Spirit Vessel

Chapter 841: Arriving
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Feiyun sent a mental message to Mo Yaoyao and the Evil Woman regarding the altar at Jade Pavilion Station. The two of them should be able to escape just fine.

He then entered the worm-hole with Supreme and Luofu after Ningshuai and the turtle.

A malefic force came right afterward and destroyed the entrance. It wouldn’t have lasted long anyway given the energy expenditure.

Inside the hole was the presence of spatial affinities. One could see some hidden realms and dimensions through the gap. They looked as if they were covered in a bubble.

Some looked awfully close as if one could reach out and touch them. In reality, they were billions and billions of miles away.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief while being in here and dropped to the ground.

Feiyun was grievously wounded and had spent virtually all of his spirit energy. Nonetheless, he gritted his teeth and got into the meditative pose to recover.

This worm-hole path was relatively dangerous. For example, it could collapse at any moment due to a spatial storm. No one wanted to take this risk unless there was no other choice.

Bi Ningshuai’s badge didn’t have that much energy left and could only bring two people. Now, he had to bring three more on top of a turtle. They naturally couldn’t make it to War Faction.

This path would crumble after the energy ran out. They would fall into a spatial storm - a sure death.

Thus, Feiyun needed to recover in order to figure out how to avoid this situation.

The path was man-made so they didn’t need to do anything for now. They were already walking towards Central.

Though they weren’t here that long, they might be a hundred million miles away from Jin now.

“I’ve checked out the coordinates in the past. Jin is around 920 immortal steps away from War Faction so if Yama is attacking from the north, this shows that Jin is to the south. War Faction is around 840 immortal steps from the southern border of Central, in other words, Jin is around 80 hops from Central.”

Ningshuai calculated the distance first then the time spent in the worm-hole in order to predict their current location. Next, Feiyun would need to open a gap using his secret method in order to leave early.

Meanwhile, Supreme had her eyes closed while healing. Her complexion became better and pink after suppressing the murderous energy of Sacred Palace Lord.

Long Luofu wasn’t wounded and heard Ningshuai’s mumble. She asked: “What’s an immortal step?”

“Immortal step is a measurement unit in Central. One step from an immortal is around 90 million miles.” Ningshuai then explained a few other things such as “worm-hole segment”, “spatial eddy”, “distorted dimension”...

Luofu has never heard of them before. She knew how vast the world was and that Jin was tiny in comparison. Now, her horizon was slightly broadened.

From the south to the north of Jin was only around 900,000 miles. This was utterly insignificant compared to an “immortal step”, not even one percent.

A while later, Feiyun opened his eyes and said: “We have crossed 60 immortal steps. Get ready, I’m about to tear the spatial fabric.”

He took out a boundary spirit stone and put in the golden Buddha, stones, fruits, and other treasures. They scattered after his first was broken by Yama’s heart and head. It took a while to pick all of them up.

“What do we need to do?” Luofu asked.

“Protect yourself.” Feiyun said: “I can open a gap but we might still be hit by a spatial storm.” Feiyun answered.

Supreme slightly opened her eyes and stared at Feiyun; her eyes flashed ever so slightly. However, she didn’t intend on attacking him right now and chose to cooperate.

Feiyun stopped wasting time and shot out forty divine intents from his forehead. Thirty of them erupted with strange lights that eventually turn into treasures - Heaven Punishing Hammer, Heaven Battle Altar, Ancient Moon...

He had understood quite a bit of the Minor Change, enough to change his divine intents into weapons.

According to the scripture, the Minor Change Art could support a large spatial area. After reaching a high level, it could create a dimension or a world.

He was using this art to push up this space in order to get out of the predetermined path.

Bi Ningshuai, the turtle, Long Luofu, and Supreme were nervous. It felt as if they were standing on a bubble. If this bubble were to break, all of them would die.

“Get ready, we’re about to leap through space.” Feiyun said.

The Minor Change Art moved them to another real area with a very slow speed. However, this was already a miracle.

It didn’t take long before they saw a massive area looking like a diagram floating in the air.

“We did it!” Ningshuai was sweaty from top to bottom. He didn’t wait and was the first to leap out.

The turtle was next. Long Luofu hesitated for a moment before doing the same, leaping out of the gap.

Supreme stood up and got ready.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, a spatial storm came by with a world-destroying power. Though she was tougher than most, she still turned pale.

The spatial area of the Minor Change Art was instantly broken.

Feiyun was blown outside into the violent space. However, he remained calm. A green light flew out of his dantian and turned into a vessel as large as a mountain range.

It carried an ancient aura. Although its eighteen sails were tattered, it could still travel across this area.

The storms struck the hull and only made the ship fly faster. It resembled a divine ship capable of traveling through space for an eternity.

“Bang!” Supreme landed on the deck; once again injured. She struggled to stand up and saw Feiyun trembling at the front. Blood dripped out of his lips as he tried his best to fly the ship.

He had used all of his spirit energy for the Minor Change Art. Now, he was using his blood and hidden potential for the ship. Each second was expending more than he could afford.

“Boom!” The ship finally made it out of the storm.

Everything before him turned dark as he blacked out. He could feel that he was blown off along with Supreme since the vessel returned to his dantian after losing its fuel.

“Not deeper into the storm...” This was his last thought.

When he woke up again, he found breathing extremely hard with an intense headache. His body nearly collapsed; his bones felt like powders.

He knew that he couldn’t move right now since doing so might result in actual death. He gathered a faint golden energy in his dantian. Strands emanated like strands of a silkworm. They rotated continuously for recovery.

This golden energy was extremely pure and powerful, more effective than any medicine.

He eventually became well enough to move. His eyelids were heavy as if something were pushing down.


This was a good sign since he was out of that spatial storm now. He climbed out of the mud; his clothes were a mess, dirtied with blood and dirt. The pain was still there.

He picked up the boundary stone containing all of his treasures and placed it in his pocket.

He then looked around the area and saw thick trees everywhere. Old, thorny vines coiled around them. On the ground were strange footprints.

He looked up and saw a seven-colored bird playing on a branch, issuing happy chirps.

Deeper were miasma and poison smokes along with a damp atmosphere.

This seemed to be a pristine forest.

“Shit...” Feiyun didn’t like this because he would be finished if this was the desolate wildland.

Supreme was blown away too but he didn’t see her. They shouldn’t be far away since they left the same spatial storm.

He took out his weapon essence and cut down the thorns and vines. Staying here long was suicidal.

If he were to meet any primal beast, fiends, or strange creatures here, that would be the end of him. The desolate wildland was hell for humans.

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