Stranger's Handbook

Stranger's Handbook
Isekaijin No Tebikisho, Otherworlder’s Handbook, 異世界人の手引き書
Fujimi Shobo
Japanese Novel

Stranger's Handbook

  • 4.5 / 5 ( 2 votes )


    The main character is suddenly summoned to another world.....and the one who shows up next is a malicious and scheming noble.....obey or die. I’ll try to rise in this world and live on by any means! It’s the story of such a hero.

    Comedy and serious scenes? I’m the type that won’t let his guard down even when my magical powers are at a cheat level, I take my medicine while scheming wickedly.

    Was I only scared of my surroundings in the beginning? Well, I’ll do my best to become an indispensable hero!

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