Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 9
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"Xue'er, my mother feels aggrieved for you. You are our Qin family's daughter. You are the most gifted daughter of our Qin family. You are the king of swords at a young age. You will have an unlimited future. You should be the Crown Princess of the Donglin Empire, but in vain was occupied by that bitch's daughter. "

"She's not dead. She's always upset."

"Only when she's dead, you can take the position of crown princess. The crown prince falls in love with you at first sight. You should hold on to it. In the future, you will be the queen of Donglin empire. Don't let this cheap hoof get in the way."

Qin Xue smiles and is submissive. She holds the big lady's hand and whispers, "Niang, I know you love me. I have my own care about this. The prince can't marry Qin Chu."

"She hurt his royal highness in full view of the public, and this account must be counted."

"It's the best choice to kill people with a knife. Why do we dirty our hands because of her?"

"What's your daughter's idea?" she said

Qin xuelue thought a little. She said, "Niang, the most important thing at present is not to let the royal family commit crimes to the Qin family. After all, Qin Chu is surnamed Qin, and the matter of injuring his royal highness will be investigated. Other people who want to see our family's good plays will also be killed. It's better for us to start first. We'd better make a plea to the upper Hall of Qin Chu and clear the relationship between the Qin family. If the emperor dotes on the crown prince, he will certainly not lightly forgive her. She will die. "

On hearing this, the first lady was very pleased, "this is a good idea. However, your brother and father are not in the house, and they will not go home until two days later. This matter..."

"Niang, my father has been indifferent to the affairs of the government, and he has been indifferent to Qin Chu in recent years. He certainly will not care about her life and death. As for the elder brother, he is devoted to practice and doesn't care about this kind of thing. Why do you worry? You should escort her to the Palace tomorrow, so that the emperor will not offend the Qin family first." Qin Xue suggested from the side.

The eldest lady obeyed her words, and her mind naturally had an idea.

Qin Chu is not free this evening. She goes shopping over the wall.

To know a country, there are many rumors in the streets and lanes. She also wants to know what the Donglin empire is like.

The streets are clean, and the commercial streets are open at night. There are both men and women in the streets. There is a big world of Warcraft square, which sells magic crystal, Warcraft, medicine, medicinal materials and medicine refining tripod, formula, some multicolored stones, various swords, etc.

People come and go in Warcraft square.

All kinds of peddling sound is just a large-scale shopping mall.

"It's all rubbish. It's all level one to three magic crystals. It's useless." Two men who passed her complained.

"If you want to find a high-level magic crystal, go to the auction house. There are six or seven level magic crystal auctions over there."

"Fortunately, I still have a harvest today. The people in yaowangzhuang are selling advanced elixirs. It seems that my advanced speed can be improved."


Qin Chu listened to their discussion and basically understood some information. Most of the things sold in this square were relatively low-level things, such as low-level magic pets, magic crystals, medicinal materials, miraculous elixirs and multicolored stones.

If you want advanced materials, you have to go to the auction house.

That's a word. You have to have money.

She remembered the players in the game who quickly set up equipment. They were all RMB players.

Say, no matter where you go, money is not everything, it's also a thousand abilities.

However, these low-level materials, pills and so on, some pharmacists and trial practitioners who are too low-level can't use too high-level medicine refining materials and articles, and some swordsmen can't use too high-level multicolored stones and swords.

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