Spirit Immortal

Chapter 24 Reach for the top! 1
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The one-minute rest ended up taking over fifteen minutes as the orphans, except Junius, limped their way into the training room. Once there, they laid on the mats with their arms and legs wide open.

"Damn it, I am never following Junius again."

"I second that. No one can keep pace with that monster."

"Include me in that group."

"I’m sorry brother Junius, you are not human..."

Shin, Lily, Ella and Emma lay flat as they swore to never run with that maniac ever again.

"Ehehe... I may have overdone it. But I wanted to see your Spirits so much!"

"What are you an obsessive girlfriend? Can’t it wait a few hours?!"

Shin started arguing with Junius again.

"Okay, that’s enough! You guys do seem like a couple."

"Hey! I don’t swing that way."

"No one would like that brute that only knows how to exercise all day."

"What did you say?!"

"The truth."

Ignoring the others present, Junius and Shin entered their own world.


"What will we do with these two idiots?"

Emma and Ella shook their heads as they watched the free show.

"Hey, stop that! Anyway, once the three of you rested enough, summon out your Spirits for us to see."

Lily, unable to bear with the current situation, instructed the trio to bring their Spirits out.

"Yes, Sister Lily!"

After hearing her words, the twins both summoned their Spirits. The training room temperature instantly fell a few degrees after the two Spirits came into contact with the air.

"So this is a mutated elemental Spirit?"

Lily carefully inspected the crystalline bow that was covered with a frosty aura. It seemed that if she touched the bow, she might get a frost burn.

"Oh ho, this is interesting. Can you use your first spirit ability?"

Once a child awakens their Spirit, instinctively, they are able to use a single spirit ability. It is part of their nature. There was no need for guidance, the child would know what to do to conjure up their ability.

"Hmmm... We know what ability it is, but when we tried using it, nothing came out."

"That is natural. After all, you have just awakened your Spirits and are at Rank 1. You guys have not even cultivated yet! The amount of spiritual energy in your body is minimal, so it is natural to be unable to use your first spirit ability."

Lily patiently explained to the twins.

"Shin, you’re up!"

Junius pushed Shin to summon his awakened Spirit.


Reluctantly, Shin gathered spiritual energy and summoned the cute little cerulean koi once more. Once brought out, it swam around in the palm of Shin’s hands. It was strange that a fish could swim without water, but it was only capable of doing so within the compounds of Shin’s hands.

"This is the Spirit that triggered a natural phenomenon?!"

Junius and Lily were shocked. The little fish looked like it was unable to even hurt a fly. How could it have been a tremendous spirit that caused a natural phenomenon?

"Yeah, this is it. This little bugger was so difficult to find in my spiritual body! It even made everyone in the Shrine Room angry at me just because it wanted to swim around even though it could do so without water!"

"Swim around?"

"Of course! This little fish didn’t like dry land so it summoned a swimming pool so that it could move around!"

"Wait, Shin. What is your first spirit ability?"

Shocked by Shin’s intricate understanding of his Spirit, Junius asked the boy.

"Hmmm? It’s to create and manipulate water I guess..."

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Junius and Lily both yelled. Majority of elemental spirits could not manipulate their element. For instance, Junius’ first spirit ability, uses the property of water to expand his sword rapidly. Ryner’s acidic salamander spits a ball of acid. Lia could summon vines from her plant Spirit while Lily could use her Spirit to squirt high-pressure water jets. None of them had such an overpowered ability such as manipulating water. Just imagine, if Shin cultivated hard enough, he would be able to move the oceans to his will and no one in the world could beat him at sea.

"Hmmm, I guess that is partially true. I can only manipulate the water that I create."

Thinking that his seniors misunderstood him, Shin clarified the extent of his ability.

"Even so..."

"That’s too strong."

The senior orphans murmured to themselves. If Shin were to produce an unlimited amount of water, does that mean that he would have the absolute advantage no matter what the terrain? Typically, a Spirit User would be hindered by the battlefield they were on. For instance, if a water elemental Spirit were to fight in a desert, its effectiveness would be cut in half. Same goes for a fire elemental Spirit when duelling in the ocean.

"Is that so..."

But Shin was unfazed. He did not see what was so unique about the ability he had.

"You may not see it now Shin, but in the future, you would understand that this first spiritual ability of yours, may as well be your strongest."


"Of course! Wait until you further increase your rank. Then you will see the difference."

"You say ranks Junius, but I don’t understand what ranks are there!"

"Brother Junius, he’s right. None of us was taught that before!"

Emma added on Shin’s remarks.

"Oh, that’s right. The instructor has not taught you yet. Ahhh, what the hell. I’ll tell you the ranks of the spiritual world."

"When a person awakens their Spirits, they are called a spirit user. The realms a spirit user can reach are as follows:

Spirit Practitioner (Rank 1 -9)

Spirit Apostle (Rank 10 - 19)

Spirit Core (Rank 20 - 29)

Spirit Adept (Rank 30 - 39)

Spirit Spectre (Rank 40 - 49)

Spirit Lord (Rank 50 - 59)

Spirit King (Rank 60 - 69)

Spirit Emperor (Rank 70 - 79)

Spirit Venerate (Rank 80 - 89)

Spirit Saint (Rank 90 - 99)

Spirit Immortal (Rank 100)

I am already at the Spirit Apostle Realm of Rank 11. Lily and Ryner are also knocking on that door. I assume that in a few months, they will be able to break through."

Junius smiled at Lily and gave her a silent voice of encouragement.

"The instructor that we all know and love has reached Rank 57 and is currently a Spirit Lord. To put it in perspective on how incredible he is, if he were to enter the military, the instructor would instantly become a battalion commander."


"The strongest member of the Frie Clan is, of course, the Clan Master, the most talented individual of her generation. The last I heard, she was already a Spirit Emperor Realm at Rank 74. Only the First and Second Elders are her match."

"Wait, so the two high elders are both Spirit Emperors?!"

Ella blurted out in shock.

"Of course. If not why would they have the title ’High Elder?’ As far as I know, there are only three Spirit Emperors in the Frie Clan. The two high elders and the Clan Master. In fact, there is even a chance that the current Clan Master would cross Rank 80 and breakthrough into the Spirit Venerate Realm. The first in the Frie Clan’s illustrious history!"

"The Frie Clan had never produced a Rank 80 Spirit Venerate before?"

Shin found it ludicrous. A family clan with so many years of history had not been able to cultivate a Spirit Venerate?

"Shin, you must understand, at their level, cultivation is a whole other ballpark. Right now, we are able to improve our ranks with little effort. But once you reach their ranks, trying to improve is like moving a mountain with every step you take."

Junius laughed at the naivety of his little brother.

"But that is still a long way to go for us. We should focus on the present and improve our ranks one step at a time."

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