Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven's Gate

Chapter 444 Shared Rewards
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General Phobus nodded his head in satisfaction as he looked at the monsters that Lux's Mercenary group had dumped near the warehouse, waiting to be dismantled.

They were running out of food to be rationed to the army, and most of the time, he had to send his men to look for beasts to kill in the surroundings to serve as their food supply.

"At least you proved that you're qualified to be here," General Phobus said as he looked at the Deimos-Ranked Monster Alligator that Malcolm's party had shown him.

All of them were Initiates and were given the best equipment by their Kingdom, which allowed them to fight against any Deimos-Ranked Monsters they encountered on the expedition.

The beast was at least six-meters long, and its skin was quite popular among adventurers because of its toughness, which was used by blacksmiths to craft light-weight leather armor.

Henrietta's Team, on the other hand, (Six Kingdom Faction), managed to defeat a Rank 5 Field Boss Monster known as the Rainbow-Colored Anaconda, which was seven-meters long.

Just like the alligator skin, the Anaconda's skin was quite popular to merchants due to its exquisite coloration and quality.

The members of the Xynnar War Pact brought back a Rank 5 Alpha Monster that was called Crowned Egret.

Although its rank was lower than what the Skystead Alliance and Six Kingdoms brought to the encampment, General Phobus and the dismantlers were very happy to see the dead creature.

Aside from its white feathers, which could be used to make fashionable cloaks, its meat was the most delicious among the Monsters within the Marshlands.

Unfortunately, it could fly, which made hunting it very difficult.

Nero's team brought down two Ruthless Minks which were Rank 5 Alpha Monsters, making them the only team that brought two Monsters back to the camp.

Lux's party on the other hand, presented a Rank 5 Alpha Diving Beetle, which made General Phobus, the dismantlers and Malcolm look at him in disdain.

Henrietta, on the other hand, hid behind the Half-Elf, finding bugs completely disgusting.

Truth be told, the meat of the Diving Beetle was edible. However, its taste wasn't the best. Some of the soldiers in the camp even jokingly said that they would only eat the meat of Diving Beetles as a last resort.

"... Good work all of you," General Phobus said as he looked at the monsters that Lux's Mercenary group had brought him. "I now officially acknowledge all of you as part of my campaign's mercenary troops. Go and rest. I will discuss more with all of you tomorrow."

General Phobus left the dismantling area and returned to his tent, leaving Lux and the others behind.

A moment later, all of them received a notification inside their heads as rows of text appeared in front of them.


< Ding! >

< Sub-Quest Big Game Hunters Completed! >

< Rewards >

– You have acquired Black-scaled Terror Alligator Beast Core (Deimos Rank)

– You have acquired Rainbow-Colored Anaconda Beast Core (Rank 5 Field Boss)

– You have acquired Mad Eager Beaver Beast Core (Rank 5 Field Boss)

– You have acquired Giant Dread Raccoon Beast Core (Rank 5 Field Boss)

– You have acquired Crowned Egret Beast Core (Rank 5 Alpha Monster)

– You have acquired two Ruthless Mink Beast Cores (Rank 5 Alpha Monster)

– You have acquired Bramble Diving Beetle Beast Core (Rank 5 Alpha Monster)


'Cai, and Keane, what did the two of you get?' Lux asked through their Guild Chat because he wanted to know if everyone got the same rewards when their mission was completed.

The Boar, and Swordsman gave their report, which confirmed Lux's suspicion.

'I had a feeling that it would be like this,' Lux thought. 'But the similarities were only in the Sub Quests. They didn't get the same rewards as I did when we did the Main Quest in the previous two Dungeons.'

After clearing the Gate of Death and Gate of War, Lux received the keys that would allow him to go to the Legendary Kingdoms of Agartha and Espoir Frieden.

When he received these rewards, Cai and the others were in the same party as he was, but neither of them had gotten the keys that were directly sent to his inventory.

While the Half-Elf was deep in thought, the other members of his Mercenary Guild looked at their rewards in shock, not expecting to receive the Beast Cores of the Monsters that everyone else had killed as a reward.

Truth be told, none of them had removed the Beast Cores from the Monsters they had slain because this was what Lux had ordered them to do before they went their separate ways. He did this to see how General Phobus would react to the Monsters that they had caught with their Beast Cores still intact inside their bodies.

Seeing that the General was satisfied with their offerings, Lux assumed that he did the right thing, which left a good impression on the General who commanded the Marshland Campaign.

Malcolm approached Lux and asked him the question that was in everyone's mind.

"Did you…" Malcolm didn't need to continue the sentence, fearing that it might be overheard by the people in the camp.


However, it was enough for Lux to understand what he was going to ask.

"Yes," Lux said with a mischievous smile. "Keep it as our secret, okay?"

Everyone, except Lux's team members, gave the Half-Elf a complicated look. Originally, they ridiculed him because the only thing his group defeated was a Diving Beetle, which didn't hold much value.

However, after seeing the rewards from their quest, they saw other entries that weren't supposed to be there.

All of them were prodigies of the young generation, so they instantly understood that the Half-Elf didn't present all the Monsters that his group had hunted down in the Marshlands.

The Mad Eager Beaver as well as the Giant Dread Raccoon were both Rank 5 Field Boss Monsters. If they were to add the Bramble Diving Beetle, which was a Rank 5 Monster, Lux's group had hunted three Monsters, and two of them were Field Bosses!

Although they felt like they had been cheated, they were more than happy to receive the Beast Cores of the Monster that everyone hunted.

For them, this kind of reward was very rare because high-ranking Beast Cores were immediately sent to their Guilds' Treasuries, which could then be used as a reward for outstanding members who had made great contributions to their guild.

Everyone thought of the same thing, and that was to keep the rewards for themselves.

Lux's team, on the other hand, didn't have a problem because, for them, these rewards naturally belonged to them.

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