Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 367 - Mythical Grade
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Chapter 367: Mythical Grade

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


As soon as Chen Ruoxue’s words fell, an earth-shattering dragon roar resounded in the air.

As the dragon’s roar reverberated, the nine figures rushing up from the depths of the abyss froze on the spot. The 18 monsters hidden in the void revealed their figures at that moment.

Many immortal monsters who were watching were all affected.

Just as they were wondering how they had been exposed, the next moment, 33,625 Dragon Charms erupted simultaneously, and countless spell effects erupted.

Immobilization, Shadow Kill, Decay Blood, Withered Bones, Death Soul… 3,000 Dragon Devouring Souls, billions of Blood Curses, millions of cell-autonomous Dragon Curse…

There were more than ten thousand different Dragon Curses inherited from the Cursed First Dragon. In addition, Little Blood Dragon had created more than twenty thousand Dragon Curses out of boredom in the Ruins of Chaos.

Even these immortal and eternal monsters could not withstand them.

“What is this?”

“Oh no, this is… this is the Dragon Curse of the Cursed First Dragon… Damn it, isn’t that guy completely dead? Isn’t its corpse sealed and exiled into nothingness?”

“Damn it, why is there still the power to destroy the Demon Dragon? Hasn’t that guy died countless years ago? This is impossible!!”

Some of the monsters let out all sorts of inconceivable roars of fear. These powers that had long become a legend had appeared once again, causing unprecedented fear to appear in their hearts.

However, they could not even escape. They could only be destroyed by the countless Dragon Curses and reborn. Then, they would be destroyed again until they were completely destroyed and turned into nutrients for the Ancestor Blood Dragon.

Curses were a kind of mystical ability. Especially since the first dragon was one of the creators of curses, the curse released by Little Blood Dragon did not consume its own power at all.

Instead, it could be used to communicate with some unknown existences, such as some world’s consciousness, those special time monsters in the Long River of Time, and so on. There was no border in the void, and some powerful existences did not have a border either.

In the eyes of those existences that far exceeded the eternal grade, monsters of this level were just the most ordinary food for blood. They could not even interrupt their sleep, and the power they lost might be equivalent to a trace of heat overflowing from their sleep.

In less than ten seconds, these immortal monsters turned into nothingness after dying hundreds of times. A portion of their power was sucked out of thin air, and the rest were devoured by Little Blood Dragon.

The only ones who survived were a few eternal monsters that had been discovered long ago, but they had also lost their main bodies.

The rest of the clones would take tens of thousands of years to recover.

“You’re too late.” Su Bai looked at the pouting Chen Ruoxue and spread her hands. “Little Blood Dragon felt suffocated too. It attacked before I could say anything.”

For a time, the entire Sea Abyss became silent. Countless eyeballs seemed to roll on the ground, and countless jaws dropped to the ground, unable to close.

Du Qiankun and the others, who were about to help Su Bai, were stunned on the spot.

They were left speechless at this scene.

“What is this? One move killed thousands of immortal monsters? Even eternal monsters can’t withstand a single move?” Qiu Yue’s jaw dropped.

“I don’t understand!” The manager of Fuyao Gymnasium said slowly.

“I don’t understand either!”

“Could Su Bai have been possessed by someone?”

“Forgive me for not understanding!”

Seeing the expressions on the faces of the highest-ranking humans and looking at him, Du Qiankun really wanted to say, “I don’t f*cking understand either. Who would believe that he could reach such a terrifying level in three months?”

“Let’s ask him when it’s over. He has a time pet. There might be something that we’re misunderstanding here.” Du Qiankun shook his head slowly, his expression still stiff.

The highest-ranking humans were all in this state, let alone the others.

Only when the Ancestor Blood Dragon had completely integrated with the Tao Tree and advanced to the eternal grade, becoming the true eternal Ancestor Blood Dragon, did someone rub their eyes and awakened from their stupor.

Fang Yuan could not help but smile bitterly when he saw this. He had thought that he was not far from Su Bai, but who knew that they were worlds apart?

He still remembered the three times he had met Su Bai. The first time was in the monster wilderness when Su Bai was only an elite Pet Tamer. By the time they met again at Fuyao Gymnasium, he was already a heavenly king-level Pet Tamer.

It had not been long since then, but he had already surpassed the limits of humans and became the first true mythical Pet Tamer?

“What did you just say? Can you repeat yourself?” Fang Yuan smiled bitterly at the girl beside him.

The young girl had yet to recover from her shock. Her eyes were bigger than copper bells. When she heard Fang Yuan’s words, she could not help but blush. “I… I will fulfill my promise. Isn’t it just riding a pig?!”

As the Ancestor Blood Dragon advanced to the eternal grade and flew back to Su Bai’s side, a brand new aura was emitted from its body. Everyone who sensed it felt a chill in their hearts and could not help but feel deep veneration for it.

This was the aura emitted by someone who had received the feedback of the Ancestor Blood Dragon and had completely become a mythical Pet Tamer. At this moment, Su Bai had already completed a special closed-loop with his pets. In the future, be it him or her pets, they would be the most difficult existences to kill in the endless void.

“Congratulations. You have finally reached the peak and become the first mythical Pet Tamer in human history,” Chen Ruoxue said with a smile.

Hearing this, Han Wei, He Yu, Ouyang Du, and the others could not help but reveal a look of shock. Although they had their guesses, they still found it unbelievable.

After hearing Chen Ruoxue’s words, they finally confirmed this fact. They could not help but cup their hands and bow. “Congratulations, Eldest Senior Brother, for reaching the peak and becoming a mythical Pet Tamer.”

When they said this, the group of people trembled. It was caused by all kinds of excitement.

“Thank you.”

Su Bai revealed a smile and looked up into the void. “In the past, I always thought that mythical Pet Tamers was the end. But upon reaching here, I realized that although the path ahead is pitch-black, there seem to be footprints left behind by my predecessors…”

“It was then that I understood that the end of this path is still distant.”

As he spoke, Du Gankun and the others had already arrived in front of him.

They seemed to confirm Su Bai’s identity first before smiling and congratulating him. “Congratulations, Su Bai. You have finally surpassed us old fogies and become the first mythical Pet Tamer in human history.”

“Seniors, you flatter me. I was just lucky.”

Su Bai smiled and shook his head.

“No, there’s no such thing as luck. Old fellows like us have more say in how difficult it is to reach the mythical stage.”

Du Qiankun shook his head with a smile and said, “Let’s go somewhere private first. There are some things that cannot be easily known by others.”


Su Bai opened the contract book, and a law-level contract book flew out. As the contract page flipped, 10 earth-shattering Wind Blade Giant Kraken appeared in the void. Each and every one of them was at the peak of the immortal grade.

“With them around, we can withstand another invasion from those monsters.

These void monsters could not be eliminated cleanly. Although the Ancestor Blood Dragon had killed countless just now, Su Bai could feel that more monsters were emerging.

Du Qiankun and the others could not help but grin when they saw the 10 Krakens. They had thought that Su Bai’s progenitor, the Blood Dragon, had reached the peak of the immortal grade.

Now, it seemed that all his pets had reached this level.

What kind of great opportunity had allowed him to advance to this level in just three months?

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