Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

Chapter 178 - 178 Tricks
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178 Tricks

The gatekeeper’s words that were meant to pick on her were all swallowed back.

Qiao Xuan showed the identity and despite her ordinary-looking dress, she was still Officer Qiao’s daughter, whom the gatekeeper should not mock without reason.

Also, Second Miss seemed like someone who could not be irritated easily.

What if she caught her fault and vented anger on her? Even her own miss would not defend her at that time.

Therefore, the gatekeeper made up her mind and let Qiao Xuan in.

She pointed in a direction and showed a passionate smile. “You are Second Miss, right? Elder Miss Qiao and Third Miss as well as my Miss are all at the pavilion by the lake. Wisteria flowers are blooming. Please, have a look and enjoy, Second Miss.”

What a trick…

Qiao Xuan immediately understood that there was something tricky in her words.

She would not go there now that she had realized that something was wrong.

Only stupid people would follow the direction.

Qiao Xuan said to the gatekeeper, “I don’t know the road, can you please take me there?”

“But, Second Miss…”

Qiao Xuan showed a strange smile. “No? I am the guest here. Is it so difficult for you to take me there? Or do you think that I don’t deserve your help?”

“Of course not!”

The gatekeeper, who was an aunt, had no choice but to lead Qiao Xuan to the venue.

She was mumbling to herself while walking. Who said that Second Miss was honest, timid and easily-tricked? That person must be lying!

The aunt did not lead Qiao Xuan there directly, fearing that her mistress would blame her for not following the order. She took her on a tour, so she could at least complete her Miss’s order.

Qiao Xuan soon realized what this aunt was doing.

But she said nothing.

She did not care if she had to walk a little more. Moreover, she was not worried that the aunt would take her somewhere dangerous.

She could see the whole abbey when she opened her magical senses. Nothing could escape her sight.

She could sense where Qiao Wei and the other ladies were, and what they were doing.

Suddenly, Qiao Xuan paused. She was both surprised and overjoyed.

She saw two small tomatoes that were growing randomly in a corner.

The two tomatoes were not growing in a healthy way and had collapsed. There were flowers and red fruits, but they were not very big in size.

It was something the Zhao Family had gotten from somewhere, but they could not recognize what these plants were, so they put them randomly in this place. No one would spend much effort planting fruits. That was why they were left alone here.

It was a very good thing for her.

She glanced around and saw that she and the aunt were alone.

Qiao Xuan suddenly let out a scream and paused in her steps. “I seem to have dropped my handkerchief. Aunt, please find it for me!”

The aunt had no intention of helping her, but she suddenly thought of something and nodded immediately.

Qiao Xuan smiled. “You have to return and lead the way for me, otherwise I will go home.”

Startled, the aunt said with her breath held, “Second Miss, don’t worry, I… definitely will return soon.”

She had intended to leave directly, but if Qiao Xuan left because of her absence, her Miss would definitely blame her.

Second Miss was an honest and easily-bullied person? That was incorrect!

The moment that aunt left, Qiao Xuan went to pick up two large tomatoes and put them in arms.

She was cheering happily inside her heart at this moment.

She was going to make tomato scrambled eggs, tomato stewed tofu, tomato stewed fish, tomato brisket pot, tomato mixed with sugar, tomato sauce, tomato soup, tomato noodles and a lot more.

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