Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 162: Despicable? So What?
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Chapter 162: Despicable? So What?

The sound of the weird reminder indicated the start of the fight again, and only one of the five could get out alive. Unanimously, the other four people all looked at one another’s eyes with intense murderous intent, running shivers down their spines and giving them cold feet.

The strange thing, though, was that no one looked at Su Bai; it was as if he did not exist.

It was not that Su Bai had superpowers, but that he had released the dino to hide himself when he first came to this ring.

After the precious battles, he already realized this method was feasible. The weird beeping did not indicate how many people were on the ring and only said that only one person could leave alive in the end.

Moreover, Su Bai, who had passed the previous round the fastest, managed to conceal himself as soon as he arrived at this ring. The other four people had arrived at almost the same time, but none used detection pets to examine the situation, helping him perfect his hiding.

Although he could still easily defeat them without hiding, why could he not do so in a more relaxed way? Su Bai was not stupid, either. This was a place of life and death, so he naturally had to pass with the safest and most effective way.

In fact, he had already discovered this method in the first few levels, but had not used it until the ninth level, just in case he encountered some stronger opponents with some methods he did not know of.

After the plan was successfully implemented, he sat down at the edge of the ring and watched them fight.

Usually, at least two main commander battle pets and stronger support pets would have formed their combat system.

The pets released by the four people on the ring were all low-level commanders, and none of their attributes restrained the other. As soon as the prompt sounded, they were able to fight with the nearest person tacitly.

Su Bai observed both sides, but there was nothing good to watch on the left side. An Earth Demon Ape and Flame Turtle were fighting with a Dragon Lizard and a Golden Shell Holy Armor. They were evenly matched and would probably fight for a long time.

However, the battle on the other side was a bit more interesting. The main battle pets on one side were the Aquamarine and the Forest Deer, and the main battle pets on the other were the Dragon Spider and the Cicada. It stood to reason that the side with the Forest Deer should be stronger. After all, it had a great advantage with its domain, but the Forest Deer’s Pet Tamer did not have the desire to attack and only defended passively.

Su Bai glanced at a mustached man, who seemed to be twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. From time to time, he paid attention to the situation on the other side. It seemed that there was no result there yet, and he would not attack here, either.

Soon, half an hour passed. The Dragon Lizard and the Golden Shell Holy Armor’s Pet Tamer was caught by his opponent and quickly lost. In the end, all his final efforts were expended and he was killed off.

“Brother, how about we kill him first and then fight against each other?” At this time, the Forest Deer’s Pet Tamer suggested this with a smile.

“Of course, kill him first to prevent him from making trouble.” The Pet Tamer of the Dragon Spider smiled. In his opinion, the guy, who had been crushed by him, was not a threat. He was afraid that the other two would join forces, so this suggestion was much to his liking.

“Despicable! You agreed to have a fair duel!”

Upon hearing this, the Pet Tamer who had just won yelled.

“Despicable? Yes, I’m despicable, but what?” The Pet Tamer of the poisonous Dragon Spider sneered. “I’ve never promised you a fair duel, brother. Since you accused an innocent man like that without foundation, you’d have to pay for it.” The Forest Deer’s Pet Tamer smiled.

“Two b*st*rds, I will haunt you even in my death...”

“Hehe, then go ahead and die. If you have the ability, why don’t you beg and see if anyone will come to your rescue?”

A series of terrifying attacks hit the two pets, which had just consumed a lot of energy. The battle soon ended, and the poor guy was killed without any suspense.

“Boy, it’s time to send you on the road now. Don’t worry; I’ll take it easy on you.”

The Pet Tamer of the poisonous Dragon Spider said with a sinister chuckle.

“Really? Could you please say it again?”

The Forest Deer’s Pet Tamer smiled and opened his contract book to release a Uni-horned Blood Lion, which was three meters in height and six or seven meters in width, that exuded a powerful aura of a mid-level commander.

“You... actually hid your strength. You are despicable! Your morals are non-existent!” The face of the poisonous Dragon Spider’s summoner changed drastically, and he cursed angrily.

“Despicable? So what? I like seeing your expression; it’s full of anger yet helplessness. It really makes me feel so happy.” The Forest Deer’s Pet Tamer laughed.

“You...” The poisonous Dragon Spider’s Pet Tamer thought that the statement sounded very familiar.

Once the battle began, the Forest Deer activated a pasture domain and the Aquamarine supplemented its control. The blood-fire dual attribute Uni-horned Blood Lion’s terrifying attack was unparalleled, and its large-scale assault had rendered the opponents unable to fight back.

“Ahhhhh! Die!”

The Pet Tamer of the poisonous Dragon Spider uttered an angry roar and opened his contract book to release several Snake Lizards with tail docking characteristics that could resist the opponent’s attack. He rushed to the front with the pets and unleashed two attacks, swearing to bite off a piece of the opponent’s meat.

He succeeded and directly crippled the Blood Lion, but then he was also killed by the Forest Deer and the Aquamarine because he had rushed too far.

“Hmph! Why bother? So what if you maim my Uni-horned Blood Lion? You’re still doomed to die.” The man shrugged and looked at the empty arena, enjoying the taste of victory.

At this moment, a sea of blood, a purgatory, and a forest of thorns descended at the same time. These terrifying attacks came and killed the pets around him in the blink of an eye.

Danger had come unexpectedly when he was the most relaxed. Having been too careless, he could not even dodge these attacks and was killed almost instantly. The sneak attacks of the three pets were not something he could resist.

“Impossible... You are despicable and shameless. You’ve actually been hiding since the beginning...”

After being stunned for a long time, the guy finally returned to his senses. He flew into a rage and scolded loudly.

F*ck! This guy was too despicable. He actually attacked and disregarded morals. How could someone be more shameless than he was to hide from the beginning and prepare for a sneak-attack? He was too careless and had not checked the surrounding situation at all, taking for granted that there would only be four of them here. In the end, he had been attacked when he was most relaxed. The attacker was really too shameless and despicable.

“Despicable? I’m despicable, but so what? Why don’t you have Hades sue me?”

Following Su Bai’s voice, a fireball fell on the Little Tyrant and turned him into ashes.

However, having learned some lessons from the past, he no longer dared to be careless. Only after making a defensive formation did he send out the dino to help collect the battle gains.

“Roar!” Ah Bai, I’m a little scared!

The Little Tyrant looked at him after taking the battle gains. It was afraid of being attacked, especially since human society was so terrifying.

Su Bai was also scared, but fortunately, a force of teleportation soon came and carried him away.

He was feeling a little excited now. Should he not be in the inheritance section next?

However, this was not the case. He was teleported to an arena again, and there was another woman, who appeared almost at the same time as him. Next to her was a commander Psychic Snake and a spirit pet.

On Su Bai’s side were the cub, the dino, and the dragon. Since he was not afraid of being exposed here, he decided to play it safe and did not bother taking back his pet dragon.

“A complete dragon pet!”

The woman on the opposite side sank to the ground when she saw the 100-meter Ancestor Blood Dragon, which was standing behind Su Bai. Its mysterious and terrifying draconic aura made her palpitate in fear.

Su Bai glanced at the woman, who looked to be in her twenties. In her set of tights, she looked slender and well-proportioned. Her long, jet-black hair naturally fell down on her waist, and her delicate disposition called for affection.

Especially after she put on a faint expression of despair, it was even harder to resist holding her and protecting her in his arms.

He remained silent and waited for reactions from the other. At the same time, he asked the cub to detect if anyone was hiding around him.

“Howl~” I did not detect anything, Ah Bai. The cub confirmed.

He nodded in acknowledgment.

Soon, the strange prompt sounded, indicating that only one person could go out alive.

What surprised him was that there were only the two of them in the last level.

It made sense, though, upon thinking carefully about it. It should be the last level, and he and the woman in front were the only ones left in the Rainbow Gate.

“Can you wait a while and let me write a suicide note first?” The woman on the other side exhaled and asked.

Su Bai glanced at her and nodded.

“Thank you. My name is Cheng Wu; I hope that my name can be made known before I die,” Cheng Wu said softly. She then toook out a paper and pen from her backpack and began writing a suicide note.

“I might be the one to die.” Su Bai smiled.

“Impossible. I only have this commander Psychic Blood Snake. Although it is very strong, it can never be your opponent, especially your Blood Dragon. The ancestor aura it is exuding is too terrifying. This should be the divine pet from the blood lake which caused a big commotion some time ago. I did not expect to see it here; I guess it is a blessing in disguise.”

Cheng Wu shook her head gently while writing her suicide note.

“Yes, that’s my dragon.” Su Bai spread his hands.

A long silence ensued and Cheng Wu finally finished writing her suicide note. She sighed again and said, “It’d be great if I didn’t enter this Rainbow Gate. If I had known how cruel the battles inside would be, I wouldn’t have come in so hastily.”

“There is no choice; you already came in.” He shrugged.

The woman was silent for a while. “...Why are you such a conversation killer?”

She stood up and walked over before handing the suicide note to him. “Mail it to... this place for me, please.

“Since young, I have not had a father. My mother raised me alone with painstaking efforts, but not only did I fail to make her enjoy a blissful life, I could not even send her off on her deathbed. I’m really unfilial...”

As she spoke, she squatted and wailed loudly. Her cry was miserable and sorrowful, making people’s hearts break upon hearing it. It summoned the urge to help her up and hold her in comfort.

However, Su Bai did not do that. He already had a girlfriend and did not touch her despite how pretty she was.

After a long time, she stood up and bowed to him again. “Please deliver it for me. This is the last thing I am leaving behind for my mother.”

“Don’t worry; it will be delivered.” He nodded expressionlessly.

She nodded and said again, “In return, I will give you two things, which is also a last gift for myself.”

After speaking, she suddenly started dancing. Her dance steps were graceful, sexy, and beautiful, leaving him full of admiration. Coupled with her beautiful face, she could only be described with a single word: alluring.

After the dance was over, she slowly walked to him and said in a small and gentle voice, “This second gift is to myself. I’ve never been in love since I came to this world for twenty-five years, let alone experience the love between men and women. I am still a virgin, but I don’t want to leave with a virgin body.

“You don’t need to have any guilt in your heart or any worries. I’m just repaying you for agreeing to send my suicide note. There won’t be a second person here who knows what will happen. Everything will disappear after my death, just like a passing glance...”

As she spoke, she started taking off her clothes. When she finished speaking, she was left with only a set of lace underwear. Her soft skin accelerated his heartbeat, and she advanced toward him with a sweet and piteous smile.

Su Bai pushed a dagger into her body and took two back. “I’m sorry, I already have a girlfriend. I love her very much, so your conspiracy can’t possibly succeed.”

Cheng Wu stared at him incredulously. “Impossible! You are an eunuch; you must be an eunuch!”

She could not believe that this man was able to resist her seduction? No one but an eunuch could resist it.

“You are the eunuch! Your entire family are all eunuchs!” He drew out his dagger and yelled angrily.

“I don’t believe that there is such an innocent man in the world; you must be an eunuch!” Cheng Wu clutched her belly and fell to the ground.

After knowing that her opponent was someone who had the almost invincible Ancestor Blood Dragon, she decided to fight life and death in another way. Her bond skill with the Psychic Snake was called Bewitchment. As long as she could make her opponent fall in love with her through that, she could bewitch the opponent and achieve the effect of control. Previously, she had used this trick to kill many men who were stronger than her.

Thus, after she understood that she could not defeat Su Bai, she began building a miserable persona in order to shake the youth’s heart quickly. Eventually, she wanted to make him fall in love with her completely through the mournful mingling of their physical bodies, thus realizing a turn of the tables.

Alas, this was ridiculous to Su Bai, for by checking the data of the Psychic Snake, he had already found out about this bond skill.

In fact, even if he did not notice it, he would never betray Chen Ruoxue. Other people could not understand his feelings for her.

As someone who had transmigrated, she had once slipped through his fingers on Earth. It was a mistake which could never be recovered once missed. At that time, he had wanted to work harder to enter the same university as the girl, and she had also indicated her desire for him to work hard and enter the same college.

Unfortunately, he always felt that there was still a lot of time. Until the end, everything was too late. Later, in college, Chen Ruoxue had visited him many times, but when she became more beautiful and elegant, Su Bai felt that he was unworthy and dared not to see her anymore. In the end, they drifted away, and he dared not even send her a goodbye greeting.

That was what Su Bai had regretted most in the first two decades. When he returned to his senses and started working hard, everything was too late.

Thus, after he traveled to this parallel world, he had been working desperately. After confirming his relationship with Chen Ruoxue, his feelings for her were much deeper than most people thought. His feelings had been brewed over two lifetimes.

The feeling of losing someone over half a lifetime and then regaining her was not something others could understand.

Su Bai’s spirit could, therefore, overcome all physical temptations.

Although he did not say it, he loved his girlfriend deeply.

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