Strongest Eccentric Consort

Chapter 393: It’s A Deal!
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Chapter 393: It’s A Deal!

“Dan Taiyuan! I’m saying that you can bite me, not the other way round!” As Lou Qianxue glared at Dan Taiyuan’s wrist, a lot of memories uncontrollably surfaced in her mind.


Dan Taiyuan expressionlessly replied. Then, he took a step forward and was about to kiss her...

Lou Qianxue quickly slapped her hand over her mouth. “What are you doing? Since you’ve already kissed me, you can bite me the next time.”

“Okay.” Dan Taiyuan raised his head and glanced at the cracks in the sky. “Let me bite you when we meet the next time.”

An indescribable feeling flashed across Lou Qianxue’s heart. She placed her hand down and said, “Okay... It’s a deal!”

She did not know what Dan Taiyuan was going to do. However, judging from his seals, which had gotten out of control, she could guess that it was probably something dangerous.

Unfortunately, she could not help him. The only thing she could do was...

“Remember our promise! I’ll look for the materials needed for the Broken Seal Pill and wait for your return. I’ll also... let you bite me the next time we meet!”

“A good master never goes against his words.” His tone was calm, cold, and emotionless.

After speaking, he calmly spun around and walked in the air. “I’m leaving.”

A good master... Like hell!

As she stared at his back, an uneasy feeling suddenly surfaced within her.

Other than what happened at Baiyan City, she was the one watching Dan Taiyuan leave all the time...

It did not feel good to watch someone leaving...


His dignified figure completely disappeared in the air.

The boundary of the Abnormal Fire that he had split open also closed up.

Suddenly, the Abnormal Fire, which was frozen in the air, started leaping as if it had been resurrected.

“The flame person died, and the puppet soldiers have been obliterated. Other than the Abnormal Fire, nothing else can threaten us,” Gong Sunheng said as he flew forward.

Regaining her senses, Lou Qianxue tried her best to calm herself down. She nodded and grabbed the Cloud Splitting Sword.

Nothing happened to the Cloud Splitting Sword.

Lou Qianxue glanced at the Cloud Splitting Sword again. She knew that with her current cultivation, she could only activate one-tenth of the sword’s power.

However, a Level 10 Spirit Item was very rare. Even one-tenth of its energy was enough to intimidate everyone in the Tian Zhao Dynasty!

A Level 10 Spirit Item!

Yet, Dan Taiyuan gave it to me so casually as if it were as common as cabbage...

Who exactly is he?

“Let’s go and look for the origin source of the Abnormal Fire,” Gong Sunheng reminded Lou Qianxue when he saw that she was still motionless.

“Alright.” Tightening her grip around the Cloud Splitting Sword, she averted her gaze and looked into the distance. “Let’s go.”

After half an hour.

Lou Qianxue and Gong Sunheng carried the Divine Blood Stone and found the origin source of the Abnormal Fire.

Gong Sunheng stared at the blue flame leaping in the air. He immediately took out the sealed scroll, and his expression turned solemn. “This is the last sealed scroll.”

“Wait a moment.”

Lou Qianxue stared at the origin source of the Abnormal Fire, and her pretty face instantly became grim.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Qianxue?”

Gong Sunheng was puzzled.

Suddenly, Lou Qianxue whirled around and threw the Cloud Splitting Sword. “Go!”


The Cloud Splitting Sword morphed into a bright flash of light, flying straight at a black wisp of smoke behind them.

“Ouch!” A piercing cry of agony suddenly sounded!

At the same time, the black wisp of smoke split into two.

“Huh? What’s that?” The shocked Gong Sunheng raised his guard and took out the white jade fan.

Summoning the Cloud Splitting Sword back, Lou Qianxue stared at the black wisp of smoke, which contained two fire orbs wrapped inside it. She frowned and said, “These two flames are identical to the flames in Mo Qingyuan’s eyes. Could it be that...”

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