Strongest Eccentric Consort

Chapter 7: The Defiant Mountain River Space
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Chapter 7: The Defiant Mountain River Space

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Even though Lou Qianxue was filled with curiosity and confusion about the Lou Family of Mountain River, she did not interrupt the old person.

Because she could see his predicament. Even though the old person had only spoken a word, her illusory figure had already faded by a bit. It seemed that he really couldn’t hold on for too long.

“I’m running out of time. I have no time to tell you more. Now, I will tell you three things, and you must remember well.”

Lou Qianxue nodded. She looked at him with great focus.

“First, this is the Mountain River Space, that is, the gold paper in your dantian. Only talented descendants of the Lou Family of Mountain River can awaken this treasure. As for the infinite magic in here, I will only tell you a little about it. Here, time flows ten times faster than the outside. When waiting for you to come in and practice, the Mountain River Space will be reduced to dust, and the human eye would not be able to detect it. As for its other abilities, I don’t have time to explain. You have to discover them on your own.”

Ten times! Lou Qianxue’s eyes widened both. She was so excited that even her body slightly shook.

What was the most precious thing in the world? It was time! And she... she had 10x the time of others! While someone else practiced for a day, she could practice in the Mountain River Space for ten days...

Lou Qianxue was really excited. She forced herself to calm down and looked at the old man in anticipation. She believed that the other two things that the old man was going to talk about weren’t going to be simple either.

“Second, the Mountain River boundary marker is the base of the Lou Family of Mountain River! It was made from a Memory Stone, and the talents of the Lou Family of Mountain River have injected memory fragments into it. Be it about training or martial arts, or about alchemy, or refiners... it will be your best teacher.

“When your mental strength becomes more powerful, you can enter your power into the Mountain River Boundary Marker, and fuse it with the memory fragments inside. Then you can undergo apperception.”

...Memory fragments of talents? And even apperception? Isn’t that the same as the teacher copying the memory directly into his mind? This is basically cheating, it’s so much against the laws of nature!

Even if Lou Qianxue was ambitious and determined, she was flabbergasted from such an unbelievable existence.

“Third, the [Mountain River Sword Technique] holds the basic foundation of the Lou Family of Mountain River. It has a total of six forms. All the disciples of the Lou Family of Mountain River can get the first three forms. But only those who awaken the Mountain River Space can obtain the other three.” As the old man spoke, his body emitted a black light, shining into Lou Qianxue’s eyes.

“I will pass the final three forms of the [Mountain River Sword Technique] to you. At the same time, with the Divine Refinement Scroll, it can help you to practice spiritual strength. Remember, only people with strong spiritual strength can get more memory fragments from the Mountain River Boundary Marker. If your spiritual strength is not strong enough, and you forcefully attempt to retrieve the memory fragments from the Boundary Marker, you will be shocked into becoming a fool.”

Lou Qianxue was startled for a moment. There are still three more forms in the [Mountain River Sword Technique]? Ha! Hahahaha... Lou Xingchen, that cunning woman. She definitely never thought that even after cheating me for 6 years, in the end, she did not even get to learn the complete set of the [Mountain River Sword Technique]!

After he finished his explanation about the three matters, the old man’s illusory figure was reduced to a thin layer of smoke.

“Okay, I can’t hold on any longer. Young girl, you have to train well. When you have achieved a certain level of strength, I will awaken again. I hope you don’t let the Lou Family of Mountain River down. Do become the victor that can control the world!”

As the old man continued speaking, his voice became extremely weak. “And... Never, ever, tell anyone about the matters in the Shan he space...”

Lou Qianxue waited for a long time, but she never heard the old man’s voice again. She couldn’t help but shout, “Senior?”

“Senior? Are you here?” No reply came from the surroundings.

Lou Qianxue felt a little sad. She did not care whether the person was speaking the truth or not. She could tell this person had no evil intentions for her. What intrigued her more was the mighty history of the Lou Family of Mountain River...

After feeling down for a while, Lou Qianxue soon regained her uplifting mood. Now, her biggest wish was to become powerful and to fight for justice for herself and her mother.

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