Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 548 - Sun Moon Divine Art
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Chapter 548 Sun Moon Divine Art

When Zhou Hao heard this, although he was shocked, he was still fine.

However, Bai Renxue’s pretty face immediately turned red. She could not stand it anymore!

She was originally filled with anticipation, but in the end, it was actually this type of cultivation technique. How the hell was she supposed to cultivate this?!

“Enough… enough!”

As Bai Renxue spoke, she directly picked up a stick and attacked Zhou Hao. Although she had lost her cultivation, she still had some basic martial art skills.

“Zhou Hao, you pervert. You keep saying that your spirit pet has a solution. I spent a lot of effort to help you condense a trace of essence energy and get it out. In the end, your spirit pet wants us to cultivate that kind of cultivation technique?!”

“I bet you’re doing this on purpose. Zhou Hao, you shameless and despicable person, I… I’ll kill you today!”

Bai Renxue was very angry. At this moment, she was filled with despair!

If this was the only method to get out, she would rather die here than cultivate that harmony technique! “Big Sister… Big Sister, I… I don’t know either. How was I supposed to know that it would come up with such a solution? Calm down, calm down. Let’s think of another way!” Zhou Hao’s face also turned red. In the past two days, he had maintained a gentlemanly expression. However, in just a while, this divine soil had completely destroyed his image! This guy was simply his nemesis!

Also, what was this divine soil trying to do? Wasn’t it embarrassing him by suggesting such a cultivation technique?!

Bai Renxue ignored him and chased after Zhou Hao. Unfortunately, Zhou Hao had the Thousand Feather Armor on him, so he did not feel anything at all!

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry… Don’t worry, I won’t cultivate this. Miss Bai, I, Zhou Hao, swear to god!”

Zhou Hao scrambled and crawled. He even took the initiative to be beaten by Bai Renxue a few times. Seeing that Bai Renxue had calmed down, he said.

Bai Renxue snorted and threw down the wooden stick. She hugged her legs and sat in front of the fire with an ugly expression!

Only then did Zhou Hao look at the divine soil and snorted. “You’re too evil. At this moment, can’t you be more reliable? Why did you have to come up with something like this? What’s the meaning of this?!”

The divine soil blinked and chuckled. “What? Were you guys thinking of something dirty when I brought up the harmony technique? You even say that I’m unreliable. Aren’t your thoughts too dirty?”

“What do you mean? Is the cultivation technique you’re talking about different from what we understand?” Zhou Hao could not help but ask!

“Nonsense, who do you think I am? Back then, the toad and I spent a lot of effort to swindle… No, to buy this cultivation technique. If it was an unbearable cultivation technique, do you think we would have bought it?!”

Zhou Hao heaved a sigh of relief.

“Miss Bai, listen. It doesn’t sound like what we think. Why don’t we ask about the details?”

Zhou Hao coughed dryly and said carefully.

Bai Renxue naturally heard this. She looked up at Zhou Hao and the divine soil. She did not want to listen, but she really wanted to go back. If it was really not that kind of cultivation technique, she didn’t mind listening. If it was really acceptable, it would be better than staying here forever!

“Then I’ll trust you guys one last time!”

Bai Renxue snorted.

Zhou Hao heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that this big sister did not misunderstand him!

However, the divine soil was not happy!

“Woman, what do you mean? You don’t believe me? Damn, I never said that this thing was an unbearable cultivation technique. You were the one who made assumptions. It’s you who’s impure, alright?”

“Moreover, why are you still pretending when you’re already dressed like this?!”

It was fine if the divine soil did not speak, but once it did, it was really shocking!

This sentence instantly lit up Bai Renxue!

“You… I’m going to kill you!”

Seeing this, Zhou Hao hurriedly stopped her, “Big Sister Bai, don’t lower yourself to its level… Don’t lower yourself to its level. It’s more important for us to go back. Don’t worry, if it’s a bad cultivation technique, I, Zhou Hao, will definitely not agree to it even if I have to commit suicide in front of you. Don’t worry… don’t worry…”

Zhou Hao hurriedly said and looked at the divine soil. “Tell me quickly, what is this cultivation technique?!”

“It’s a pure cultivation technique. This cultivation technique is called the Sun Moon Divine Art. On the day you master it, men will be able to release yang essence power, and women will be able to release yin essence power. Don’t underestimate these two forces. All the essence powers originate from yin and yang essence power. This cultivation technique is originally a cultivation technique of an ancient race in the universe. That race controls the myriad realms. I’m afraid your small Planet Earth is not as big as their latrine!”

The divine soil said disdainfully, making Bai Renxue very surprised.

Zhou Hao could also tell. After all, Bai Renxue did not know that there were many other races outside the universe. Therefore, in order not to waste time, he hurriedly said.

“Stop talking nonsense. The important thing is how to cultivate this cultivation technique!”

The divine soil snorted and said.

“This cultivation technique is very simple. It requires two people to fuse their hearts together to cultivate. You guys are currently unable to reach that level at all. Therefore, you’re still unable to cultivate it!”


Hearing this, Zhou Hao completely exploded!

“Unable to cultivate? What the hell are you talking about?!”

“What’s the hurry? I said that you guys can’t cultivate it now, but it doesn’t mean that you guys won’t be able to cultivate it in the future. This cultivation technique requires a great cooperation between men and women. You have to have a tacit understanding. In this way, you can cultivate it twice as fast with half the effort!”

“Moreover, the yin and yang essence power is extremely difficult to control. If anything happens, the two of you will easily lose control and die!”

There was nothing wrong with what the divine soil said. As martial artists, they all knew that if they cultivated a cultivation technique they could not handle, they would instead be implicated.

If one was careless, one would lose their ability to cultivate in the future. In the worst case scenario, one’s foundation would be damaged and one’s life would be in danger!

“Then what do you think we should do in order to cultivate it?”

Zhou Hao took a deep breath and finally asked.

“Simple, just train your chemistry!” After saying this, the divine soil said.

“The most effective way is for the two of you to lean back and feel each other’s heartbeat and breathing. After that, you will circulate your cultivation technique and condense the essence yin yang essence power.”

After the divine soil finished speaking, it told the two of them this cultivation technique. Then, it leaned to the side calmly.


After memorizing the cultivation technique, Zhou Hao looked at Bai Renxue and asked.

Bai Renxue did not speak and turned around. Her meaning was self-evident!

Zhou Hao took a deep breath and leaned behind Bai Renxue. The two of them leaned back and closed their eyes.

They could sense the other party’s breathing and heartbeat. They began to find a balance point to reach a balance. On the other hand, the divine soil had a smile on its face and had a strange expression. It even felt like it was watching a good show. “Hmph, although this Sun Moon Divine Art is not an unbearable technique that relies on physical fusion, it has to be known that the feeling left behind by the fusion of the mind is even stronger than the feeling left behind by fusion of the body!”

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