Stealing Spree

Chapter 1376 Before The Trip (3)
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Going back the same way I did after separating from Elizabeth and Yukari, I met up with the other girls in the following order; Yua, Yae along with Ririka, and Aika along with Hiyori.

Auntie Misora sent Yua by car. Because she heard from her daughter that she was going to meet me, she went out of her way to do that.

For what reason? Uh. It's the same thing as before, imploring me to try out modeling. Apparently, the director and Mashiro-san came up with another proposal after the two raised it to someone in a higher position. They actually got a photo of us together when I carried her out of that studio. Although it was not taken with a professional camera but simply a snapshot from someone's phone, it still captured what they pointed out that day which resulted in that higher-up also becoming eager to recruit me.

And since Yua and her mother were their only point of contact when it comes to me, they approached Auntie Misora for it.

Given that she went out of her way to come to meet me when she was supposed to be busy today, I didn't instantly reject this time and told her that I would give her an answer next week.

While I could decide about it right away – rejecting it – I guess I should gather some insight from my girls. If they would like to see me doing it then I might try.

After that, when I met up with Yae and Ririka, the two told me that they were going to stop by the house later to drop off another set of disguises for me as well as the cosplay costume that Ririka already finished making. Yae chipped in that she helped in making it and as a result, she requested to see me in it right away.

Rejecting her wasn't an option. Besides, Ririka also wanted to see me in it so… that's the plan for when I returned later.

And since we're at it, my promise to go to a cosplay convention with Ririka was brought up once again. Since we couldn't find an ideal time to go to nearby small conventions where the cosplayers were just doing photoshoots that they would then post to social media and the likes, Ririka proposed to just wait for the summer vacation where there would large conventions here and there, especially the Summer Comiket.

As the largest doujinshi convention, she's hoping to also go there, not just to cosplay but also to experience it. She could also buy original and fan-made manga or illustrations from artists she liked.

Well, given that her hobby was cosplaying, it's only natural for her to also be an otaku or enthusiast of anime and manga culture. Just like how Hiyori would like to watch her favorite idols in the largest venue they could reach, the same could be said for Ririka.

While I was on that train of thought, I also came to realize something.

That because of my girls, I unknowingly acquired moderate curiosity or interest in their hobbies and interests… That must be why I'm fine getting into the act with Elizabeth's comical antics with her fantasy, singing and dancing for Hiyori, boxing knowledge from training Sena and a lot more to add to that list considering each of my girls has different goals, or interests going forward.

And perhaps, it might also be part of the reason why I couldn't simply choose a single path for my future, right?

Anyway, continuing on, when I met up with Aika and Hiyori, I found both of them resting in a park while in their tracksuits.

There's a reason for that and Hiyori already told me about it through our chat messages.

Apparently, the idol otaku, whose passion for becoming an idol herself which got reignited by me, decided to start making an effort. Not because she wanted to take an audition, but to become my personal idol.

Yeah… She got this idea that since I am her favorite idol, it won't be bad for her to become like that for me.

And so, she asked Aika to help her get into shape.

They probably had just finished running and exercising. And beneath those tracksuits, they're wearing their sports attire soaked in their sweat.

When they showed it to me by pulling the zipper down or stretching the garter of the pants, their outfits appeared really lewd at how they stuck to their skin. Their pair of underwear could even be seen through or the trace of them was very apparent.

Yep. That's the only reason why they're wearing tracksuits. Rather than let everyone see them in that kind of state, they only dedicated it to my eyes.

In fact, I suspected that the two girls intentionally ran and exercised at that particular time for two reasons.

One of which was what I just mentioned and the other… it's about what happened next after meeting up with them.

Given the remaining time before their school gates close, it's already impossible for them to return home to take a bath and change into their uniforms.

Conveniently enough or let's just say, confirming my suspicion, they already brought their schoolbags alongside a duffel bag containing the uniforms they would change into.

And yep. With no other choice, I started leading the two girls somewhere private. To a place where they could take a shower to wash their sweat off and change into their uniforms.

There's only one place that fits those criteria.

Mizuki's condominium unit.

At the moment, we've just arrived at the building.

Because this wouldn't be the first time for them to come inside that unit, I understood that this was part of their plan.

And if I factored in their current expression – extremely pleased as they stared at the building while grinning in satisfaction – no doubt that it's very calculated.

"Alright, you two. Wipe that smirk from your lips, the guard will find you suspicious. We're going to sneak to the backdoor and use the special elevator."

I didn't need to glance behind me, I could still hear the two girls chuckling and giggling to themselves, after all.

"Hehe, looks like you finally caught on to our plan, Ruki."

"I might be an idiot but it's too obvious. And this is your idea, right? Nyaika?"

"Nyaa~ Why me?"

"You're the older one and I know you both well. If this is Hiyori's idea, she won't go out of her way to tire herself out first by jogging and exercising. She will simply ask me to come with her here when I contacted her earlier. Am I right?"

I glanced back this time to confirm it with the idol otaku.

And sure enough, she nodded right away before turning to Aika with an apologetic expression.


Following that, she put herself to my side, hugging my arm tightly, "Uh… Even if this isn't my idea, didn't it turn out better? You now have a reason to shower with us."

After saying that, Hiyori blinked her eyes a few times as if trying to appeal to me.

It's very effective. Even if I wanted to refute that, my mind was already imagining that scenario.

"R-right, Ruki! Let's go in and shower. We don't want to be late!"

A second later, as if getting reenergized, Aika took my other side, copying Hiyori. And not only that, the two girls started dragging me to the backdoor.

Uh. Which part of this was being sneaky? Luckily for us, the guard that was stationed at the entrance failed to spot us.

With that, the three of us went inside the building and used the special elevator which led us to the unit.

Without wasting any second, the two girls dropped their bags as soon as we stepped inside and took off their tracksuits alongside stripping me of my uniform.

? Looks like my improved stamina was once again going to be put to the test. I mean, I just did it with both Elizabeth and Yukari. And this time, there's no way I would be able to hold myself back in front of these lovely girls.

Well, I'm confident and we still have time to spare…

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