Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 8
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"Chun'er, don't worry about me. I ask you, who gave me this pendant?" Qin Chu pulled the pendant on his chest.

"You were five years old when chun'er was serving the young lady. I just arrived at the mansion and didn't understand anything. I heard that the master bought it for your companion. You had this pendant on you at that time." Chun said, "later, when she was not talented, she was rushed to Wutong court. She always cried with her pendant." Chun son knew that this is your wife.

"My mother?"

"Well, my wife passed away very early. No one in the mansion mentioned it all the time. I heard that the lady was killed by the eldest lady." Chun'er carefully said, in fact, these things before Qin and Chu all know.

Qin Chu's eyes sank and played with the pendant like a smile. There are many wives and concubines in this deep courtyard. There is no reason why she should not be jealous. Her mother was born into a poor family, but she gave birth to a baby. Naturally, she was particularly favored.

The status of the eldest lady is threatened, and her daughter is not as high as her. Naturally, she will have evil intentions.

Harm the big and harm the small.

It's not uncommon.

In the past, Qin and Chu did not care, and their nature was cowardly and did not fight or rob, which did not mean that they could do whatever they wanted.

"Chun'er, where can I test sword Qi or Things like aura. " Qin Chu asked, she is not very clear about the name.

"Miss, who is the talent test? In the library of Imperial College. "

Qin Chu nodded, indicating that he remembered.

The story of the third miss of the Qin family injuring his highness and killing his prince's Warcraft spread all over the Donglin imperial capital in one day. Besides the people of the Qin family, there were also descendants of the aristocratic family. The news spread very fast.

First of all, the Crown Prince wanted to quit marriage, and Qin Chu committed suicide by jumping into the river.

Then there was the Warcraft that Qin and Chu wounded his royal highness. These two people had twists and turns, and they had already become the topic of the imperial capital after dinner. Qin and Chu once again became the most popular topic of imperial capital.

Everyone says that the third miss of Qin family is waste material. Those who can kill level Four Warcraft are at least intermediate swordsmen. If they are at this age, they are not waste materials.

This matter, Qin family doctor is very popular.

"This little bitch, I didn't expect that she would not die, but make such a big thing." The eldest lady, sitting on the throne in full dress, has sharp and sharp eyes, and her face gives people a kind of mean feeling.

Qin Xue said, "Niang, I think it's very strange. Qin Chu has changed a lot. In the past, she was cowardly and didn't even dare to look at me. Qin Yue and Qin Yun didn't fight back. After she jumped into the river, she dared to hurt Mammy and even killed a fourth level Warcraft, Niang. There must be something wrong with this. "

"You girl is very evil." Wutong bitch said, "the emerge of itself and perish of itself." her mother is a cruel bitch. Let alone her, she thought she had become a waste material, and lost her in the Indus garden. Even if she had not, she had not yet thought of such a thing.

"It seems that our Qin family can't tolerate her. It's better to kill her without doing anything."

The eldest lady's eyes picked, already murderous, Qin Xue said, "mother, don't act rashly. At least Qin Chu can't die in our prime minister's house, especially after she hurt the prince's highness."

"Xue'er, my mother feels aggrieved for you. You are our Qin family's daughter. You are the most gifted daughter of our Qin family. You are the king of swords at a young age. You will have an unlimited future. You should be the Crown Princess of the Donglin Empire, but in vain was occupied by that bitch's daughter. "

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