Strongest Eccentric Consort

Chapter 254: Refining the Pill!
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Chapter 254: Refining the Pill!

After discussing with Lou Potian, Lou Qianxue returned to the room and entered the Mountain River Space.

In the Mountain River Space, the magical tree was extremely lush. The spiritual herbs obtained from the Qingyun Mountain were growing quickly beside the roots of the tree, and the place was rife with a strong medicinal scent.

The fragrance immediately attracted Lou Qianxue’s attention. After observing the ground beside the magical tree, she got a shock. “Huh? The medicinal powers! How did its medicinal power increase from a hundred years to a thousand years? Only half a month passed... Can the Mountain River Space increase the age limit of the spiritual herbs?”

After thinking about it, Lou Qianxue shook her head. “No, it’s not just that. The magical tree can increase the growth of all organisms. The magical tree must have helped increase the age limit of the spiritual herbs. Looks like I should bring more spiritual herbs and plant them here from now on.”

As she spoke out loud, she touched the branches of the magical tree. Its leaves curled up, entangled Lou Qianxue’s wrist in a human-like manner, and tickled her palm.

Lou Qianxue suspected that the tree’s spiritual wisdom was not lower than the little beast’s.

The little beast was gluttonous. If the magical tree did not protect the spiritual herbs by preventing it from coming near, the little beast might have already devoured them all.

As for right now, the little beast was asleep.

After eating two blood pythons, it had gone to sleep and was still sleeping.

Lou Qianxue observed the little beast for a while. After seeing that it was not behaving strangely, she sat down beside the Mountain River Boundary Marker and placed the ingredients required for the Body Transformation Pill aside.


A yellow flame core emerged in her left palm.


Lou Qianxue slapped her forehead. “I forgot to buy a pill cauldron!” Without a cauldron, she could not refine the pill.

“Do I have to go out again to buy it?”

Lou Qianxue scanned the Mountain River Space and suddenly saw a black metal...

“Wu Jin Meteorite Iron. Dan Taiyuan said that it’s the strongest metal in the world. It’s also the most flexible metal! If it can transform into any shape, then... can it turn into a cauldron?”

Lou Qianxue gave a signal in her mind, and the Wu Jin Meteorite Iron came flying to her palm. She injected her essence martial power into it. Then, following the memory of the Alchemy God, she turned the Wu Jin Meteorite Iron into a cauldron.

I actually succeeded!

Lou Qianxue might be the first person in history to turn Wu Jin Meteorite Iron into a cauldron that could refine pills.

Now all that was left was to refine pills.

To refine a pill, first, one needed to memorize the recipe of refining the pill.

Second, one had to decide on a method to use.

Third, one would begin refining by obtaining the ingredients and purifying them.

Fourth, one would combine all the ingredients.

And last, one would condense the pill!

Lou Qianxue closed her eyes and ran through everything one more time. After ensuring that she was thoroughly familiar with the steps, she opened her eyes.

As she stared at the flame core on her left hand, she used her mental strength to control it. The flame suddenly leaped and became fiercer. It fluttered in the air and turned half-visible.

Lou Qianxue was familiarizing herself with controlling the temperature.

Thanks to the memory of the Alchemy God, she understood it soon.

Then, she breathed in deeply and started the refining.

She remembered that when she had guided Ye Zhuixun in Baicao Garden, he had refined a pill with 60% purity on his first try!

What about herself?

Lou Qianxue looked forward to it...

All this time, she was the one guiding others on how to refine pills in Qingyun City’s Alchemy Union and Baicao Garden. Finally, she could refine pills herself!


Lou Qianxue used her flame core to ignite the cauldron.

Her gaze suddenly became cold and calm.

Her right hand grabbed the ingredients and placed them into the pill cauldron, while the left controlled the temperature of the flame core until it was just right.

A strong medicinal fragrant wafted out.

At the same time, the ingredients placed into the pill cauldron started to melt.

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