Spirit Vessel

Chapter 840: Yama’s Arrival
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Feiyun found this astonishing. A fifth-ranked Corpse King shouldn’t be this strong after breaking through, right?

He stared at the Evil Woman and started thinking. Could it be because she absorbed half of Yama’s corpse energy, or is it because this is a technique from the Dao Ancestor Scripture? That’s why she’s far stronger than other fifth-ranked Corpse Kings.

The massive lion earlier turned smaller into the cute pekingese. It jumped into Mo Yaoyao’s embrace again, looking quite obedient.

Feiyun flew out of the citadel and saw untold destruction. All living beings were dead now with the exception of two women - Supreme and Long Luofu.

Supreme used the defensive formation taken from a Heaven’s Emergence expert for protection during the battle between the lion and Sacred Spirit Lord.

Grand Southern was finished; the spirit veins underground have been drained dry. Who knows how many years it would be before life returns to this region?

More than half of the available Enlightened Beings have fallen. Their blood was burning and refining the ground.

The turtle returned, feeling quite fatigued. It had done a full circle around the five dynasties. The Spirit Palace Lord eventually stopped chasing it after sensing the Evil Woman’s aura.

Bi Ningshuai grabbed its tail and treated it like seafood. He walked over and smiled: “What now, Feiyun, can’t kill her because she looks like Nangong Hongyan?”

Supreme was grievously wounded. She had stabilized but there was still a cold energy destroying her from within. She was pale and couldn’t muster any energy.

“He wants to kill my soul and retake this body then use Nangong Hongyan’s blood, waking up the memories and remnant soul from within. Haha, not too confident about it either.” She snorted, aware of Feiyun’s intent after one glance.

“Once I recover, it’ll be more than enough to suppress your soul. Luofu, I don’t want to kill you, why are you involved in this?” Feiyun channeled his golden energy and stood there calmly.

Luofu was sitting in the meditative pose with blood streaming down her lips. She became furious after hearing this.

Why? It’s all your fault.

A smile appeared on Supreme’s face, seemingly mocking Feiyun for his ignorance.

Feiyun walked over without any emotion and grabbed the heavenly weapon essence from Supreme’s neck. It turned back into a white liquid and seeped into his palm.

Supreme tried to grab it back but he easily subdued her.

“Feiyun, you’re not a man, to actually take a back.” She wasn’t afraid.

“I never gave it to you, you took it as your own.” Feiyun said.

“Then what about Luofu? Do you take responsibility?” Supreme said.

Feiyun didn’t say anything; his brows slightly furrowed.

“Feng Feiyun, I’ll let you know that Luofu...” Supreme tried to buy time in order to heal her wounds.

“Whoosh!” She was interrupted by a cold gale from the north.

The region turned black and this aura assaulted everyone deep into the bones.

Feiyun immediately looked towards the north. The gale was cold and harsh enough to flay the skin off the bones.

Mo Yaoyao on the wall changed her expression. The Evil Woman also opened her eyes and raised her hand. The tower started flying up into the air to seal the area.

“Yama’s here.” She stood up and appeared again on top of the tower. Her hair and white dress fluttered to the wind.

“We need to leave this place now, to the ancient altar.” Feiyun stopped thinking and started running towards Jade Pavillion Station. He took Supreme and Luofu along too.

Bi Ningshuai was horrified and ran away with the turtle.

Feiyun didn’t expect Yama to come so early. The Evil Woman should be able to stop Yama but the destruction from that fight could turn them to dust.

The only way to survive was to get the hell out of this land.

Two massive powers inside his boundary stone started rampaging, wanting to break out. They were Yama’s head and heart sensing the summon of Yama.

Feiyun used his golden energy to surround the stone and sever all traces. This was still useless.

The stone shattered and treasures rained down into a large pile.

Yama’s head and heart flew towards the north. Nefarious laughter came from there afterward.

He definitely couldn’t let Yama obtain the heart and the head. They were the two most important body parts. Yama’s strength would leap once more.

Feiyun stopped and picked up the treasures with a hand sweep. He then mustered all of his strength and threw a Buddha statue forward

It exuded a bright radiance and opened a path by its stomach. The light from there began purifying the evil energy nearby.

Yama’s head and heart ended up entering the path leading to Heavenly Kingdom.

Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief. He thought about entering the kingdom to hide for now.

Unfortunately, Yama didn’t give him the chance. A gale arrived and turned into an evil palm, wanting to drag the heart and head out.

He gritted his teeth and closed the path to the kingdom. He recalled his statue and ran towards Jade Pavilion Station again.

“Raa!” A terrifying roar came from the north.

“Shit! We can’t take it, he’s less than 200,000 miles from Jin. We can’t get to the altar fast enough.” The turtle was swinging in the air because it was grabbed by Ningshuai. Nonetheless, it still felt the incoming cultivator.

“Whoosh!” A malefic slash cut through the sky, resulting in a metallic clanking.

The large statue had a one-inch deep scar now. The formations on the surface have been eliminated despite being prepared by top masters. From this, one could see that the slash could have easily killed Feiyun.

The Evil Woman used her Immeasurable Tower; Mo Yaoyao also took out a weapon obtained from the demonic treasury.

The two battled long-distance against Yama and stopped him from coming. Alas, remnant energies still made it through, occasionally attacking Feiyun’s group.

This was more than they could handle given their current cultivation.

“There’s no other choice. Bi Ningshuai, use your Worm-hole Stone now.” Feiyun ordered. He knew that he couldn’t make it either. Moreover, the status was cracked so the path to Heavenly Kingdom couldn’t be open.

Bi Ningshuai tied the turtle to his back in order to stop the incoming malefic force. He gritted his teeth and said: “You’re insane, the spatial dimensions here are chaotic, the worm-hole might close right away and we’ll die in there for sure.”

“We still have to try, there’s no other way.”

“There’s not enough energy in the stone, I can only bring two people along. We have to leave Supreme and Luofu.” Ningshuai took out the badge then shook his head.

“No, take everyone.” Feiyun said without any hesitation.

“Fuck, do you know the consequence from running out of energy along the way?” Ningshuai was panicking, nearly shitting himself because they were wasting time.

“We don’t need to reach the other side, just have to get out of Jin. I have a way to open another hole on the path so we can jump out early.” Feiyun said.

“Leaving early? What if we fall down into the desolate regions?” Ningshuai said.

“We’ll see how lucky we are.”

Ningshuai didn’t want to do this at all but still acquiesced. He activated the runes on the badge. A faint light manifested and turned into a door. The other side was a vast expanse with a path extending forward.

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