Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven's Gate

Chapter 920 May You Die Happily Ever After [Part 1]
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Chapter 920 May You Die Happily Ever After [Part 1]




Eiko hummed happily as she sat atop the steering wheel of the Bone Ship, Octavius.

After returning to Agartha, Lux, Eiko, and Lilian were instantly teleported to the Atlas Stronghold, surprising Saintess Cleo and Commander Garen.

They originally thought that the Half-Elf had perished after embarking on a journey toward the Pantheon of Exile, so they didn't expect to see him alive and well.

They didn't get to ask Lux anything as he didn't waste any time with them, immediately heading to the beach to summon his Bone Ship. After that, he started to sail towards the Pantheon of Exile once again in order to complete his mission of meeting Aurora.

Cethus and Gerhart were also with them and were currently on the deck of the ship playing cards with Lux.

On the other hand, Lilian was watching Eiko with a smile, as the Baby Slime hummed and jumped to move the steering wheel from time to time.

"I can't believe that there really is a kingdom under the ground," Gerhart said as he picked a card from Lux's hand.

"A Low Lander like you is truly ignorant," Cethus replied as he threw two cards on the pile in front of him. "The Kingdom of Agartha is one of the most ancient Kingdoms in Elysium. They rarely go to the Surface World, so those who are aware of its existence are few and far in between."

The green-haired Half-Elf arched an eyebrow at the annoying Dragon Born who liked to boast about him being the first to become a D-Ranker between the two of them.

Lux, on the other hand, picked one of the cards in Cethus' hand and frowned. "I don't know what we are going to face in the Pantheon of Exile, but according to Lilian, it is a very dangerous place. Are you sure that you want to accompany me? You can still go back to Guild Headquarters, you know?"

Cethus snorted. "And allow you to leave us in the dust? You wish! I won't miss an opportunity to become stronger."

Gerhart also nodded his head, which made Lux shake his head helplessly.

"Do what you want." Lux sighed before gazing in front of them. "But it seems that we arrived at a bad time."

Jet-black clouds could be seen on the horizon, and the wind was starting to pick up as well. Lightning streaked into the sky, and the faint rumbling of thunder could be heard even though they were still a distance away from the storm.

"It will be best if you all stay inside my body during the storm," Lilian commented. "That is an Acid Storm, and I doubt that you boys will be able to survive it."

"I can turn into a black demi-dragon that is immune to acid," Lux replied as he glanced at his two companions. "I'll be just fine. But neither the two of you have this kind of protection."

Gerhart and Cethus exchanged glances with each other before looking at Lilian with anxious expressions on their faces. They already knew the beautiful woman's true identity, and being absorbed by her was something that gave them goosebumps.

Seeing their expressions, Lilian just laughed before glancing in Eiko's direction. π˜§π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘’π“Œπ‘’π’·π˜―π‘œπ˜·π‘’π“.π˜€π‘œπ“‚

"Fine," Lilian said. "Let Eiko store you inside her body, then I can store Eiko inside my body."

The Half-Elf and Dragon Born favored this arrangement. While they still didn't trust Lilian, Eiko was someone that they could trust.

After receiving their permission, Eiko swallowed the two. After that, she reluctantly jumped towards her Aunt so that the latter could keep her safe.

As Lux, he transformed into his Black Demi-Dragon Form. As long as he was in this form, he wouldn't have to worry about the Acid Storm that could melt his skin.

Asmodeus took control of the ship and navigated Octavius around the obstacles in their way.

Since everyone aboard the ship was now immune to acid, they no longer had anything to worry about.

Giant waves rocked the Bone Ship, threatening to capsize it on the stormy waters.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared in the skies above, making Lux frown since his ears were very sensitive to loud sounds.

As they endured the onslaught of nature, Lux noticed several creatures flying above their heads and circling the Bone Ship like vultures waiting for their prey to die.

They were Wraiths, which was one of the horrors that lived in the Purple Sea.

None of these monsters dared to come close to the ship because they had sensed that Lilian was a Calamity-Ranked Monster.

However, that didn't stop them from observing the Demi-Dragon who were looking at them with great curiosity.

"King Leoric, can you tame these Wraiths?" Lux asked the Wraith King, who materialized beside him after his name was mentioned.

"I can. But they already belong to another Wraith King," King Leoric replied. "Trying to tame the subordinates will definitely anger their leader. Should I do it?"

Lux pondered for a bit before nodding his head. "Do it."

Right now, he needed to increase the number of members belonging to his army in preparation for his eventual clash against the Divine Army of Light.

Since Wraiths were Undead Monsters, they would easily fit in with Lux's current army.

King Leoric, who had gained Lux's permission, rose towards the sky and uttered a defiant roar.

The Wraiths who were circling the ship flinched before moving away from the Bone Ship as if they feared Leoric's presence.

A moment later, a loud whistling sound spread across the area as countless Wraiths that hid in the Storm Clouds as well as in the Sea gathered in front of the Bone Ship like a black wall made up of specters.

Suddenly, this black wall parted, and a Wraith significantly larger than the others appeared.

This particular Wraith wore White Armor, and blue embers could be seen through its visor. A white crown nestled on its head, which identified him as the Wraith King that ruled the Wraiths in the Purple Sea.

The Wraith King opened its mouth, and a blood-curdling scream emerged from it.

Lux, who heard the scream, blinked his eyes in confusion because he was certain that the voice he heard belonged to a woman.

The Half-Elf then summoned his Elysium Compendium to check whether his guess was correct, and the first few words that appeared in front of him confirmed his conjecture.


< Wraith Queen >

"In shadows deep, she holds her throne,

The Wraith Queen, in darkness known.

A spectral grace, a haunting sight,

She rules the night with silent might."

β€” Dreadnaught-Ranked World Boss


'… A Wraith Queen?' Lux thought. 'This is the first time I've heard about it.'

The Wraith Queen and the Wraith King stared at each other for a few seconds before summoning their swords.

A moment later, the two Dreadnaught-Ranked World Bosses clashed, which resulted in a shower of sparks, as they fought each other for the right to rule the Wraiths within the Purple Sea.

Every time they clashed, a metallic ring reverberated in the surroundings, while all the Wraiths shrieked in enthusiasm as if cheering for their Queen.

To Lux's surprise, King Leoric was being pushed back by his opponent, which he didn't expect to happen.

He thought that the powerful Wraith King could overpower the Wraith Queen and wrest control of her Undead Army, allowing them to become his new subordinates.

Lilian, who was watching the battle, suddenly chuckled. The Wicked Queen Slime understood what was happening, and only the Half-Elf didn't know the simple intricacies of the deadly dance that was being waged in the stormy sky.

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