Stealing Spree

Chapter 1761 Inside the room
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Chapter 1761 Inside the room

Dragged by Satsuki, we returned to the empty waiting room that we used earlier with Hanabi still sticking at my side.

The girl probably doesn't mind pressing herself against me or the thought of me enjoying the sensation of her soft mound has yet to visit her head. She was still humming cheerfully as though she was on a field trip.

Yep. No matter how mischievous she becomes, this extremely adorable quality of her will never wane.

Thinking about it, this is also a part of why I'm certain that I won't be able to prevent my interest in her from growing.

Upon entering the room, Satsuki still took the lead. However, as soon as we approached the area close to the bench that we used earlier, the sweet-smelling and warm scent lingering in the air assaulted our noses. It was a byproduct of our body heat earlier as well as the mixture of our bodily fluids.

It's hot and stimulating. I could instantly feel my lower body reacting to it and with the two of them this close to me, it wouldn't take long for a bulge to form on my pants again.

Likewise, Satsuki had a similar reaction.

She, who probably got so caught up in her golden chance to tease me, immediately turned red from her neck to the tip of her ears, possibly remembering the moment our bodies were linked as one.

On the other hand, Hanabi might be clueless but she also noticed the strange smell in the room. Her face scrunched up visibly. fre(e)webno(v)el

A second later, the goofball couldn't help but blurt out, "The room smells funny, babe. Are you sure this place is fine?"

"Hmm? I don't know. It smells sweet like nectar to me."

Along with a wink, I turned and smirked at Satsuki.

As though steam was about to erupt from her head, the girl unhappily huffed as she subjected me with her icy glare, "Idiot. Don't you dare tattle about it!"

Following that, she nudged my shoulder, subtly hinting at me to handle and explain it differently to Hanabi.

Look at her. She has yet to tease me and she's already giving me some ammo to tease her back.

Ah. Let's hold back for now.

In any case, if it was Nami, Shizu, Aya, or any of my girls that she got close to, she'd probably not be this embarrassed.

I mean, she only met Hanabi today. Knowing that the goofball was still on the innocent side wherein she only has surface knowledge when it comes to sex and making love, her reaction would probably make Satsuki more ashamed than embarrassed.

She's not afraid of tainting her innocence, it's simply her own way to prevent an awkward situation from emerging because of it.

Ah. But little did she know, it was already within my plan to tease them both -- enough to make up for what I endured earlier and maybe more...

"Sweet? It's more on the side of sour babe. Is your nose okay?" Hanabi replied, still oblivious to what had just transpired on Satsuki's side. ๐’ป๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐’ท๐“ƒ๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘™.๐‘๐‘œ๐“‚

Bringing a part of my attention back to her, I let out a soft chuckle, "Maybe. Let me smell you to check."

Without waiting for her reply, my head moved quickly, pushing my nose to the back of her ear. I sniffed once, drawing a tickled reaction from the girl.

"Nope. It's still working." I shamelessly declared.

I was expecting the girl to refute my claim or at least, push my head away from her. However, that didn't happen.

Because of that, I became a bit bolder. I moved my nose down to her flawless neck at the same time as I slightly turned my whole body to face her. If my arms were free, I'd probably enclose her in it as well.

In any case, I still retreated right after taking a sniff before the goofball could react.

Satsuki witnessed it. That's why before I could even try to act oblivious, a touch of jealousy already took effect on her.

She pulled my head close to her and bit my nose before whispering her usual callout to me, "Pervert."

For the next few minutes, the situation somehow developed in this direction. Instead of a meaningful talk, I alternated between the two girls. Satsuki acted more assertive in response to how passive Hanabi was whenever I would close in on her.

That only stopped when the heat started getting to us.

With that, I let the two sit down first, freeing myself from their grasp. And instead of explaining why the room smelled funny to the oblivious goofball, I walked over to the other side of the room where the window was supposed to be.

I knew there was one in every room since it could be seen from outside. It was just seldom opened --possibly only when cleaning -- and thick window blinds were protecting the interior from being viewed outside.

There was a vent but it's not circulating the air properly since the aircon was turned off.

Earlier, we also didn't open it earlier since it might draw the attention of whoever's maintaining this place.

But it's necessary now to let the air flow or we'd be like bread in an oven toaster here. Forget having productive conversation, the two would just be uncomfortable because of the heat.

I first peeked outside through the blinds, making sure that no one was around before opening the window.

As soon as fresh air started flowing inside, Satsuki and Hanabi ran to my side, squeezing to where the air was blowing.

And with this, another couple of minutes passed again with the three of us just relaxing there.

When the silence became unbearable, I would open up a topic we could talk about. Nothing so serious. Just something light and humorous.

Hanabi got the memo and played along with me, enjoying every moment of it. On the other hand, Satsuki would also join at times but as she's not that good at following up, she'd tug at my sleeve for my help to keep up. And while she was at it, she'd squeeze herself inside my embrace, flaunting our closeness to goofball.

"Ruki. Can you tell me about Matsuri? Iโ€™m curious about your story with her." Soon, when the excitement had started waning, Satsuki brought up another topic that made Hanabi jump to attention.

The two then looked at me at the same time with imploring eyes.

I guess they're both curious about our story but at the same time, Satsuki was using this moment to properly understand why Hanabi didn't take a step and attached herself to me.

I faced their gazes and slowly nodded. But before doing so, I closed the window and restored the blinds before walking to where the aircon was to turn it on.

And while I was at it, I also moved to the door, inviting the woman who followed us here.

Yep. Orimura-sensei, who we passed by earlier, didn't return to the Basketball Club. Her head was still in a mess because of me.

When Satsuki and Hanabi saw her stepping inside, the two had similar reactions; a smile filled with interest.

"Alright. Where should I start?" I said as I returned to the two girls, taking the space between them. To make things more interesting, I kissed Satsuki before making an attempt to do the same with Hanabi.

Of course, it ended with a failure since I wasnโ€™t even planning to go through it. Nonetheless, the success lies in making the goofball conscious of what I attempted to do as well as Orimura-sensei's fill on my live demonstration.

A second later, I heard the three grumbling at the same time.

"Idiot. Stop playing around now." Satsuki facepalmed as she pinned me back down on the seat.

"B-babe. That's not a good joke." Hanabi covered her face with her arm.

"...What is this mess have I gotten myself into?" Orimura-sensei helplessly sighed.

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