Strongest Eccentric Consort

Chapter 521: Too Frank!
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Chapter 521: Too Frank!

“Thank you, everyone.” Lou Qianxue realized that this person had persuaded her out of goodwill, so she smiled and said, “However, alchemy is the same as martial arts in the sense that it requires one to become fearless and courageously step forward. Hence, I wish to give it a try.”

“Huh?” The crowd froze. “Fearless? Courageously step forward? She’s right... But...”

“She’ll have to stay alive!”

“Since she has come here to train, we shall not stop her. Otherwise, if she backs out this time and that leads to a failure in her future path of alchemy, it won’t be good.”

Everyone nodded one after another as they sympathetically looked at Lou Qianxue. “Although we also wish for Master Guogong to recover soon, but... sigh! Young lady, you have to look after your well-being. Immediately come out after seeing Master Guogong. Don’t lose your life! Second Young Master is not a person who has tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex...”


At the next moment.


Lou Qianxue tore down the notice and walked toward Zhen Guogong’s mansion.

The people from Zhen Guogong’s mansion had already seen Lou Qianxue tearing off the notice. They were eagerly waiting. When they saw Lou Qianxue and An Shaoning coming over, they did not despise them despite their young age and hurriedly led them in.

“I dare to say that the young lady will definitely come out in less than half an hour after getting a beating.” Looking at the entrance of Zhen Guogong’s mansion, the crowd softly discussed amongst themselves.

“Half an hour? No! I reckon that she’ll be chased out the moment she enters.”

“So, shall we help that young lady look for an alchemist to look out for any injuries?”

“We should not... Do we have a need to? Although that young lady is delicate and won’t be able to endure a beating, amongst the many people Second Young Master has beaten all these years, none has died. Hence, he should know his limits!”

“Yes... Sigh! Don’t bother about it! Don’t bother about it! It’s only a matter that roughly requires 15 minutes. Let’s just wait and see!”

In Zhen Guogong’s mansion.

“Wow! Someone took down the notice! Someone has come to treat our Master Guogong!”

“Really? Now! Go and prepare to attend to the alchemist. Don’t let the alchemist go!”

“And, remember to closely watch Second Young Master. Don’t let him come out!”

It was a complete mess inside Zhen Guogong’s mansion.

Lou Qianxue and An Shaoning followed the butler while groups of servants talked and pointed at them no matter where they went.

“Which one of the two of them is an alchemist? They look so young.”

“Is it that girl? She’s holding the notice. She should be the one who took the notice down.”

“Are you silly? Have you seen any alchemist without a medicine attendant attending to them? The one holding on to the notice is definitely the attendant. Hence, that young man is the alchemist!”

“...” Lou Qianxue raised her eyebrows and glanced at them. This Zhen Guogong’s mansion seems somewhat different from other mansions!

After passing through winding corridors, they finally reached the backyard. However...

“Ow ow ow... Aunty, I don’t care! I don’t care! Woo woo woo woo... It wasn’t easy for me to make a trip to the Imperial city, and someone actually bullied me. You have to make the decision for me. Woo woo woo woo...”

Earth-shattering shrieks and howls suddenly rang, giving them a fright.

“This voice...” Lou Qianxue looked at An Shaoning. “Do you think that... it’s very familiar?”

Before she could finish her sentence...

“Cough... That is the cousin of our mansion’s Young Master. He just arrived at the Imperial city a few days ago. He waited many days before getting the chance to enter Baicao Garden. Who would have known that before he could enter the garden, they chased him out! Such a poor thing!”

No way?

Lou Qianxue and An Shaoning glanced at each other.

That wretched fatty at the entrance of Baicao Garden is from Zhen Guogong’s mansion?


They shifted their gaze onto the butler in front of them.

How can anyone wash their dirty linen in public?

A butler dares to openly discuss the matters of a main family member?

This servant from Zhen Guogong is too frank!

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