Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 762
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Huahai looked at him coldly, and the sword suddenly softened. "It's so cruel, Princess Qianqiu, are you OK with your wound? Tell me you're OK, or the master will abuse me. He's too much of a friend."

Qin Chu couldn't laugh or cry. Although there was still some pain in the wound, it didn't matter. She liked Zhengtai. Zhushenjian was really cute. Qin Chu said, "I'm ok."

Zhu Shenjian said he was very pleased and looked at Hua Hai feeling angrily, "you see, Qianqiu princess said it's OK. What else do you have to say? Do you want to abuse me?"

"Be careful that joy begets sorrow."

Rong LAN looked at them and felt a subtle feeling of jealousy. He was also the master of zhushenjian. But Zhu Shenjian was not so intimate to him, because he had no memory at all?

Or is it true that Zhu Shenjian only knows the feelings of Huahai?

When Huahai feeling is Rong LAN, Zhu Shenjian doesn't want to recognize it at all.

"Qianqiu, I want to talk to him." Flower sea feeling light said.

Qin Chu nodded and looked at Rong LAN anxiously for fear that they would collapse. Since they were one person, their temperaments were very similar. At present, Rong LAN had a contradictory mind to Huahai sentiment. Therefore, she was even more afraid that they would fight against each other.

Until Rong LAN nodded, Qin Chu left.

as like as two peas in the sea, he looks at the same appearance as his own eyes. How can he see what he looks like? If he didn't use any means, he would have to go to bed. Maybe now he would not have such a problem. He even dislikes himself. If he is still alive, I don't know whether he will hate the reincarnation.

But for him, it was a thousand years.

To Qianqiu, they are all him, which is the same truth.

"You don't have to look at me like that. I know you don't like me and I don't like you either." Let LAN cold voice said, looked at the Zhushen sword, more can not cover the heart of unwilling.

Hua Haiqing said, "in people's hearts, there are two selves. I have never heard of them. They will like each other. Because of their antagonistic personalities, different perspectives on things and different ways of dealing with things, we all hate ourselves."

Rong Lan thought, what he said is also right, it is true.

"What do you want to talk about?" "If you want to swallow me up, it's impossible. I'm not willing to."

"No matter how much you resist, it will be sooner or later, and we will all be one." Hua Haiqing said, "even if you resist again, the stars want to kill me. I'll try my best to bring you in. That's because I need to kill the divine sword. If I don't have the zhushenjian, my strength can't be exerted, and you can't control him. The stars must be ready to move later. If we have always been in this form, we will surely die. Not only we, but also thousands of years, will die. I don't think you want to see such a situation. "

"What do you mean?" Who is their old enemy.

Hua Haiqing said, "baifold, the demon king of the demon clan, is also our old enemy. In those years, Qianqiu will die. It is because of him that if you don't want to die again in Qianqiu, you'd better follow my advice."

Allow LAN frown, "how do I know what you say is true, maybe, this is just a trick to me, how can I believe you?"

At the end of the day, they can't trust each other.

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