Spending the Villain's Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 444 – What was Gu Jiangxin talking about? (4)
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Chapter 444 - What was Gu Jiangxin talking about? (4)

It was equally turbulent over at Zhang Sheng’s place.

Zhang Sheng had retaliated royally on Gu Jiangxin’s projects in the capital. He had connected with a couple of departments at the government and worked with a three to four buddies in the local real estate scene to take up all of the Gu Corporation’s profits.

His sister might not have been the best but he still wasn’t going to let Gu Jiangxin off the hook!

Despite everything that was going on and the two were at each other’s throat, Zhang Sheng and Gu Jiangxin were still friends on WeChat.

Not only were they in the same friend’s circle, they also shared a few other top business owners or city development groups.

“That sister of mine is hopeless.”

Zhang Sheng, who had just returned from his father’s place, listened to Mother Gu giving him the downlow on Gu Wushuang and how kids had their own difficulties, etc. He was so angry that he could barely eat.

Now that he saw Gu Jiangxin talking about art appreciation poetically, that had further disgusted him.

“Let it go. She’s already 50. It’s not like you can teach her like a daughter.”

That was all Chen Yunping could say.

He was not young anymore and high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. It was not a good idea for him to be upset.

She gave him a worried look then recalled some good news.

“Your gift from your niece arrived today.”

Chen Yunping stood up immediately and brought over a painting.

The one from Double-12.

It was no longer a winning according to her. She had already labelled it as a gift in order to appease her husband.

“Hmm? This late?”

Zhang Sheng was startled.

“She probably found out when your birthday is and timed it just right. See? It got here just a few days before your birthday.”

Chen Yunping has high emotional quotient.

Plus, women are always good at making associations.

Zhang Sheng’s birthday was on January 27. It had been an entire month since Double-12.

Its taking so long to get there must have to do with his birthday.

Zhang Sheng immediately started to smile after hearing that.

He tossed his cellphone aside and completely forgot about Gu Jiangxin’s rambling in the friend’s circle.

“Show it to me quickly!”

What they didn’t know what that after Double-12 was over, Liu Zhichao had those in R&D checked the orders and the Ips to determine if there were any malicious activities. Not only would they ban those IDs so they would not be able to place any orders in the future but they also needed to be removed from the list of winners.

The investigation took a week’s time.

Then the paintings needed to be framed.

That, on top of the peak shipping season after Double-12, all the inventory sat inside the warehouse and it was normal for everything to be shipped out by the end of December.

And that was why the delay.

Low and behold, Zhang Sheng, who was in the distribution business himself, decided to selectively ignore all those and put aside his rationality.

He was taken aback a little when he unrolled the scroll.

A Knight Walking Forward Quickly.

In the painting was a horse neighing with its head lifted up toward the sky. There was smoke under each of its hoof. It was study like metal and had the soul of a dragon. It looked like it was about to take off any second.

A knight in white had one foot in the stirrup and was about to leap onto the horse. His strength and agility clearly conveyed in the painting.

His clothes, blowing in the air, complemented his handsome look. He was a young man who would make a girl blush.

The strokes were hearty and smooth. Let it be the knight’s sword or the speed of the horse, all were well depicted in the painting as though they were about to leap out of the paper and charge right at him.

“Good strokes!”

“Great painting!”

The Zhang family was, after all, a well-established family in the capital.

Zhang Sheng knew how to appreciate a painting. He praised and raved about it when looking at it.

“Right? It didn’t look like just any painting to me either. I only took a quick glance at it before I put it away. I didn’t even dare show it to the sons.”

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