Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 438 - Why Not...
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Chapter 438: Why Not...

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Ye Qingqiu gazed at him and stroked his hair. In the end, she bit her lips and turned her face away before rising.

Her skirt was grabbed tightly by a fist.

The strength of his hand wasn’t enough, so he used both.

Panic filled his calm and handsome little face. He pressed his lips stubbornly, and his eyes were welling with tears. But he endured it with determination.

He resembled Ye Qingqiu very much at this moment.

Ye Qingqiu forced herself to turn away as the ache in her heart blazed inside of her uncontrollably.

“When… will you come back?” Linlin spoke for the first time today.

Ye Qingqiu clenched her fists.

When will she come back?

She had no idea.

She also yearned to promise him a date so that she could have something to look forward to as well.

However, she couldn’t enter this place as and when she wanted.

Shen Fanxing squatted down beside Linlin and said, “Linlin, be good. When Aunt Fanxing isn’t busy next time, I’ll bring you out to play with Aunt Qingzhi.”

Linlin tilted his head and looked at her. “Really?”

“I promise! Aunt Fanxing has never lied to you.”

Linlin hesitated for a long time before slowly letting go of Ye Qingqiu’s skirt.

Ye Qingqiu scurried towards the car.

On the way back.

Shen Fanxing drove steadily in silence.

Ye Qingqiu had a lollipop in her mouth.

“I heard that you’ve always taken good care of Linlin. Thank you.”

Shen Fanxing replied calmly, “Are you just going to let Linlin stay in the orphanage? Don’t tell me b*llshit stuff like how you don’t want him to have a mother who has gone to prison before.”

When Ye Qingqiu heard that, she burst out in laughter. Shen Fanxing sounded so heartless that it made people gnash their teeth.

“Am I that noble? He’s only a little boy now, why would I bother about how his future will be affected if I went to prison before? Why would I care about others’ opinions?”

“What do you have in mind?”

Ye Qingqiu looked ahead coldly and her tone sounded casual.

“To earn money.”


Money was something that she desperately needed to start over again.

Start over again…

Shen Fanxing’s eyes dimmed and her lips curled …

Who hadn’t?

In a sense, she and Ye Qingqiu were rather similar.

It was rare for her to be able to relax today. After sending Ye Qingqiu home, she looked at the time. It was still early.

Feeling bored, she called Xu Qingzhi in the car.

Initially, she wanted to look for Xu Qingzhi to chat with her. However, the moment the call went through, Xu Qingzhi’s weak voice sounded.

“What’s wrong?” she asked instantly.

“I’m a little unwell today.”

Shen Fanxing’s face fell and she asked sternly, “Are you at home? Is there anyone taking care of you? Forget it, I’ll go look for you…”

“No… It’s fine. I’m just a little tired now and I want to have a good sleep. It’s better if you don’t come over… Let me sleep comfortably, okay?”

Shen Fanxing frowned and asked, “Did you measure your temperature? Do you have a fever?”

“I’ve taken it. I don’t have a fever. I’m just feeling sleepy. Don’t worry, I’m fine. You can continue with your work. Bye.”


It was a relief that Xu Qingzhi wasn’t sick. She had indeed been busy recently.

After hanging up, Shen Fanxing felt even lonelier once more.

She hadn’t realized it before, but now, she felt that she couldn’t take the loneliness anymore.

After some thought, she realized that she had only been to Bo Jinchuan’s company once.

Since she had time now, why don’t she…

He wouldn’t be angry, right?

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