Strongest Eccentric Consort

Chapter 310: Fenghua Banquet!
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Chapter 310: Fenghua Banquet!

“Need my help?”

A moment ago, he wanted to take her things with a tough expression. But now, he was acting as if none of that had happened. He even asked her for a favor.

Lou Jinglei sure is thick-skinned!

A strange look appeared in Lou Qianxue’s eyes, but the thought of Lou Potian and Lou Xiaoxiao made her suppress those emotions.

She asked, “What is it? Tell me about it.”

“Lou Qianxue, the annual Fenghua Banquet in Fengyang prefecture will begin soon. I will give you an invitation letter. When the time comes, I need you to do something for the Prefectural Governor’s mansion.

“Fenghua Banquet? What is that?”

“It’s a gathering made for the younger generation in Fengyang prefecture, and it has become a part of our culture. Every year, we hold a gathering. Although it’s said to just be a gathering, all the young talents of Fengyang prefecture attend it. Also, after the Fenghua Banquet every year, the rankings of the talents in the Fengyang prefecture would change...”

Lou Qianxue understood, and she then looked at Lou Jinglei with calm eyes. “I understand now. But, Family Head, are you asking me to join the Fenghua Banquet to be a champion? To win honor for the Prefectural Governor’s mansion?”

“Champion?” Lou Jinglei couldn’t help but contemptuously smile. “Lou Qianxue, your appetite is so big! With your cultivation base of the ninth level of the Spirit Martial realm, it would already be amazing if you make it into the top ten! And you want to fight for the champion spot? You must be dreaming! Or do you think that my Fengyang prefecture is just like your tiny Liuyun Prefecture where anyone can easily shine?”

Lou Qianxue frowned.

Yet, Lou Jinglei became increasingly disdainful and arrogant. “Let me tell you, Lou Qianxue, none of the young people who can make a name for themselves at the Fenghua Banquet are below the Essence Martial realm. In fact, some of them are in the Mystic Martial realm!”

“Mystic Martial realm?” Lou Qianxue was stunned. She finally looked alarmed.

Although she could instantly kill the weaker cultivators in the Mystic Martial realm, she still had to admit that it was indeed impressive for people to cultivate to the Mystic Martial realm at such a young age.

After all, right now, she was an entire Essence Martial realm away from the Mystic Martial realm!

“What do you think about that? You’re scared now, aren’t you? But if you are afraid of going, I won’t force you to.”

Lou Qianxue raised her brows. “Family Head, just say what you want. I will do as you say.”

“When the time comes, I want you to defeat one person.”

“Just defeating will do? Do I not have to kill?”

“That’s right.”

“Alright, I agree to it.” To her, this was no big deal.

“Lou Qianxue, don’t you want to know who I want you to defeat?”

“They’re all the same.”

“...” This rascal’s tone is way too arrogant, huh?

Her arrogance made him, the Prefectural Governor, felt really uncomfortable.

Lou Jinglei took out the invitation with a weird expression and handed it to Lou Qianxue. “There are about more than ten days left... I hope you won’t let me down.”

Lou Qianxue took the invitation letter for the Fenghua Banquet and left.

Steward Lou looked at her as she left and a frown appeared on his face. He worriedly asked, “Family Head, that invitation letter should belong to Miss Shuyin. Is it alright to give it to Lou Qianxue? If Miss Shuyin finds out when she returns, wouldn’t they get into a fight?”

Lou Jinglei frowned, but then, immediately relaxed. “We shall talk about this when Shuyin returns.”

Speaking of this, he felt that it was a little strange. “Shuyin and Princess Xueqing had set off from the Imperial City half a month ago. Even if they were slow, they should’ve arrived by now. Why haven’t I heard a single thing about them?”

Steward Lou said with a surprised expression, “C-Could Princess Xueqing and Miss Shuyin have met into some incidents along the way...”

“Shut up!” Lou Jinglei became furious. “Princess Xueqing is escorted by her guards, and multiple experts of the Mystic Martial realm guard her in silence. Why would anything go wrong? They must be goofing around somewhere!”

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