Spending My Retirement In A Game

Chapter 38 Peak
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Morrom handed Eisen a few tools. First, a Mythril staff which would be used for the large-scale carvings, and different tools that are supposed to help with the shaping of the enchantment, like protractors or rulers in different sizes. But since these were only a real help with smaller carvings, there was also some kind of tool to help make large circles. From what Eisen could tell, it had a base that was supposed to stay directly in the center, and a rotatable top that had a rope connected to it. At the loose end of the rope there was a metal ring, which apparently was supposed to be put around the staff. Like that, it was possible to relatively easily make perfect circles.

"So, there’s one good thing about complicated enchantments like this. You don’t have to keep the image in mind while making the whole carving. You first make the base, meaning the different circles, and then you individually create the enchantments each in one of the middle circles. Then, you add the specifications to the outside circle, to make sure that the different smaller enchantments properly interconnect and can be used together. And at last, you carve the center with an image in mind where all the smaller enchantments are combined into the effect you want." Morrom explained carefully and Eisen listened closely.

"And what kind of enchantment will I be making?"

Morrom crossed his arms and closed his eyes in thought at this question. Then he thought back on yesterday and got an idea. "How about a Golem Core Creation Enchantment? Usually, it combines Alchemy and Enchanting, but it is possible to add effects that seem like mock-alchemy into the mix. It won’t be a great golem core, but enough for you to learn Golemancy. You seemed to be interested in it."

"Yeah, Golemancy seems quite useful, doesn’t it?" Eisen responded with a soft laugh.

"It is useful, definitely, although mainly for brute work. So they won’t be able to help you with crafting much. But they’re good as defense forces, or to help with large construction. I heart that back when this town was first founded, someone turned all the rocks that were carved out of the cliffs into golems to help further carve other buildings out."

"I see... So what do I need to do?" Excitedly, Eisen looked at the Mana Crystal platform, before Morrom closed his eyes to think.

"Hmm... We first need the actual physical base... For that, we need to create a sphere made of crystal. That will be one. Then we need an enchantment for control so that the core can control a body. Another enchantment that lets the core store mana, which it will need to function. It will also need to follow orders, so that’s the fourth enchantment. Ah, another enchantment to make sure only you can use the core. And then only modulation, so it can use any type of body, and can be interchanged with fitting ones. Usually, you would use Alchemy to create the sphere and use a special material to add a fake ’mind’ to it, so it can understand commands and add a fake ’soul’ to store mana. Things like giving it the ability to control a body, as well as the modulation and the ownership, are handled through enchanting."

While Morrom was explaining this, he sketched out the different alchemical symbols and specifications needed for each enchantment.

"Get creative with the center of each enchantment. I’ve explained what you need to do, so use the tools to perfect this as much as you can. I won’t tell you any more until you’re done." Morrom smiled and sat down near the wall, joined by Bree who happily watched Eisen begin to work. During the last few days, Eisen began to realize a few things more and more, although he only knew exactly what it was since today.

He’s been treating Bree as a grandchild. Trying to spoil her, and giving her money to spend on different things when he found out that she’s not actually making any from her job at the Inn. Maybe it was because of the way that Bree acted most of the time, like an excitable young child, or simply the fact that he’s been away from his family for too long and wasn’t able to spoil his actual grandchildren.

After all that Bree went through, Eisen still thought that she deserved nice things, however. And since she would be working with him, he decided to see the Dress, Backpack, and Money he gave her as something like an investment. Something that would help her grow in the future.

Waving away these thoughts, Eisen decided to concentrate on the enchantment now, and worry about properly forming a friendship with Bree at a later time.

Eisen grabbed the tool to create large circles that Morrom gave him and attached it to the center of the Platform with something like a large suction cup at its bottom. After that, he attached the ring at the end of the rope to the Staff and began to work.

He poured his mana into the staff and slowly carved the two outer circles, between which the specifications would later go. Similar to how the needle worked, instead of causing excess material that was carved away to lie around it, the staff apparently absorbed parts of the mana crystal platform to an extent.

Once the two outer circles were done, Eisen moved in closer and carved the innermost circle. He then pulled the tool off of the platform and re-attached it around the middle section to create the six different spaces for the other enchantments.

He then placed that tool and the staff to the side and began to sketch the six enchantments he would now create, making sure he placed the alchemical symbols and specifications correctly, and took his time to think of good center parts for the enchantments.

The base sphere was simple, as Eisen only had to think of a ball while carving the enchantment. For the control enchantment, the choice that Eisen made was to imagine the core spreading out strings that would form muscle-like substances to control the body.

The storage enchantment, on the other hand, was relatively easy again. Although it didn’t fit the fantasy setting he was in, Eisen couldn’t help but instinctively think of a battery when it came to energy storage.

When it came to the command enchantment, Eisen had trouble coming up with good images. The best he could come up with was something like a pet collar, or something similar to that slave collar that Eisen used to trick Hendrick.

As for the ownership one, Eisen simply chose a closed lock. Maybe it would work if he imagined himself as the key to open said lock.

And at last, Eisen handled the modulation with the image of a sphere, where one item was coming off and another one was put there in place of it.

Hoping that all of these images would end up working out, Eisen got to work.

He grabbed a thick Mythril needle, slightly larger than the one he has been using up until now, and squatted down onto the mana crystal platform and began to carve out the first smaller enchantment into one of the six circles he prepared beforehand. Now, instead of doing it free-hand like before, he used some of the tools that Morrom gave him, and the enchantments ended up becoming basically perfect, at least as far as Eisen could tell.

Eisen very carefully continued on, and after finishing the last of the six enchantments, wondered how far this concept could be taken. What if this wasn’t the end of it? What if you could create another level of enchantment, with this complex enchantment replacing the alchemical symbols of an even larger, and more complex enchantment? Eisen couldn’t even imagine what kind of amazing things you could create with something like that!

Excited to continue and finish this project, Eisen got to work on the specifications between the two outer circles. He grabbed the piece of paper where Morrom wrote down what Eisen would need to carve, and continued to work while using it as a reference.

Eisen recognized the runes that were used for specification, but only actually realized that they were actual runes that also existed in real life, and not what they meant. He would need to look them up when he logged out the next time so that he could figure out if he could improve the specifications somehow to create better, more specific enchantments.

Either way, Eisen circled the enchantment and carved in the sequence of the different runes, using the Mythril staff to do so. From what Morrom told him, he knew that they were supposed to say something that made all the enchantments that were added in place of the alchemical symbols connect with each other.

The day was nearly over, now that Eisen finished most of the complex enchantment, and sat down in the center of it while beginning to think of a good enough image for the center, something that would combine everything together.

He grabbed another piece of paper and began to sketch. In the center of it, Eisen drew the sphere which would act as the core. Surrounding that, the faint outline of a humanoid body, with thin strands of energy coursing through it.

Hoping that this would be enough as an image, Eisen began to carve that drawing into the center of the mana crystal platform. First, the sphere with the help of the staff, and then used the thick needle to carve the outline of the body.

This enchantment was there to create the core and not the body after all.

The moment that Eisen finished connecting the last strand from the circle in the body’s chest to its fingertips, he stood up and looked at his finished creation.

[Mock-Golem-Core Creation Enchantment]

[Quality - Average][Rank - 2]

[Description] A complex enchantment that has been carved by the Enchanter Eisen. It creates a small, low-grade mock-golem-core. Due to the unnatural way of creating this type of item, it is extremely mana-inefficient.

[Effect] Produces a 1cm sphere for every 2000 MP provided

[For creating an overwhelming quality item, you gained +1 INT and +1 WIS]

[You overcame the limits of your skills.]

[You have broken through the limits of five different skills. Limitbreaker IV Title is changing to Limitbreaker V]

[Title - Limitbreaker V]

[Description] By Breaking the limits of five of your skills, you showed the gods you stand above them.

[Effect] +5 to all basic stats

[You have reached the peak of the Limitbreaker Title. There are no more stages.]

[Breaking through other skills is now significantly harder, and there won’t be any more stat bonuses for new limit broken skills. The 15 Bonus stats for already limit broken skills can still be earned.]

Eisen looked at the onslaught of notifications and moved some of them to the side so that he can read through them in order.

He was glad that he managed to break through, but this was also the first time an item he broke through his skill with wasn’t perfect quality. But the biggest surprise wasn’t the quality, but rather... the creation cost... It was nearly five times his max MP and was slowly getting kind of ridiculous. How was he ever supposed to activate it in the near future without someone like Bree that helped him?

And then the Limitbreaker notifications... He was happy about the bonus stats he got by breaking through but was kind of surprised to get the information that came with it.

First, there were no more stages for the Limitbreaker Title. In the end, that wasn’t such a big deal, since it already basically gave Eisen the stats for five levels, but he was still kind of disappointed that he couldn’t heighten it any further.

On top of that, Eisen was surprised by the message with the ’15 Bonus stats for already limit broken skills’. This was something he hadn’t heard before and would need to explore further as soon as possible.

But for now, Eisen waved the notifications away and turned back to Morrom, who looked back at the Giant-Dwarf excitedly.

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