Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 764
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"He will agree." Flower sea feeling light said, went upstairs.

Zhu Shenjian did not leave. Qin Chu hurried into the room. Rong LAN leaned against the window and looked at the sea of flowers. His eyes reflected a sea of refined flowers. However, he could not feel his emotional ups and downs. He had no feelings for the sea of flowers. Ronglan would not be reconciled. How could he be reconciled to this.

In fact, it is not disappeared.

It's just to get the integrity. Now he is, in fact, incomplete.

Qin Chu stood beside him, "no matter what you choose, I will support you."

Let LAN return to God, trance a smile, "is it? If I don't want to, do you support me? "

"Yes Qin Chu couldn't say what was against her will, and she didn't want to force Rong LAN to choose. For Rong LAN, this is a choice to die. What qualification does she have to persuade Rong LAN? All we can do is support him.

Rong LAN stretched out his hand and hugged her, "ChuChu, I think everything is unfair. Why did he make such a choice at the beginning? He made me reborn and made me have independent personality. Now he has to take it back. Why didn't he ask me, agree or disagree?"

"What nonsense do you say? You are him, and he is you. What choices he makes are actually approved by you." Qin Chu said, Rong LAN this statement is not tenable, at the beginning of Huahai love is just to let his own soul split in two, he is the master, so Ronglan now feel so unfair, so painful.

"No, I am me!" Rong LAN is always reluctant to admit that they are a person. Even if they are already in front of him, he is not willing to admit it. He holds Qin Chu's hand and says, "go back to the land of sword God with me. All the disputes here have nothing to do with us. I don't want to be a demon king. What do they love to do? That's their business. Shall we live our own life

"Rong LAN, how can you finish the egg? It's unrealistic." Qin Chu said, they are gone, what should Huahai do? Even if there is zhushenjian, I'm afraid he is not someone else's opponent. In the end, he will lose his soul. If a wisp of soul is destroyed, he will never be able to get a complete soul. It is easy to kill Ronglan with that hundred folds. She can think of the final result with her toes.

This is definitely not the outcome she expected, so Qin Chu said nothing.

"You did choose him." Rong LAN let go of her, looking at Qin Chu's eyes with a touch of disappointment.

"Ronglan, would you calm down? That's two different things. Where's your reason? "

"Reason?" He sneered, "at this time, what reason do I need, what reason do I need?"

"You are escaping. How long can you escape? Huahai love is dead, can you escape? You are also the soul of the demon king. As long as huahaiqing dies, no one will protect you, and you will die, you... " Qin Chu heartbroken said, "that's not the end you want."

"You said support me, but you didn't mean to persuade me to obey him."

"Rong LAN, you are one person."

"Then I am not reconciled. Why should I obey his soul, not him? I still have two-thirds of my soul, more than him. Why should I obey him?" LAN Rong asked coldly.

Qin Chu is dumb!!


"Master, you are so bad. Just watch them quarrel, and you don't make it clear." He was very despised by his own master. He said that he was also his master downstairs, but he knew that the master was very careful. If he dared to speak a little, he would not be able to make complaints about it, so he could only recognize one person.

It's just that it's not a man to listen to their quarrel upstairs.

"Say what? I don't think I'm not clear about anything. If they misunderstand, it's their business. Qin Chu is right. He's just escaping. Hum! " Flower sea feeling light said, "another personality, as expected, nothing to be expected, as expected, is the type I hate."

Zhushenjian "..."

"Come on, don't make excuses. Except Qianqiu princess, there are no people and things you like in the world, including yourself. Don't make any nonsense excuses. I have a toothache."

Flower sea affection fondly touched the head of Zhushen sword, "or Xiao Hei knows me."

"Lying trough!"!!! Can I not have a nickname? Please call me zhushenjian, thank you Zhushenjian slapped him with one hand, and was not interested in his evil taste at all. The name simply humiliated the tall man himself.

Without a word, Huahai looked up at the sunny sky over the sea of flowers and said faintly, "pleats should be coming soon."

He is like a stinky fly, where there is a little smell, he can jump on it. The stars must have told him how to come to the flower sea. Now, his soul is not complete, and the channel of the flower sea is opened and not closed. He will come here soon.

For thousands of years, because of his incomplete soul, he did not dare to open the channel of the sea of flowers, for fear of attracting enemies. Now, he can not defend himself. He only thinks that it is a matter of understanding to finish the matter earlier.There is no need to be so taboo, Rong LAN is not reconciled now, when he has seen a hundred fold, he will be reconciled.

Maybe he doesn't care about himself.

But they all care.

As long as there is danger in Qianqiu, they will not sit around and ignore it. At that time, whether they want to or not, they must compromise for the sake of Qianqiu. Now, he does not understand this truth, then, he will understand it in the future.

Rong LAN did not have much time to adapt to this sea of flowers. He could not wait to leave the sea of flowers. However, before he wanted to leave, the sea of flowers ushered in the enemy.

Rong LAN looks at the uninvited guest in front of her, and frowns slightly. There are five people in total. At first, they are all dressed up by demons. The leader is tall and tall, and his skin color is too white to be human. He has a pair of dark red eyes and a slight slender eyebrow. He looks very Demon.

He subconsciously protects Qin Chu behind him without any introduction. Qin Chu and Rong Lan also know who this person is. He must be baipleated by huahaiqing. He arrived in Huahai so quickly that they were caught off guard.

"The love of the flower sea has not been seen for thousands of years. You are really getting weaker and weaker." The baifold demon laughed, and his eyes fell on Qin Chu. "I think this is the reincarnated Princess of Qianqiu. I've been looking for you all the time. It's a pity that Huahai is deceiving. He sent you to a distant land, not in the land of sword God. Recently, I heard that you had arrived in the land of sword God. I didn't expect to meet you so soon."

"I don't know you at all." Qin Chu said indifferently that she didn't like this person at all. She couldn't like baiplea when she thought that huahaiqing and Ronglan might die in his hands. Even if she always appreciated handsome men, she didn't think he was much better.

Bai pleat laughed, and suddenly she wrung his eyes over them and looked behind them. Qin Chu and Rong LAN turned back. Hua Hai Qing and Zhu Shen Jian were right behind them. They came slowly. Qin Chu's heart sank a little and nervously held his fist.

Love of flowers

Baifold seemed to be stunned. Her dark red eyes were half narrowed. She looked at Rong LAN and Hua Hai. She suddenly laughed, "I thought that your soul was complete. I still wanted to fight to death. I didn't expect that your soul was not complete. God helped me, and God helped me too! Thousands of years, you see Such a weak man doesn't deserve to have you at all

What do you mean by this?

Baifold to Qianqiu princess, isn't it?

Sleeping trough!! This is too unexpected, Rong LAN is also a smart man. After listening to it, he understood that his face was dark and frightening. He was calm and calm. He said lightly, "baipleat, I'm not in the demon clan. You're addicted to the devil. I advise you not to offend the river. I'll let you go. Don't bother me, otherwise, don't regret it!"

"Flower sea love, do you think you are still the flower sea love at that time? You have only one soul and one soul. What do you think you are? The four Dharma protectors behind me can kill you. " Baifold angry way, a wave of hand, he behind the four Dharma protectors appear in front of him, covetously looking at the sea of flowers.

"Hello, Hello, Baizhe, are you a waste? Even you, the four Dharma protectors, dare to go wild in front of me. I will not destroy you! " Zhushen sword said in a deep voice. The young master leaped up and turned into a black sword. It gave out dazzling light and flew towards them.

"Thousand years, go behind me." Flower sea feeling light said.

Qin Chu nodded, stood behind him, and then remembered, no, she could fight with him side by side. Why should she stand behind him? She said in a hurry, "huahaiqing, let Xiaojin and Wushuang come in, and they can help you!"

"Qianqiu, don't be kidding. This is the gratitude and resentment of the demon clan. No matter how powerful the dragon clan's beast is, it's not as powerful as the demon beast of the demon clan. As for your magic soldiers, that's not to mention."

"At least they can help you, a little bit." Qin Chu said in a deep voice, "even if our strength is small and less than one tenth of yours, we still want to help. This is not a conflict. Let them come in, OK?"

Hua Haiqing looked at her and frowned slightly, "Qianqiu, if I really die..."

"No, you won't die, have you forgotten? You're not going to lose your soul. " Qin Chushen said, even if it is a soul and soul, it is good to stay in this world. Don't die, you can't die.

She can't stand it. He's gone.

Hua Haiqing looked at her, "even if they will die, you will let them come?"

"They won't die." Qin chuchensheng said that although she is incomparable to his sword of killing gods, her little gold may not be as good as his one, but now she is not around him. They are all divine beasts. What's the difference? It's just that their fighting abilities are different. They may have a chance to win. Why waste it.

"It's up to you."

After a while, Wushuang and Xiaojin landed beside her. Qin Chu simply told the story. Zhushenjian had solved the four Dharma protectors and beat them back to baifold.

Zhu Shenjian whistled, "it's not so good. Compared with the four Dharma protectors around my master in those years, it's really far behind. Not everyone can be the demon king. Even the Dharma protector is inferior to others, let alone human beings. Your skin is covered with powder. No wonder it's so thick."People, "..."

Baifold looked at him insidiously, and a handsome young man appeared beside him. He took the sword and raised his eyebrows. "Lily, long time no see. You are really unfortunate to follow your master."

The teenager also has a strong anger, "compared with you, I think I am much luckier."

He flew back to Hua Haiqing and communicated with him with his consciousness, "Hey, master, we can't fight, what should we do? Do you want to run? "

"Go away!"

"If I get out of here, you'll die with three moves. Do you believe it? I can hold on to 30 times in you. He doesn't know what he added to Lily. His attack power is much stronger. I just watched it once and it's three times stronger than before. "


"Nonsense, who am I afraid of? But master, your soul is not complete, and I can only play half of my power. Are you sure you don't communicate with another you, I'm sure I won't win." The sword of killing God is painstaking.

Flower sea feeling is deep, slightly frown, looked at Rong LAN one eye, Rong Lan also just looked at him, obviously also read the meaning of flower sea feeling, however, how can he be reconciled?

How can he be reconciled to being engulfed like this and can't remember anything.

Matchless: Master, the demon clan on the opposite side is so strong. The demon king's soul is incomplete. He is definitely not his opponent.

Qin Chu: I know!

This war depends on Rong LAN.

Baipleat saw the undercurrent between Huahai sentiment and Ronglan, and laughed, "Huahai sentiment, Huahai sentiment, in vain, you are wise all your life, but you also make such a muddle headed thing. It must be hard for you to be bitten by your own soul? As long as he wants, he can even devour you. Ha ha, this is the funniest thing I've heard in hundreds of thousands of years. The demon king can't control his other personality, ha ha ha You'll die

As soon as his voice fell, people rushed forward, holding the lily sword, and cutting to huahaiqing, huahaiqing and zhushenjian flew up. The two forces collided with each other in the air. At the same time, Ronglan also flew up. One dodged the Zhushen sword and roared. The pure black light arrow flew towards the hundred folds. Three people fought in the air. The zhushenjian was in Rong Lan's hands. He could use it freely.

No one taught him how to use zhushenjian, but he could recite the incantation, and he could also play the power of Zhushen sword. He must admit that he is also the master of zhushenjian, otherwise, how to know and play his power.

The splendid sea of flowers turned into a world of complaining spirits. Thousands of resentful spirits flew up and surrounded them. Baifold sneered. The lily sword shot out a white light and tore the black wall of resentment spirit.

As if they were smashed, the four Dharma protectors behind the hundred folds formed a formation to resist the group of complaining spirits. Qin Chu couldn't sit still. She took wushuangjian and flew up to join the war.

Hua Haiqing frowned and angrily drank, "Qianqiu, go down!"

"No, I'll help you!" Qin chuchen said in a deep voice that she has the power of thousands of years. Why should she stand and watch, with the sword pointing at the hundred folds, four people fighting in the air, and the forces of various colors flying in disorder, and the whole sea of flowers has become the land of Shura.

Xiaojin flies up and rushes to the group of Dharma protectors, breaking their formation. The resentful spirits gather around baifold again. If they want to swallow him, baifold roars and spins in the air. More resentment spirits rush up and submerge him.

The resentment spirits rolled into a sphere, and the sea of flowers suddenly roared. The peripheral resentment spirits quickly avoided. A white light came out from the besieged huge black sphere, which shattered countless resentment spirits. They made a shrill voice, and then dissipated between the heaven and the earth. Qin Chu went to see the flower sea and saw that he was ok, so she was relieved.

"Small skills, ha ha ha, Hua Hai Qing, today is your death date!"

Bai pleat roars, the sword is radiant, and takes huahaiqing directly. Ronglan and Qin Chu both block huahaiqing. The protective ring of zhushenjian falls directly on huahaiqing.

They cooperated very well. On the other side, Xiao Jin solved two Dharma protectors. Although he was a little exhausted, he was more competitive. This is the Dharma protector of the demon clan.

Suddenly, baifold's voice turned like electricity, so fast that they couldn't see clearly. Qin Chu only felt that someone was holding her arm, and then he was strongly involved. In his ear, he heard baifold's proud laughter.

As soon as Qin Chu's face changed, the matchless sword cleaved toward his arm. Bai fold's hand loosened, and Qin Chu flew back. Baifold made a long ditch and locked her waist. Ronglan roared and rushed up, and Zhushen sword cut off the chain.

The chain broke in response to the sound. Ronglan came back with Qin chufei in his arms, but he met baifold. He grinned ferociously. The palm wind had hit Ronglan's chest and knocked Ronglan into a sea of flowers. Qin Chu was shocked. There were thousands of swords that shot at baifold. Hua Haiqing screamed. The black Rune seemed to seal the head of baifold.

Xiaojin solved all the Dharma protectors, and then took part in the battle. Baifold was merciless to Qin Chu. He didn't hurt Qin Chu at all, but he was ruthless to others. Xiaojin's strength and baifold could not resist without five rounds.

He has never been a man of his own strength, and he has never met the enemy head-on. Hua Haiqing is also hit by a hundred folds. Zhu Shenjian protects Hua Haiqing and prevents the sword spirit of Lily sword from touching him.Baifold to four, it is an overwhelming victory.

"You see, they can't protect you." Baifold laughed, "huahaiqing is now a waste, he can not protect you, oh, no, a thousand years ago, he can not protect you, can only watch you die, such a man, what do you want him to do, follow me back to the demon clan, only I can give you, the best of everything."

Thousand years ago, you chose the wrong person.

After a thousand years, you should choose the right person.

Zhu Shenjian said, "Hey, Hello, how jealous are you of my master? You have to rob all my master has. Before, you robbed me, now you are robbing Qianqiu princess. How jealous and envious are you towards him? You are true love to my master

"The state of Chu

Baifold is not angry, "zhushenjian, I give you a chance, as long as you recognize me, I can let you go."

"Lily is in your hand. What can you do for Lily? Lily, he eats in the bowl and looks at the pot. Can you bear it? Turn against the Lord Zhu Shenjian said sarcastically.

Baihe sword is indifferent. Qin Chu looks at baifold approaching step by step. She can only step back, let LAN fly up and block in front of Qin Chu. "You dream, she will never choose you!"

"How can you stop me?" Baifold looked at him contemptuously, "or is it because of the dead man's love for flowers? Can you stop me? That's a big joke

Baifold a wave of hand, Rong LAN flew out, Qin Chumu red to crack, "what do you want to do, do I follow you, you let them go?"

Flower sea feeling light said, "don't say silly words, silly girl, how can you still be so naive, thousands of years ago is like this, thousand years later is also like this, no growth at all."

His tone was spoiled, and Qin Chu was deeply distressed. In those years, Baizhe was also the killer of her death. Was it because of her innocence? So it also killed Hua Haiqing.

If she had been more assertive and wise, perhaps nothing would have happened today.

"Huahaiqing, can you stop me?" Baifold sneered, "I'm going to kill you today, and then I'll take her back to the demon clan. I can do what I want. You can't help me."

He grabbed at Qin and Chu with one hand, and suddenly, the ground was shaking. A blue and blue cloud sprang up from the ground, and a blue light came out, forcing hundreds of folds to retreat for about 100 meters.

He is 15 meters tall. His whole body is blue and blue. His color is very pure and majestic. He has pure and firm eyes like a gem. He is the god beast of the demon king's flower sea feeling.

"Oh, you are not sealed in the mirror land? I'm afraid it took a lot of effort for Hua Haiqing to come back. " Baifold sneered and released his beast, a colorful tiger. They looked similar in appearance, but they could tell at a glance that he was purebred and the tiger was hybrid.

She looked at the sea of flowers, and then looked at Rong LAN. She said coldly, "in the period when I blocked him, you'd better cooperate a little, don't die!"

He said, rushing to baifold, tall figure like with a group of blue fire, the whole space blowing a fierce wind, Xiaojin thought, really powerful.

As expected, they are all divine beasts, but the power difference is really too big. The power of this demon can frighten all the magical beasts of the demon clan and the protoss, let alone the dragon clan. Xiao Jin has always been arrogant and superior to others, but he has to admit that the power of Shen is much stronger than that of him.

Rong LAN stood in front of Qin Chu and gnawed his teeth. It was obvious that he had said that. If he didn't make a choice, they would all die today. It doesn't matter if they died. What should Qin Chu do?

What about his Qin Chu?

"Rong lan..." Qin Chu nervously held his hand. She knew that Rong Lan was very reluctant. He was very reluctant to lose himself. She did not know whether she could remember Ronglan's memory after the unity of love and soul of Huahai. However, Ronglan felt that he was dead. Therefore, he is very unwilling, but if it is for the sake of Qin Chu

"Girl, will you forget me?" Rong LAN asked, mid air is a trembling fight, but he has no heart to tube, he just want to have a last time, take a good look at the girl he loves.

"No, No Qin Chu said, never.

For her, the love of the flower sea is Rong LAN, even if the love of the flower sea, she can't forget.

"You're right. The life span is so long. Maybe in the future, all you remember is Huahai love. You can't remember Ronglan any more. I can't remember you and his years. I also lost the opportunity to accompany you. I don't know whether this memory will be preserved. I just want to tell you, ChuChu, that I can give up everything for you Even the soul. "

Qin Chu's tears suddenly fell down, "I'm sorry..."

Rong LAN bowed her head and kissed her lips. Qin Chu's tears slipped into their lips and teeth. She only felt a lot of pain. She also felt that Rong Lan's unwillingness and Rong Lan's pain.

The flower sea sentiment slightly frowns, in the heart surges, has the envy, also has but.Zhu Shenjian forgot to say, "master, you should be more generous. No one is jealous of his truth. My male god, you can only save the world."

Love of the sea of flowers

She was very hard to deal with baifold and his beast. Baizhe saw that Rong Lan was rushing towards huahaiqing, and huahaiqing was reciting the incantation, and the sea of flowers was surging. He suddenly realized that huahaiqing was making his soul complete, and he rushed towards Huahai sentiment.

Zhushen sword turns into a circle of light, covering huahaiqing and Ronglan. Holding Wushuang swords, Qin Chu jumps up and blocks baifold. Xiaojin also flies up to block baifold. Zhushen breaks away from Feng Hu's entanglement and stops baifold again.

"Qianqiu, get out of the way, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

"I will never!" Qin Chushen voice said.

She said, "you lead the Phoenix tiger, I'll deal with baifold."

Qin Chu nodded, with small gold to meet the flying phoenix tiger, the air and entangled into a group.

Huahaiqing and Ronglan are sitting opposite each other. A group of golden light rises around them, enveloping them. The flowers in the whole sea of flowers are more colorful. Those resentful spirits seem to want to rush over and devour huahaiqing, but they are blocked by zhushenjian.

After all, it's a little hard for him to deal with baipleat. The time of a stick of incense is approaching his limit, and his body is also injured. Qin Chu and Xiao Jin can't stop Feng Hu. His strength is much greater than Xiaojin.

He looked back and screamed. A blue bead of light fell into the aperture of Zhushen sword. The dazzling light rose from below, and he flew a hundred meters away at the same time.

A black shadow soared up and roared, "kill God sword!"

Zhushen sword flies to Hua Haiqing's hand, and the dazzling light covers the whole sea of flowers. She flies back again and rushes to Fenghu. She gives huahaiqing Baibian a look at huahaiqing, and he has already become an entity Dazzling as before.


"I didn't expect it. As long as my soul is in the sea of flowers, I only need a stick of incense to recover. You think it will take a year. You really want more." Flower sea feeling light says, "stupid can't reach!"


The battle lasted three days, three days and three nights.

Qin Chu and Wushuang, Xiaojin also joined the war. All the channels of Huahai were closed. Because of the fight with Baizhe before, he was very weak. He vomited out his Yuandan, which accelerated the recovery of Huahai. His strength was greatly weakened. Fortunately, there are matchless Qin and Chu, Xiao Jin, and the command of Yu. Feng Hu is too busy to reinforce baifold.

Huahaiqing and baifold fought in Huahai for three days and nights. Huahai was destroyed by them. The flowers were withered and scattered, which made a barren sight. He said that huahaiqing could not be cultivated for thousands of years. His strength was worse than that of baifold. He was better than that of baiplea. He had zhushenjian, an expert and fought for three days. Finally, baifold was defeated by Hua Haiqing and was killed by Shenjian Kill!

His soul was also killed by the sword, and his soul was destroyed.

The gratitude and resentment that has lasted for thousands of years has finally come to an end.

After Baizhe's death, Feng Hu's Qi is exhausted. Hua Haiqing also falls into a coma after the war. Although he killed Baizhe, he also killed 1000 enemies and lost 800 himself He went to sleep for three days, but he didn't wake up.

If he doesn't open the channel of the sea of flowers, no one can leave.

The sea of flowers, which was a ruin, has also been restored to its original state.

Matchless said, "ah, master, you will live in Huahai in the future?"

Qin Chu thought of Rong LAN and felt a pang in his heart. He didn't know whether Huahai sentiment still had Ronglan's memory. They were a person, and should have Rong Lan's memory.

Although Hua Hai Qing hates Huahai very much, he hates the outside world even more. He obviously doesn't want to let him go to the outside world. He is afraid that Huahai is their permanent residence.

"I don't know." Qin Chu light said, "if you are in the sea of flowers for a long time, it will be very boring."

"I'm a magic soldier. I have no emotion. Thank you."

"Nonsense, people have emotions." Qin Chu said.

Matchless also does not refute, the end of the world war, it is the end of a paragraph, there is a sea of love such as the existence of the world boss, it is estimated that no one can bully them.

Xiao Jin has recently exchanged experiences with Shen. They are all divine beasts. Although there are differences in strength, their combat skills are different. He has too many skills to ask him for advice, which makes him unhappy about killing Shenjian.

You are the male god of the sword!!!

Almost all the magic soldiers and beasts that Qin Chu saw were Luo Li, just like a young man, but he was an adult. He was a beautiful adult man. His appearance was not inferior to Hua Hai Qing. Then he was very upright, and his clothes were very upright. He was worshipped as a male god.

Different from Zhushen sword, he is very steady.

It is very rare for Xiao Jin to ask other people's questions so seriously. It can be seen that he is not convinced with him.

Hua Haiqing was asleep, but he could not wake up. There were only a few of them left. The Shenbing and the beasts were fighting and making a lot of trouble. Qin Chu suddenly remembered that if they stayed in Huahai, they would not be the only ones.There are Yao, Zhu Shen Jian, and matchless.

Once in a while, Xiao Jin can come and play. It's not lonely.

She held the hand of huahaiqing and began to accept it. In the future, except for a few of them, no one would live a life. Although it would be monotonous, she could have the character of huahaiqing. This is the life he dreams of.

She can compromise for him.

Anyway, she's not concerned.

The resurrection medicine can't be made. Ghost can't be revived. Nangong lvluo is taken care of by situ Zhuo. She can stay in Huahai, cultivate her spiritual strength, become a god level tester and become a God. She also has a long life with Hua Hai, which seems to be a good choice.

"Huahaiqing, when will you wake up?"

"I've been awake for a long time." Flower sea feeling light said, dark red eyes shrouded in her body, Qin Chu surprised to see him, she immersed in their own world, did not find that she had already woken up.

"Are you all right?" She helped him up in a hurry.

"It's nothing. I just wake up and my strength is overdrawn. It's just a little hard. Other things are nothing." Hua Haiqing holds her hand and sits up with her strength. Suddenly, he pulls her and holds her in his arms. He holds her too tightly. Qin Chu dare not struggle, so he has to let him hold it. This is what huahaiqing dreams of.

As soon as he has substance, the first thing he wants to do is to embrace her.

He had been longing for it too long.

Sometimes, he thought that he would never hug her again.

It has been a pity that a man lived alone until the end of time, and he could not die if he wanted to die. Now, his wish has finally come true.

"Love of the sea of flowers..."

"Don't talk. Just let me hold it for a while. Don't talk."

Qin Chu no longer spoke, but quietly hugged him. As he wished, Hua Hai Qing closed his eyes. This was his familiar breath. He knew the people he knew most. After thousands of years, he returned to his arms.

Thousands of years

"Never leave me again, you know?"

Qin Chu nodded and pushed him away slightly. His face had been used to the wind and rain for thousands of years. Maybe he could see some familiar smile.

Rong Lan's memory, does he still remember?

"Look at the other man, can't you see me?" Flower sea love pretends to be unhappy.

Qin Chu smile, "I can think of who ah, not you, you are too stingy."

"Well, don't think about it. I remember all my memories."

"Including the years after your reincarnation, do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember how this bastard hurt you." Hua Haiqing said, looking at her eyes seriously, "if my soul is complete, I will certainly not be in the white Qingcheng witchcraft, will not lose memory, will not let you sad."

"It's all over." She used to wonder why Rong Lan was always cloudy and uncertain, and her temper was unpredictable. It turned out that there was also a reason for incomplete soul. People with incomplete soul always lacked something. Irritability was the most prominent feature.

Huahaiqing looked at her, suddenly a smile, "I dream, is you smile at my fingertips, now, I really have no regrets, from now on, no one can separate us."

"Huahaiqing, I would like to accompany you in Huahai, live forever, but would you like to accompany me, occasionally go to the Terran vacation?" Qin Chu asked him with a smile and a joke.

"I don't care where I go as long as you are there."

Millennium reincarnation, only for the present.

Where his lover wants to go, he will follow.

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