Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 549 - Analysis Master
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Chapter 549 Analysis Master

The two of them got on the right track and gradually fell into a strange state!

The two of them were considered geniuses, so they learned things very quickly.

At this moment, as the two of them immersed their minds, a balance also appeared in their minds. With this feeling of synchronization, the two of them circulated their cultivation techniques at the same time.

Immediately, a strange force rose from their lower abdomen!

As soon as this strength appeared, it wrapped around them like a magnet!

It was also at this moment that a harmonious feeling instantly spread in their hearts and souls!

This feeling was very strange but very comfortable!

Bai Renxue even felt as if she was in love. She leaned into Zhou Hao’s arms and felt the masculine charm emitted from his firm chest, making her immersed in the feeling.

As for Zhou Hao, he was even more overboard. He felt as if Bai Renxue was lingering in his arms!

Bai Renxue’s face instantly turned red as she understood.

Although this cultivation technique was not an unbearable cultivation technique, it was still a true Yin-Yang harmony technique. Although it was only the essence energy in their bodies, their essence energy was basically like a part of their bodies. To a certain extent, this feeling of their souls fusing felt far superior than the feeling of bodies fusing!

Therefore, she was furious and wanted to break free from this feeling and leave behind Zhou Hao.

However, for some reason, she was unable to leave. It was not that she could not leave, but… she could not help it!

Yin and Yang existed in everything in the world!

This was common sense, be it martial arts or ordinary people.

This was the law of nature. No one could escape.

Seeing them like this, the divine soil chuckled.

It revealed a wretched smile.

Not long after, this force became stronger and stronger. Slowly, it actually gathered above the two of them!

It was also at this moment that Bai Renxue felt her cultivation activate!

Without saying a word, she directly took out the teleportation device in her backpack and activated it with essence energy. Instantly, a teleportation array appeared above the two of them!

The aura transmitted from there was the official location of the Moro Race!

When the array formation appeared, Bai Renxue also left Zhou Hao immediately. Her body moved and she directly headed towards the array formation.

Zhou Hao did not hesitate and waved his hand to throw the divine soil into his backpack, instantly entering the teleportation formation!

At the same time, a group of Super Organization members was very nervous in a five-kilometer radius of Moro City. Ever since they learned that Bai Renxue had not returned for two days after chasing after Zhou Hao, they were all frightened!

They were worried that Zhou Hao would kill Bai Renxue!

Ouyang Tingxuan was not worried about all of this.

“Although Junior Sister might not be able to defeat Zhou Hao, escaping shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, I’ve seen Zhou Hao before and he doesn’t seem like a despicable person. Therefore… even if something happens to Junior Sister, it won’t be because of Zhou Hao!”

Ouyang Tingxuan quickly searched the area and guessed.

Not only did the people from the Super Organization help, but the Ning family also helped!

“Miss Bai is Brother Ning’s fiancée. We have to find her no matter what, understand?”

The Ning family members also looked around nervously.

Ning Yunfeng sat in the room with a pale face. Hearing that his subordinates had yet to find Bai Renxue, his expression was even uglier.

“Continue searching. I want to see her, alive or dead!”

Ning Yunfeng was very angry, but there was nothing he could do!

At the same time, on a mountain five kilometers away from Moro City, Fatty Jin was leaning against a large tree and enjoying his leisure time with a few disciples of the Jin family.

“Hey, where do you think Miss Bai went? Could she have really been killed by Zhou Hao?”

“That Zhou Hao is really a ruthless person. The four of them couldn’t even defeat him alone. Miss Bai probably couldn’t deal with him either. She probably died!”

“Hmm… what a waste of a beautiful woman. How sad…”

“Tell me, where did this Zhou Hao come from? He’s so powerful. Moreover, I heard that he has a good relationship with Su Xiaoyu. Back then, he fought them because he wanted to get the chip for Su Xiaoyu!”

The few disciples of the Jin family chatted here.

On the other hand, Fatty Jin leaned to the side and pursed his lips as he ate the roasted duck.

“Tch, what’s up with those theories? Can’t that Bai Renxue girl fall in love with Zhou Hao and run away with him?”

Fatty Jin said disdainfully.

“Ah? Brother Jin, don’t talk nonsense. If… if the Ning family hears this, they’ll make things difficult for us again!” When the Jin family disciples heard this, they immediately waved their hands repeatedly.

“Our Jin family and Ning family are both ancient martial families. What’s there to be afraid of him for? Also, if you think I’m talking nonsense, let me ask you this. Who is stronger? Zhou Hao or Ning Yunfeng?”

“Needless to say, it’s Zhou Hao!”

“Then let me ask you again. Isn’t it true that women like tall, rich, and handsome men? This is a world of martial arts, so don’t you think that women would prefer men with high martial arts skills?” Fatty Jin asked again.

“Uh… that’s true, but I’ve never heard of how handsome that Zhou Hao is…” A Jin family disciple said.

“Damn, are you stupid? If that Zhou Hao was so unordinary, would Su Xiaoyu follow him around and develop an ambiguous relationship with him? Do you think such a person can be ugly? I heard that he’s 1.9 meters tall and very handsome!”

Fatty Jin curled his lips.

“Ah? Then… is it really true? But… Bai Renxue is not that kind of person. Isn’t he engaged to Ning Yunfeng?”

They asked in confusion.

“Damn, you pig brain. So what if they’re engaged? Are they sleeping together? It’s fine as long as they’re not sleeping together. Moreover, the Ning family is the one that proposed the marriage. It’s not like the two of them are dating freely. Can’t you understand the logic behind this?”

“To tell you the truth, Bai Renxue’s Bai family owed the Ning family a favor back then. That’s why the Ning family proposed the marriage and Bai Renxue agreed. Do you understand now? Bai Renxue doesn’t like Ning Yunfeng, she’s only marrying him to repay the favor!”

Fatty Jin seemed to understand this very well!

“There’s also that Ning Yunfeng. I get angry just by looking at him. We’re both from ancient martial families, so what the hell is he being cocky for? I want to see him get cucked!”

Fatty Jin snorted.

At this moment, a spatial wormhole suddenly appeared less than a hundred meters in front of him, emitting an extremely cold aura.

Then, a man and a woman walked out!

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