Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 16 - He Is Jealous. Who Are You Trying to Seduce With Your Fawning Smile?
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Chapter 16: He Is Jealous. Who Are You Trying to Seduce With Your Fawning Smile?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Shut up!!!”

Ye Erruo pursed her lips, lowered her head, and ate obediently. If the dumplings were not enough, she would make more for him. Did he have to be so fierce with her? At most, she would give him her bowl of dumplings?

After pondering for a moment, she pushed her bowl of dumplings towards Mo Jiangye. “Take this bowl.”

Mo Jiangye’s treacherous eyes shone a little. His voice turned more gentle as he pushed the bowl back to her. “Hurry up. Finish your food.”

After finishing his words, he got up and left the table, leaving behind the dumbstruck Ye Erruo.

After the meal, Ye Erruo tidied up the utensils and went for a stroll to aid her digestion. The new house was larger than the old Lin family residence. Under the setting sun, a few helpers were picking fruits in the fruit garden not far away. They were mowing the lawn. Various kinds of colorful flowers and plants were dancing to the breeze and emitting a nice fragrance.

Mo Jiangye, who had returned to his bedroom, had already showered and changed his clothes. He was sitting by the bed and waiting for her.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes... a total of ten minutes passed. Filled with resentment, he made an internal call and found out that Ye Erruo had gone for a stroll!


He had been waiting for her for so long and she went for a stroll alone after the meal?

Furious, he dashed downstairs from the bedroom in his pyjamas.

“Where is she?”

“Y-young madam is in the fruit garden.”

Without a word, Mo Jiangye headed to the fruit garden with large strides.

Far away, he saw her chatting enthusiastically with the helper. The smile on her exquisite face made her looked as witty as an elf.

He had never seen such a beautiful smile before. Wrong. To be precise, she would only smile like that to a man by the name of Lin Jingxuan.

Since when could the helper also have a share of her smile? She was so stingy that she had never given it to him!

A strong and sour aura of jealousy lingered around him. He quickened his steps and rushed towards her.

“Young master.”

“Young master... ”

The helpers immediately sighted the man who was surrounded by a murderous aura and stepped aside quickly.

“Mo Jiangye?”

“What are you doing?” He questioned furiously, pulling her wrist and walking away.

“I... ”

“Why didn’t you go back to sleep after taking your meal?”

Did she know how long he had waited for her?! Damn!

“The sky is not dark yet.”

Suddenly, his silhouette stopped. Ye Erruo bumped into his back. “Psst... This hurts!”

“You are full of fawning smiles. Who are you trying to seduce here?”

“Seduce!? Don’t tell me I can’t even joke with other people?”

He pulled a long face and dragged her away just because she smiled at others?

Mo Jiangye questioned in a hoarse voice. “You can do that with others? You are able to smile with anyone as long as that person is a human, right?!!”

“What about me? Yes? What about me?”

“Okay, I can do that.”

Mo Jiangye was looking at her in a strange way, as if she was a monster. She said okay?

Ye Erruo’s heart ached. Yes, she was not even willing to give him a stoic expression in the past, much less to smile at him.

Suddenly, both his hands were pressing on her shoulders. The faint and bewitching scent of his musk wriggled into her nostrils. “I feel like sleeping.”

She was stunned momentarily. She then said, “Then you can sleep first.”

“You first.”


Ye Erruo had a moment of realization. Her ears flushed slightly and her legs felt wobbly. A particular spot in her vulva felt a little swollen and sore.


Mo Jiangye swooped her up with his big hands.

“Mo Jiangye.” She hooked onto his neck and stared at his handsome face seriously.

He lowered his gaze at her and remained silent.

“Tomorrow, I wish to go out alone to relax and take a break.”

Suddenly, Mo Jiangye’s figure froze.

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