eyes. “Are all of you going back on your word?”

“No one is going back on their words. But who knows if you are bluffing? You might refuse to drink but you still need to pay the money. Do you take us for fools?”

“We want cash! It has to be cash!” Wang Fang stressed.

They had to see the money for themselves.

“Seven hundred thousand yuan. If she can come up with this money, she must have a pretty strong sugar daddy...”

“I wonder where she got this money from.”

“She could spread her legs and get it.”

The other classmates looked at Ye Erruo and whispered among themselves.

Ye Erruo pursed her lips, a cold expression on her face. “You can drink as you wish. But I have something to do, I have to make a move first. Don’t call me next time when there is a similar class gathering which aims to make things difficult for me, otherwise...”

There was a scary look on her face. “You will definitely regret it. Gu Feirou, I remember that I have several dresses at your place. Go back to tidy up and I will send someone to get them tomorrow. Oh, that includes the dress that you are wearing now. Remember to wash it clean! I will get everything that I left at your place back tomorrow.”

Everyone followed Ye Erruo’s line of sight to rest on Gu Feirou who had turned stark white. She sat in shock at a corner, feeling utterly embarrassed as everyone landed their gazes on her.

She had yet to recover herself from what Ye Erruo had just said, widening her eyes in shock.

W-was this person in front of her Ye Erruo?

Why would she treat her that way?

Ye Erruo stood up and walked toward her, a smile on her face, taking the bag in front of her with both hands and throwing it into the dustbin. “I will take this bag back first.”

“And...” She lifted her chin with her hands.

“Gu Feirou, did you have a good time sleeping with Lin Jingxuan?”

Gu Feirou was scared stiff. “Y-you knew about it?”

Pa~!! Ye Erruo slapped her face.

She had not taken a sip of beer since she entered the private room. She knew that there was something about the beer. However, there was a burning sensation inside her. She did not touch any of the beer at all! Could it be due to the plain water??

She had attended the class reunion in her previous life...

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