Splitting the Heavens

Chapter 517: Prodigal Reinforcements
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Chapter 517: Prodigal Reinforcements

As a Martial Extermination Realm expert fell, the skies were filled with heaven and earth qi, and a natural phenomenon appeared where Xiao Wubai was killed.

“Kid…” Shang Ke stared at Shang Xia with shock in his eyes. However, his expression changed the next moment. “Why did you appear so suddenly?”

Shang Xia took out a piece of Spiritual Protection Substitution Talisman, a Golden Sun Inferno Talisman, and a Mist Dissipation Concealment Talisman and passed them to Shang Xia.

Receiving them carefully, he sighed, “Hoho? That’s a lot of rank four talismans.”

“Fifth Grandpa, how is Grandpa Bo?” Shang Xia couldn’t wait for Shang Ke to finish admiring the talismans and he asked.

Staring at Shang Xia in shock, Shang Ke quickly regained his composure. “Not to worry. We might look like we’re losing right now, but we won’t affect your grandpa’s cultivation.”

Briefly introducing the talismans and their uses to Shang Ke, Shang Xia turned serious. “You can rest assured that we’ll be turning the tides really soon.”

After speaking, he disappeared into the void once again. Even Shang Ke was barely able to notice how he moved.

“Entering the void with his physical body… This kid…” Shang Ke sighed to himself. Taking out a copper flask, he took a violent swig. Blood returned to his face as he muttered solemnly, “Using rank four Monkey Wine to restore some inner qi… This is a fucking waste of resources…”

After speaking, he turned into a streak of light before slapping a Mist Dissipation Concealment Talisman on his body.

The surrounding air was already filled with chaotic heaven and earth qi due to the battles going on everywhere, but a strange mist emerged. Within the mist, Shang Ke’s presence was greatly reduced. Even experts at the same level wouldn’t be able to detect him easily. His figure turned blurry and it was hard to actually see where he was.

Noticing the state he was in, Shang Ke felt a lot more confident in his plans. Touching the other two rank four talismans Shang Xia gave him, he started to close in on another battle nearby.

He needed to end as many fights as he could as the Mist Dissipation Concealment Talisman would only work for a limited time. The stronger the shockwaves that struck him, the faster the Mist Dissipation Concealment Talisman would be exhausted.

The other person who was moving as quickly as he could was Shang Xia. With the Abyssal Void Shattering Talisman he used earlier, he managed to enter the void with his physical body. He avoided the combined attacks of several Martial Extermination Realm experts and even took the chance to ambush Xiao Wubai. Working together with Shang Ke, they managed to kill the White and Gold Swordsman. Because of that, the Abyssal Void Shattering Talisman nearly lost all its energy.

After giving Shang Ke the talismans, Shang Xia extended his divine perception to cover 30 miles around himself. Due to the chaotic battle that was taking place, the shockwaves greatly affected his divine perception. Luckily, he managed to gain a quick understanding of the situation.

When he tore apart the void once again, he was a little more familiar with the process. He made his preparations and chose the weakest part of the void to tear open in order to reduce the consumption of the remaining energy in his Abyssal Void Shattering Tisman.

It was great that he did as the moment he emerged from the void, the Abyssal Void Shattering Talisman was exhausted and it shattered completely.

Shang Xia thought back to the talisman and made some quick evaluations. The talisman was crafted from ordinary rank four talisman paper and ordinary rank four talisman ink. If he used rank four Abyssal Talisman Paper and rank four Abyssal Talisman Ink to craft it, the talisman might be usable for a much longer time.

After noticing everything that was going on, Shang Xia understood that things weren’t looking too well for the institution. With Shang Bo in secluded cultivation and Yun Jing being surrounded by 3 experts of the Manyu Continent, Liu Qinglan was actually the fighter in the institution with the greatest combat capabilities despite her cultivation being at the second layer Martial Extermination Realm.

She might not be the only one with the cultivation level, but no matter who she was compared to, none of them was a better fighter than the instructor of the Upper Division.

When the battle erupted previously, Liu Qinglan had been racing around to help everyone she could. That also meant that she had to fight multiple opponents and exhaust her inner qi. After she got tired, 2 Martial Extermination Realm experts from the Manyu Continent set their sights on her and launched a furious offensive, pushing her into an extremely dangerous situation.

When she was barely holding on against the attacks of two experts from the Manyu Continent, the void split open not too far away from them.

The disturbance obviously attracted the attention of the 3 and they quickly turned to look at the newcomer. Who would have thought that the newcomer was a massive asshole who revealed a crafty grin while tossing an item at the experts of the Manyu Continent the moment he appeared?

The smile on Shang Xia’s face turned a little nasty when he looked at the experts of the Manyu Continent.

In the next instant, a massive fireball that seemed to contain the power of the sun appeared above the 3 of them. They were engulfed in a sea of flames that concentrated its power on the 2 experts of the Manyu Continent. Because of its wide area of effect, even Liu Qinglan was affected.

That was a Golden Sun Inferno Talisman! Liu Qinglan was no stranger to the talisman as some of them arrived as part of the previous delivery of resources half a year ago. She heard that those talismans were crafted by Shang Bo’s grandson and learned that their Tongyou Institution produced their very own Talisman Grandmaster!

When the previous batch of rank four talismans were delivered, there were 5 in total and they were placed to great use. The Tongyou Institution might have been caught off guard by many things in the foreign continent, but they were able to remain standing due to those talismans. With those rank four talismans, they injured many cultivators of the Manyu Continent and forced them to retreat.

If they had to complain about anything, it was that there were far too few rank four talismans.

Now that Shang Xia appeared and threw out a Golden Sun Inferno Talisman before anyone could react, the experts of the Manyu Continent were caught off guard. 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝙗𝓷𝒐𝓿𝓮𝙡.𝒄𝒐𝙢

Speaking objectively, even Liu Qinglan was surprised by the sudden change in events. However, she gathered her thoughts quickly and charged into the sea of flames.

“Oh?” Shang Xia didn’t expect Liu Qinglan to act in such a tyrannical fashion. The moment she leaped into the sea of flames, he knew what she wanted to do.

The power contained in a Golden Sun Inferno Talisman was frightening, but even if Shang Xia caught them by surprise, it wouldn’t be enough to take the lives of both experts from the Manyu Continent.

Seeing as Liu Qinglan had dove into the sea of flames, it was evident she wanted to harvest both their lives. Even if she was injured to the point where she would lose her ability to fight, she felt that it would be worth it if she managed to kill both of them.

Obviously, Shang Xia wouldn’t watch as Liu Qinglan risked her life to kill both of them. In the blink of an eye, he rushed into the sea of flames behind her.

His speed had already reached a terrifying level. In a battle among Martial Extermination Realm experts, the moment one side caught the other side’s weakness, they would act swiftly to end the battle. With Shang Xia’s speed, it went without saying that he would be able to deal with either of Liu Qinglan’s enemies the moment he spotted them.

A miserable cry came from the sea of flames and a soft grunt followed.

From the sound of it, one of the experts of the Manyu Continent was dead but Liu Qinglan suffered some injuries after killing him.

“You’re seeking death!” Shang Xia roared and rushed in a certain direction. The flames that were within a 30 feet radius of him became forcefully suppressed as he shot forward.

A miserable figure was trying his best to escape from the sea of flames as Liu Qinglan’s body trembled unsteadily as she forced herself to remain standing.

As Shang Xia brushed past her, he gestured lightly and a gentle force pushed her out of the sea of flames.

At the same time, Shang Xia circulated his Four Constellation Qi along with his Mirroring Sun Extermination Origin to send a trace of life force into Liu Qinglan’s body to stabilize her injuries.

Despite doing all that, Shang Xia didn’t slow down in the slightest. With the Abyssal Blade in hand, he quickly closed in on the escaping Martial Extermination Realm expert. He didn’t hesitate to slash at his target.

The expert who ran out of the sea of flames was no inexperienced fool. He felt a sense of danger coming from behind and he quickly tossed an item in that direction.

Surprisingly, it was a rank four talisman and it quickly ignited behind him to form a three-layer barrier that spun around the Martial Extermination Realm expert from the Manyu Continent.

Raising an eyebrow in surprise was all the response Shang Xia had. His blade didn’t slow down in the slightest.

This time, he unleashed a new move, Autumn’s Separation!

The triple-layered barrier was sliced cleanly in two under Shang Xia’s horrifying blade qi which was boosted by the power of the Abyssal Blade.

Cutting through the barriers took some energy, but the remaining blade light cut accurately into the man’s back.

“AH!” A severed arm flew through the air as blood sprayed out from his wound uncontrollably. The cultivator screamed as he tried to press his other hand against the wound. Despite his reaction, his speed wasn’t affected in the slightest as he disappeared before Shang Xia could release another strike.

It hadn’t been long since Shang Xia appeared and of the 2 enemies Liu Qinglan was facing, one was dead and the other was heavily injured. The phenomenon that occurred after the death of a Martial Extermination Realm cultivator suppressed the sea of flames that was produced by Shang Xia’s Golden Sun Inferno Talisman.

Turning back, Shang Xia could see that Liu Qinglan wasn’t in a great state at the moment. Her injuries might not be serious, but because of the continuous battles she had been taking part in, she was completely exhausted. She wouldn’t be able to fight anytime soon.

“How are you?” Shang Xia asked as he approached her. He was actually really respectful when addressing her. After all, she was part of the first batch of students his Grandpa Bo personally taught when the institution was first established.

Liu Qinglan forced a smile in response. “I won’t die anytime soon. Don’t bother about me, go help the rest!”

Shang Xia understood that the situation was extremely dire and after examining her once more, he chose to leave behind a Mist Concealment Dissipation Talisman and a flask of Hundred Flowers Spiritual Wine.

Even though he obtained quite a bit of Hundred Flowers Spiritual Wine, he used up a huge portion of it to treat his injuries and restore his inner qi. If he was being honest, it was a colossal waste of resources.

The spatial fluctuations in the area became more intense as the battles raged on and Shang Xia didn’t dare to enter the void without an Abyssal Void Shattering Talisman. As such, he stuck a Mist Concealment Dissipation Talisman on himself and traveled tens of miles to the next battlefield.

There, Shang Lubing was running away desperately from another Martial Extermination Realm expert. There was another expert coming from another direction to try to stop Shang Lubing, but the old expert was extremely agile. He was able to scurry away every time they closed in, not allowing them to trap him.

All of a sudden, Shang Lubing froze in mid air before flying in a certain direction.

Seeing as his movements finally became slightly more predictable, the two experts who were trying to box him in nearly broke out into celebration. They hastily tried attacking him from both directions.

From their speed, the two of them would be able to intercept him before he arrived at his destination. When that happened, they would finally be able to fight him 2 against 1.

When they were closing in on him, Shang Lubing did the unthinkable. Not only did he not slow down, he even accelerated towards them.

“Are you tired of living?” One of them roared as he gathered energy to attack Shang Lubing who was running straight to his death.

Who would have thought that a terrifying wave of heaven and earth qi would emerge in front of them the moment they were assured of victory?

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