Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!

Chapter 262 - 262 Two Misses
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262 Two Misses

She hurried forward and saw her two daughters playing in the courtyard. The two children were about eleven or twelve years old. She hurriedly called out, “Cui Ya, Cui Xuan, come with me to find your brother.”

Cui Ya squatted on the ground and looked in Jia Ling’s direction. She pouted unhappily. “No way. Brother is not fun at all. He’s cold.”

Jia Ling could not care less and walked over to pull her two daughters up.

If she went alone, Old Master Cui might blame her, but it was different with these two daughters.

Although her status in the Cui Family was not high, the children’s status was still higher than hers. Moreover, her two daughters were honey-mouthed and liked by Old Master Cui.

“Can you guys continue playing when a bad woman wants to plot against your brother?”

Although the two little girls did not like to play with their cold brother, Jia Ling had constantly taught them to prioritize their brother in everything and their current good life was all because of their brother’s appearance. Which made them nervous when they heard that something had happened to Ah Mai.

“How can a bad person be let in the house, Mom?”

“Don’t worry about that. Remember, if you see Grandpa later, you must speak ill of that woman. You can’t let her harm your brother.”

Although the two little girls did not understand why she said that, since their mother had instructed them, they still nodded obediently.

In the room, Gu Man had already filled Ah Mai’s head with silver needles.

It was dangerous to perform acupuncture in this place, but it was also very effective. It could stimulate the nerves.

Although Ah Mai was autistic, he was different from autistic children.

Children with autism usually had low IQs due to a lack of folic acid in their brains, but Ah Mai was the complete opposite.

It could be said that his intelligence far exceeded that of some ordinary people.

Although he was not good at communicating with others, he did not resist going out. Gu Man’s initial judgment was that he was not sensitive to certain emotions, which resulted in his current coldness.

Or rather, all his emotions were focused on physics. Feelings were not as attractive to him as physics.

Such a person was destined to be a genius.

However, Gu Man thought of Old Master Cui’s heartache every time he saw Ah Mai and sighed. It was impossible for a person to be out of touch with society. Although Ah Mai was a genius, social studies were still inevitable.

Gu Man rubbed her eyebrows tiredly. She had already finished absorbing the jade from the ghost market last time. Her spiritual energy was indeed more abundant than before.

However, after this acupuncture session, she still couldn’t help but feel a little tired. She let out a heavy breath and waited for the time to end before removing the needle from Ah Mai’s head.

The stimulation of the silver needles might make him more sensitive to emotions and he would not be immersed in his own world.

It did not mean that there was no pain during the acupuncture process. Instead, because the place where the acupuncture was performed was special, the pain would be more obvious. Moreover, a fragile place like the brain would be more sensitive and cause the acupuncture to not go smoothly.

However, this situation did not happen to Ah Mai, which meant that he completely trusted her.

Gu Man sensed this and her heart warmed. The corners of her lips could not help but curl up.

The bright smile made the fatigue on her face subside a lot. At least she didn’t look so haggard.

However, just as she was about to sit down and rest for a while, there was an urgent knock on the door, interrupting all her thoughts.

Gu Man frowned tightly. Before she came in, she had clearly instructed Uncle Li not to let anyone in.

Fortunately, the acupuncture was already coming to an end. If it was during the acupuncture, the consequences were definitely not something they could bear.

“Uncle Li, you’ve worked in the Cui Family for so many years. You should know who’s in the Cui Family, right?”

Jia Ling frowned and looked at Uncle Li in front of her, feeling especially unhappy.

Uncle Li was clearly an ordinary butler. He put on airs all day long, as if the Cui Family was his.

He was just Old Master Cui’s dog. Why was he pretending?

“Grandpa Li, let us go in and see Brother!”

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