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Chapter 136: This Kid Hids It Well

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Madam Feng had felt guilty about her daughter-in-law. However, since her son passed the Recommended Scholar exams, she has become more arrogant.

Furthermore, since Ruxin had not become pregnant, this woman started causing trouble.

With Feng Yinshi’s success in the imperial examination, there were naturally people trying to curry favor with him.

Despite their wealth but lack of social status, many wealthy merchants had many concubines and had given birth to a few daughters. They wanted to use their daughters to form alliances and achieve their goals.

As a result, several families set their sights on Feng Yinshi and planned to offer their daughters as concubines for him.

They persuaded Madam Feng, saying that as long as their daughters could enter the Feng family, they would provide substantial dowries. This statement made her eyes light up, and she completely forgot the vows made to Ruxin.

However, bringing in concubines required the consent of the legal wife.

Madam Feng discussed this matter with Lu RUxin, which led to an immediate argument.

“Your family is truly shameless. You are still using my money to support his education, yet you treat me like this. Didn’t your son say he wouldn’t take concubines?”

Madam Feng stiffened her neck. “That’s under the condition that you can bear him children. It’s been over half a year since you entered our family, and there’s still no news of a pregnancy. Naturally, he has to take concubines. The Feng family only has two legitimate sons. You can’t let our family line be cut off.’

“Cut off? Does Big Brother’s children not carry the Feng surname? Besides, it’s only been half a year without any news. Why are you so anxious?” “You definitely have a problem. I can’t let our son, Yinshi, end up childless.” “Fine, if you want to do this, I won’t pay his fees starting this month.” “What gives you the right? He is your husband!”

“But he is still your son. When it’s time to provide money, you want me to manage it, but when it’s time to take concubines, you want to manage it? Why?”


Coincidentally, Feng Yinshi walked in at this moment. “Mother, please stop. I don’t want concubines. My main focus now is on my studies, and I have no intention of taking concubines.”

“You two make me so angry.”

Seeing that she couldn’t persuade them, Madam Feng threw her sleeves and left.

Lu Ruxin felt somewhat comforted, and her resentment towards the Feng family diminished.

Under Feng Yinshi’s sweet words, Lu Ruxin finally softened and agreed to continue supporting his education.

However, where she couldn’t see, Feng Yinshi’s eyes were filled with cruelty, even a hint of murderous intent.

It must be said that this young man hid his true self very well. Perhaps even his parents didn’t understand him.

Lu Sanniang didn’t forget her concerns about Ruxin just because her son had become a Recommended Scholar. In fact, she was even more worried about her because of his success.

Therefore, she put aside all her affairs and took Xiu Hong and Xiu Yu to the

Feng family. When they met, she didn’t offer congratulations. Instead, she took Ruxin out and found a teahouse. She reserved a private room and had the maids stand guard at the door.

She held Ruxin’s hand and said, “Tell me, how has the Feng family treated you?”

Ruxin’s eyes reddened, “Mother, it’s my fault. I’ve let you and Master down. The Feng family has been unfair to me. After the robbery happened, my mother-in-law took her anger out on me. Fortunately, I had my own money; otherwise…”

She didn’t continue, but Lu Sanniang understood. “Tell me, have you and Yinshi consummated your marriage?” 𝒻𝑟ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝘯𝘰𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝓂

“Yes, Mother. What’s wrong?”

“Did you bleed on your wedding night? Did it hurt?”

Ruxin blushed. “Mother, how could it not hurt? It hurt a lot, and there was still blood on the white cloth.”

Lu Sanniang finally breathed a sigh of relief and continued to ask, “How often do you two share a bed?”

“During the honeymoon, it was every three to five days, and later, it became every half month. After he went to the Capital to study, it was once a month.”

“You silly girl, you’ve gone so long without getting pregnant, and you’re not worried?”

“I can’t rush these things, Mother.” “You’re being naive. Why don’t you find out whether it’s your problem or his?”

“Come on, let’s go to the doctor.”

Lu Sanniang took Ruxin to the doctor’s clinic. The quality of the doctors varied, with regular doctors charging twenty coins for a consultation, and the better ones fifty coins.

Lu Sanniang took her daughter to a well-qualified doctor.

“My daughter has been married for over half a year and wants to check her fertility.”

The experienced doctor nodded. “Extend your right hand.”

Ruxin glanced at Lu Sanniang and gently placed her hand on the table. The doctor put his fingers on her pulse and closed his eyes.

After a quarter of an hour, he said, “Left hand.” He then gave a meaningful look at the mother and daughter.

At that moment, there were no others around.

The doctor carefully asked, “Miss, are you really married?” “Yes, I’m the wife of the Feng family’s second son.”

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

The doctor took a deep breath. “Miss, you are still a virgin. How could you be pregnant?”

This news was like a thunderbolt out of the blue, leaving Ruxin dumbfounded.

Lu Sanniang widened her eyes and couldn’t believe it. She almost shouted but quickly looked around and asked in a low voice, “Is she really still a virgin?”

“Yes, based on my many years of pulse diagnosis experience, she is indeed a virgin.”

Lu Sanniang gritted her teeth. “Is there anything wrong with her physically?”

“No, as long as she consummated the marriage, she will naturally conceive and bear children.”

“Thank you, doctor. Here’s the consultation fee. Please keep this a secret.”

“Don’t worry. I never gossip.”

Lu Sanniang placed the consultation fee on the table and pulled Ruxin, who had not yet recovered from the shock, out of the clinic.

Lu Sanniang couldn’t believe it, and Ruxin was equally in shock. They immediately went to another clinic, but the result was the same.

They went to several more clinics in the county, but the results were consistent.

Ruxin sat in the carriage, lost in her thoughts, her heart aching as if it had been cut by a knife.

She hugged her mother and said, “Mother, why are they treating me like this? Why is Yinshi treating me like this? I’ve been generous to them all. But why? I don’t understand.”

Lu Sanniang was also close to tears. Although she wanted to tear down the Feng family, she understood now was not the time.

“Daughter, tell me about your wedding night and the details of your intimate life. I’m experienced, and while anyone else might harm you, I won’t. You must trust me.”

“Mother, I regret it already. I knew that you and Master were the people I should trust the most, but I was stubborn and created the situation we’re in now.”

“Don’t cry. Tell me about your intimate life.”

The mother and daughter whispered to each other. Meanwhile, Xiu Hong and

Xiu Yu sat outside the carriage, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

After a long while, Lu Sanniang was so angry that she wanted to slap her daughter.

“You silly girl, this isn’t considered consummation. That scoundrel dared to treat my daughter like this!”

“Isn’t this consummation?”

“Let me ask you, have you seen… that thing of his rise?”

“Yeah, it’s quite big!”

“Come on. Let’s go back to the Feng residence and pack your things. We’re going back home.”

“But what about the shop?”

“You have their contracts. Just tell the shopkeeper that you’ll come to collect the money every five days. Don’t give anyone else the money.”

“I’ll do as you say, Mother.”

“Pack everything valuable and have the maids and servants come back with you.”

“Mother, if I live at Lucky Garden, will Master be angry?”

“Don’t go back there. Our old house hasn’t been rented out yet. Until we investigate this matter, you shouldn’t return to the Feng family. Once we get to the bottom of this, you can make a decision.”

“I’ll listen to you from now on.”

Lu Sanniang took Ruxin back to the Feng residence, packed up all their belongings, and didn’t even say goodbye to the Feng family. They moved out and returned to their old house.

Upon hearing the news, Madam Feng was delighted. She hoped that Ruxin would divorce her son, as this would bring more concubines with substantial dowries into the family.

Lu Sanniang brought Ruxin back home and settled her in their old residence. Although Qiao Mai was annoyed with Ruxin, Shopkeeper Lu still looked for her.

“Sister, please help me think of a solution.”

“Tell me.. What’s going on?”

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