Spending My Retirement In A Game

Chapter 34 Transmutation
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First, Eisen grabbed some of the leftover Amran and Byron and prepared the amount for one mana and health potion each, as well as one portion of mana crystals. He ground the petals down together, ending in deep purple powder, and then added ground-down mana crystal powder as well as water, turning the mixture into a light-purple liquid.

He poured it into one of the regularly sized flasks and began to boil away the water, watching curiously at what’s about to happen.

After a few minutes, what was left in the flask was only a thick, dark purple slime. It was hard to get out of the flask, and as it was too much to fit into one of the small glass bottles, Eisen placed it onto a small piece of paper so it wouldn’t stain the wooden table.

[You created Recovery Jelly]

[Recovery Jelly]

[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 1]

[Description]A thick Jelly with a deep purple color. It has been made out of Amran and Byron. When applied to wounds will increase the rate of recovery.

[Effect] +50% Recovery speed to applied areas

"I see... Normal potions seem more useful..." Eisen muttered out to himself, and as she was curious, showed it to Bree to let her use her Scanner skill.

"Yeah, it’s not really sold anywhere, but it does have its uses, right~?" She asked with her head tilted to the side, and Eisen nodded with a smile. "I think so, yeah. I guess I’ll have to see how useful it actually is once I start fighting."

Eisen smiled and then moved onto the next thing he wanted to make. Instead of going for another combination of Amran and Byron, Eisen wanted to try creating more Jelly. If it was possible to make a jelly out of Amran and Byron combined, then maybe it also was with them on their own. He also wanted to figure out if it became a Jelly because of the ratio of plant powder to mana crystal powder.

So, Eisen prepared double the amount of Amran and the same amount of mana crystals, as usual, to hopefully create more Jelly.

He ground down the red petals and mixed it with magic crystal powder and water, and then poured it into the flask, and while it was boiling began to prepare the same mixture, just with Byron instead of Amran.

When all the water in the flask evaporated, the liquid inside of it turned into a dark red slime, confirming that the ratio of ingredients changes the consistency. Eisen once more placed the slime on a piece of paper and looked at what he just made.

[Health Jelly]

[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 1]

[Description] A thick Jelly with a deep red color. It has been made out of Amran. When applied to wounds will heal them near to instantly. Healed amount depends on amount of slime.

[Effect]Absorbs Jelly to recover damage done to a certain area

"Interesting! So this is to heal a specific wound... I wonder what the one made of Byron will do!" Eisen muttered out excitedly, and then looked over at the blue slime that was slowly forming inside of the flask. After a few more minutes, all the water evaporated and Eisen poured the deep blue slime out of it.

[Mana Jelly]

[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 1]

[Description] A thick Jelly with a deep blue color. It has been made out of Byron. When applied to skin will be absorbed and transformed into Mana.

[Effect] Absorbs Jelly to recover Mana

"Huh... That’s pretty straightforward!" Eisen smiled and looked at the three different slimes in front of him. These would definitely be quite hard to properly carry around with you. You can’t just put it in your pocket, as it will just stain the fabric and you wouldn’t be able to use it anymore if it became dirty. Carrying them in a bottle also doesn’t seem like a great idea, since it might be hard to get out. Maybe a small tub or jar with a wide open would be the best way, as it would make the slime easy to just scoop out.

Eisen checked his status and saw that his Alchemy skill’s proficiency rose to 99%, so it wouldn’t take long until the skill ranked up. So, Eisen wanted to try out the other side of the combinations he just figured out. He would take the normal dose of Amran or Byron, half of each when using them together, and double the dose of Magic Crystals, to see where this would go.

Eisen first went for Amran and Byron together and put the finished mixture into the flask. While the purple liquid began boiling, Eisen began preparing the next version, the Amran one.

After a while, he looked over to the flask and saw a light purple liquid inside of it. Maybe using more Mana Crystal Powder than the other material didn’t change anything? However, when Eisen picked the flask up, he immediately noticed a difference. The Liquid inside wasn’t a liquid, it was a mist-like substance, similar to what the smoke coming from dry ice looks like, only a bit heavier.

Eisen grabbed a bowl and poured the contents of the flask inside.

[Recovery Mist]

[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 1]

[Description] A mist with a light purple color. It has been made out of Amran and Byron. When breathed in, will increase the rate of recovery. Only one breath of the same mist will take effect.

[Effect] +25% Recovery Speed for 10 Minutes

Eisen read through the description and smiled. If he could make this in larger quantities, it would be a great way to get an effect to a large number of people at once. Of course, this would also be quite useful in combat. If he was able to make some kind of poison in the form of this mist, he could probably very easily kill the inhabitants of a nest of monsters.

But for now, Eisen moved onto the next two versions.

[Health Mist]

[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 1]


A mist with a light red color. It has been made out of Amra. When breathed in, will recover a certain amount of Health. Only one breath of the same mist will take effect.

[Effect] Recover 100 HP

[Mana Mist]

[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 1]

[Description] A mist with a light blue color. It has been made out of Byron. When breathed in, recover a certain amount of Mana. Only one breath of the same mist will take effect.

[Effect] Recover 100 MP

And when Eisen finished that Mana Mist, another notification came up.

[Alchemy reached Level 100 in Rank 1, upgrading to Rank 2]

[Transmutation is now possible]

[Due to Ranking-up your Alchemy Skill, you gained +1 INT and +1 WIS]

"Finally! Rank 2 in Alchemy!" Eisen laughed out and waved away the notifications before standing up and making his way to Morrom.

He explained to him that he finally ranked up, and Morrom jumped up excitedly. "Perfect! Now, come on, I’ll teach you Transmutation!" He exclaimed and walked over to the table that Eisen was working on before, clearing it of the materials as well as the Mists and Jellies that Eisen made, carefully setting those to the side.

After that, he grabbed a simple piece of firewood, something that looked a lot like spruce, but as Eisen couldn’t know what types of trees there were in the game, he didn’t make any assumptions.

"The process is fairly simple but can be hard to control. You’re good with detailed work and fine control already, though, so I doubt you’ll have any major problems. First, just watch." Morrom said, and then held his hand forward, his palm facing the wood. Eisen could see some sort of slight distortion, which he found out a few days earlier that this was what the pure Mana of other people looked like to him, and then the wood slowly turned into a perfect cube.

"This is one thing that transmutation can do, changing the shape of a physical object by using mana. Later on, with higher skill ranks, you can use transmutation what it is actually meant to do, changing a substance into something else. But for now, changing the physical shape of something is all you can do. Well, as well as some smaller changes, like hardening or softening things." The Elf-Dwarf explained, and Eisen looked at the wood excitedly.

If this was possible, then he could very easily add tiny details into items, that would otherwise take a lot of time and work.

"Now, you do it. And don’t worry, as long as you have the intention of forming the wood using transmutation, you can basically just push everything into shape using your mana." Morrom explained and crossed his arms, while Eisen sat down on a chair and placed both of his hands next to the wooden cube, and slowly pushed his mana out to cover the wood.

Slowly, he concentrated his mana at one spot in front of its cube, and slowly pushed inward. The first thing that he wanted to do was just a simple hole, to even see how it felt to change the shape of something using his mana. And ever so slightly, the wood pushed inward and a small hole formed, not deeper than a few millimeters, but still a little bit.

And like that, Eisen continued to ’draw’ simple shapes into the wood, a few squares, circles, or small stars.

"So far, so good. But it seems like right now, you’re just using it as if engraving something into it. Just try to shape your mana into what shape you want to put into the wood beforehand, and then push into it." Morrom explained, and Eisen nodded. That seemed simple enough.

So, Eisen turned his mana into a flat circle, and pushed it into the wood, causing a flat hole to form.

"Alright, perfect. You know how to push, now you’ll learn how to pull." With a smile on his face, Morrom held his hand out toward the wood again, and slowly the parts that Eisen pushed in were pulled outward again, turning it into a perfect cube once more.

"It’s simple, it’s like using your Mana as a mold. You place it against the material, it has to be touching it, and then you need to literally just imagine pulling the material into the mana." He explained, and Eisen got to work again.

He pushed out more mana and turned it into a small sphere, moving it against the wood, and imagining the wood pouring into the mana as if it were a thick liquid, and slowly filled out the mana sphere.

"This is harder than I thought it would be. You literally did it in less than a second, after all. It took me a whole minute to just add a ball." Eisen laughed slightly and Morrom nodded.

"Yeah, it just takes practice. It will get easier by ranking up your Alchemy skill, but it’s still better to just practice and practice, and get a good base going. And by now, it’s the easiest way to level your Alchemy skill, and also the easiest to break through it. It’s how I managed to."

"Really? How that?" Eisen asked curiously. Morrom laughed and began to explain. "Well, I took a piece of wood like that over there, and worked on it for about a month, to be honest. Whenever I had time, I worked on it, added more complexity and details, until I saw it as finished and broke through. I tell you, I’ve never seen my parents as happy as when I told them about it, haha."

With a gentle smile, Morrom remembered that moment and drifted off for a few seconds before turning back to Eisen. "Well, anyway, just work on that wood for a while. Turn it into a few different shapes until you feel comfortable with transmutation. But for now, I’ll show you hardening and softening. That’s the last big new thing you can do with Alchemy."

Morrom grabbed a small rock and held it between his fingers, and as Eisen watched it slowly turned into a Jelly-like substance that was sagging down. "This is a type of softening, going even further would be liquifying, but you can’t do that yet. This depends on transforming your mana. Since you can do that, this should be easy. You push your mana into the object in its raw state, and then turn it into what you want it to be, liquid or solid. Over time, when you use your liquid mana on a material, it will turn into this slime-like substance, and when you use your solid mana..." Morrom stopped talking for a second, while the rock stopped wiggling and seemed to become solid again, "It becomes solid. Pretty easy, right?"

"Yeah, that’s pretty interesting. So, using that hardening I can turn the potions into pills?" Eisen asked.

"Yup. I suggest you do that, since you can always turn them liquid again, which is only possible if the substance starts as a liquid, and the effect will return to normal. It’s just easier to store them as pills."

"Makes sense. Thanks! Seems like I have a lot of materials to practice on, huh?" Eisen laughed and stood up, stretching before starting to practice.

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