Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 763
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"Flower sea feeling sneer," I won't take Qianqiu joke, you believe even, don't believe it, then wait and see. "

Zhu Shenjian said, "Hey, master No. 2, what the master said is true. He didn't cheat you. If the master's soul is incomplete, he can't defeat Baizhe. The star is just a Pathfinder. He and Baizhe are not of the same level."

Rong LAN didn't give a word to this address, and even despised it. What kind of address is it? It's ridiculous. However, he feels sadly that it's a happy thing to be admitted by the Shenjian.

Hua Haiqing finished her speech, but she also lost her interest. She said faintly, "you want to think about it."

He said it, turned to leave, zhushenjian tangled for three seconds, and left with huahaiqing.

Seeing him coming out, Qin Chu rushed to meet him. Seeing the situation of Hua Hai, his face was as usual, and he didn't seem to have any anger at all. Qin Chu put his heart down, at least they didn't talk about collapse.

"What did you talk about?"

"The unity of the soul." Hua Haiqing did not hide his feelings. He said faintly, "for thousands of years, I have divided my soul into two parts. The other half of my soul has long developed into an independent personality. It is not easy to want him to return willingly. If it is not the enemy, I would not make this request. The contradiction between us is only you. I believe that between us, the person you ultimately choose will still be me, not him. Even if it is the same person and the same soul, we have different memories. I have always rejected him, unwilling to admit him. Now, our contradiction is unity. It's not you. If my soul can't be complete, we will all die. "

"I can't watch you die again, so you can persuade him not to be so persistent. It will be sooner or later that the complete soul is the love of the sea of flowers."


Qin Chu quietly listen, she can feel out of the sea of flowers is not to scare her, is the sea of flowers really to usher in a big war, which I am afraid they can not avoid.

"Is the enemy powerful?"

Flower sea feeling cold hum a, "for the soul is not complete to me, really very strong."

The implication is that if his soul is complete and his power can be fully exerted, then it will be different. Qin Chu looks at the sea of flowers and thinks in silence that she does not want these resentment spirits to follow the love of the flower sea all the time.

If it is possible, she thought, her greatest desire is to have a complete soul. They are two and one. They are also one person. Why should they be divided into two people.

Qin Chu believed what Hua Haiqing said.

This beautiful sea of flowers, containing the opportunity to kill, is indeed extraordinary.

Hua Haiqing asked, "if we live in this form from now on, you will stay with me, won't you?"

He has nothing, only Qianqiu. If Qianqiu also leaves him, he doesn't know whether he can wait for another thousand years. Maybe, he will be crazy. If he had known that such a situation would arise, he thought that he would seriously consider whether he would split his soul into two.

This bitter fruit can only be tasted by ourselves.

"I don't know." Qin Chu said, very seriously, "I don't know how to choose, but I know that Rong LAN and you are one person. No matter what I choose, I actually choose you. There is no conflict between this point. For me, this is not a multiple choice question. For Rong LAN, it may not be because only you have all the memories that belong to you, but he does not. He only has the memory of human race. He is afraid of losing himself, so he is unwilling to disappear. "

"He will agree." Flower sea feeling light said, went upstairs.

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