Spending the Villain's Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 544 - - She is going to bash his head in tonight. (2)
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Chapter 544 – She is going to bash his head in tonight. (2)

Gu Shishi waved her hand. “Let’s not talk about those who doesn’t concern us anymore. I think, the story between certain young woman and certain doctor getting closer and closer with each other is much more interesting. Am I not right?”


Huo ChuChu shrieked and her cheeks quickly turned as red as monkey’s butt.

The Qin’s sisters looked over curiously.

Li Yiru and Chen Kexin were even more curious.

“Speak! Or we toss you out from the hot spring.”

“Or we should just toss her into the men’s section next to us!”

They were talking about the same topic in the men’s hot spring next to them.

Over there were Huo Sishen, a certain doctor, Li Ruimeng, the big brother of the Li family, and Chen Jiahe, the young master of the Chen family who had just returned from abroad.

Huo Sishen had a glass of red wine next to him.

Big Brother Chen had just filled the glass for Huo Sishen and, when he was about to fill Chen Jiahe’s, Chen Jiahe indicated that he didn’t need anymore of it.

When it came to Qin Ruhai, he was scratching his ear and chin. He had even forgotten that he was not much of a drinker. He grabbed the wine glass and downed most of the glass.

“Now spill.”

“Your brother-in-law is right here. Don’t miss your chance now.”

Big Brother Chen filled Qin Ruhai’s glass again.

Chen Jiahe, too, picked up his own glass and sloshed the liquid inside around. “When the sister is in a relationship behind her older brother’s back, the older brother must find out all about it. Xiao Qin, you have a younger sister too. Out with it now.”

Qin Ruhai took a deep breath and wiped his face solemnly.

“Because…… of melon.”


“Because we both enjoy eating melons.”


“You mean to say that the two of you had been swapping information and gossips?”

“So Gu Wushuang was your matchmaker?”

Inside the women’s hot spring, both Li Yiru and Chen Kexin’s voices were a whole octave higher.

Both of them still single, they couldn’t imagine such a bizarre turn of event.

Nevertheless, Huo ChuChu nodded and blushed a little.

“I have news with regards to my second brother and he had news on Gu Jiangxin. After Gu Wushuang had returned to this country, she had her check ups at one of the clinics that he had invested in. She did her physical therapy at his place as well. And he went to school with her primary care physician.”

That was the first time that Gu Shishi had heard of that also.

So Qin Ruhai’s place really was the best place for gossips.

It didn’t matter who one is, they will inevitably get old and get sick.

And all the wealthy individuals tend to go to the reputable private clinics.

There were only a handful of them in City Shun and the Qin family had pretty much monopolized them.

Two young people, for the sake of finding more about Gu Wushuang, how she had fallen and how she was done for had been exchanging their melons, taking turns on eating melons, and finally fallen in love over melon-eating.

When it came to this, the Qin sisters were on their own family’s side.

They would have to speak for their brother’s happiness.

“He had a few girlfriends in the pat but he never lied to them. He wasn’t entirely a scum,” said Big Sister Qin.

Having said that, even she questioned whether she was speaking out for her brother.

Little Sister Qin quickly tried to help her salvage the situation, “What could be more touching than picking out that one and only after having seen tens and thousands?”

Alright, getting even worse.

Gu Shishi couldn’t help but facepalmed.

Sure enough, Huo ChuChu’s brows were standing upright. She waved her fists. “He told me that there had only been three girls that he had ever been serious with his entire life!”

“Many girlfriends” were definitely more than three.

In the men’s hot spring next to them, Qin Ruhai let out a loud sneeze.

That night, after the hot spring, when everybody else were enjoying their buffet, he was the only one missing.

Gu Shishi brought it up and Huo ChuChu laughed devilishly.

“He’s lying down in his room, injured.

“Beaten up by me.”


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