Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother

Chapter 411 - Recruitment
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Chapter 411: Recruitment

But that was compared to famous universities! His alma mater had more or less nurtured two or three famous people. Moreover, during the four years he was in school, he was the top student in the university every year! At the same time, he often participated in important competitions and won many awards. He originally thought that he could show off his skills in society after graduation, but he did not expect that graduating was equivalent to being unemployed.

No matter how many awards he won, he might not be able to compare to those who graduated from prestigious universities in the eyes of the interviewers! He, who had been rejected time and time again, could not even afford three meals a day. In order to survive, he had no choice but to accept a lowly paid job at a ruthless company. Sometimes, he even had to tolerate his boss insulting him!

He thought that after he survived this period and saved some money, he would go work elsewhere. He did not expect his boss to not act according to the rules at all. He fired him without a valid reason. Most importantly—he did not pay him the salary that he owed him! This left him in an extremely miserable state now. He relied on instant noodles every day to survive. He did not even have the money to file a lawsuit.

He sighed. One unlucky thing after another. Was fate playing a joke on him? He felt like he was a living joke! Thinking of this, he took a sip of coffee but accidentally choked. He coughed several times before returning to normal. Troubles never came singly!

“Dogsh*t boss! Trash company! What a waste of my time! He even recruited a genius who graduated from Oxford a while ago. At first, I wanted to get along with him. Although he came from a famous school, he didn’t even know the basics of biology. Initially, I didn’t care. Perhaps he wasn’t good at remembering these things, so I taught him a lot.”

Every time he thought of this, he wished he could go back to the past and beat himself up. How could he think that the other party was pitiful? He was clearly a despicable person! He sneered and said, “There were only a few people in the company, and still, they were scheming against each other! Guess what he did behind my back?”

“… He wasn’t badmouthing you to the boss, was he?”

The blonde asked tentatively. That was all she could think of.

Kager nodded. “The more time I spent with him, the more I realized that he didn’t even know as much about biology as I did. Wasn’t that strange? That was why I suspected that he either faked his education or bought it using his family background. And my boss didn’t know anything, so he fooled him into thinking that I was the fake!

I didn’t expect the human heart to be so sinister. So I told the guy about my pharmaceutical research and development process. In addition, he also saw how I did it with his own eyes. Then he stole my research and asked the boss to kick me out of the company!”

It was just a ruthless company. Was there a need to do this? He could not understand what was going through his colleague’s mind! Moreover, the two of them did not have any conflicts of interest. He just wanted a job to support himself. Why was it so difficult? He said faintly, “Maybe I’m not suitable for this profession! I’m wondering if I should try another field?”

However, if he gave up so easily, he felt that he would be letting down his mentor who nurtured him. He had vowed to make a name for himself back then! However, if he did not change his career, he would be facing a dead end. He felt that, with his learning ability, he could definitely adapt quickly to a new industry.

Now that two paths were open to him, he wondered what he should do.

Just as the scale in his heart was gradually leaning towards the latter, Cora propped her chin with her right hand and said with interest, “Then you must be really miserable! So are you unemployed now? There’s something I want to tell you. In your situation, it might be the only chance you can take.”

Kager was stunned by the sudden good news. His pupils constricted as he gasped and said, “Cora, are you kidding me? This joke isn’t funny… Is it true?! Unbelievable! Cora, tell me quickly!”

When he saw the serious look on Cora’s face, he knew that she wasn’t joking. He couldn’t wait to get an answer. Cora didn’t keep him in suspense. She said, “You should know, right? I’m currently working at Pfizer. There’s been an epidemic. Because its spread is still confined to a small area, not many people are paying attention yet.

But I think it won’t be long before it gets the attention of the world.”

She took a sip of coffee elegantly. The sweet taste stimulated her taste buds. She revealed a satisfied smile and said, “This is not a minor illness. Now Pfizer has reached a cooperation with This Side Hospital under China’s Lu Ming Corporation to make preventive medicine! The situation is becoming more pressing, but we still don’t have any leads.

I heard that the investors wanted to give up because there were too many places where funds were needed. At this time, the boss of Lu Ming Corporation announced that anyone who can develop it will get at least 300,000 yuan as a bonus. The outstanding ones can even double it and make their requests known. As for Pfizer, it’s willing to pay an additional 100,000 yuan to the person. Whoever contributes the most will also receive a Lamborghini.”

Kager’s eyes widened in shock. Am I dreaming?! Isn’t this reward too generous? His throat moved. “Are you sure you’re not exaggerating? This Lu Ming Corporation is too rich, right? I thought capitalists are all stingy like my previous boss!”

Lu Ming Corporation.

This name once again deepened in his memory. He had once seen related reports on television. It was a rather famous corporation in China, but what he remembered most was the interview with Tesla’s boss regarding Lu Ming Corporation. It was really amazing! No wonder Musk liked this person so much! He knew that Lu Ming could not be an ordinary person!

When Cora saw his dubious look, she showed him the video on the official website. His attention was instantly drawn away. He stared intently at the young man on the other side of the ocean. He, who had been discouraged by the industry, had reignited the flames! For a moment, many thoughts appeared in his mind!

Life is short. If I don’t do what I enjoy, what’s the point of living? Perhaps I will try again! What if I succeed this time? As Cora has said, this is everyone’s chance and my last resort!

Thinking of this, he said firmly, “I want to join Lu Ming Corporation! Can you introduce me?”

Seeing that her friend was finally energized, Cora was relieved. She said, “No problem. I believe, with your ability, you’ll definitely be hired! This interview will take up a lot of time. You just have to demonstrate your ability…”

Such a thing was happening all over the world. In an instant, a large number of people surged into Pfizer and Lu Ming Corporation!

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