Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 761
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"You are a person, there is no difference at all. Why do you reject so much?" Qin Chu asked, "to me, you are all one person."

"No, I'm me, he's him," he said

"Qin and Chu"... "

Well, she knows, Rong LAN is troubled.

But isn't she the same? Up to now, she feels that she is her, Qianqiu princess is Qianqiu princess. They are two people. If Qianqiu princess still has her soul, she will strongly reject it.

By comparing heart to heart, she can understand Rong LAN more.

But for her, it's not the same.

Flower sea love also said, as long as in the sea of flowers, he can devour him, let LAN heart surged up a restlessness, what he said in the end is not true? If it is true, he can't stay in this sea of flowers.

"Follow me back to Baidi city." Rong Lan said in a deep voice, "I don't want to stay here. If you don't like the capital city, we'll leave and settle in Baidi city all the time. We'll ignore these disputes any more. Anyway, he's just a fragmentary soul, and there's a sword to kill him. You don't have to worry about him."

Take him for granted!

If not, he will be engulfed by the sea of flowers.

"Without my promise, do you think you can leave Huahai?" Flower sea feeling cold voice from behind, Qin Chu turned back, he did not wear a mask, beautiful face such as covered with a layer of frost, ironically looked at Rong LAN, "you don't worry, if not you are willing, even in the flower sea, I can't do you how, don't be so afraid of death."

Rong LAN sneered, "do you think you deserve to be trusted?"

"What about distrust? You have the ability to get out of here?" Hua Haiqing asked.

Rong LAN really did not know how to leave the sea of flowers.

Zhu Shenjian's round eyes looked at Huahai feeling, "master, this is another you. Be gentle, gentle, don't be so fierce. If you want to coax him willingly, you can easily kill him. It's much better than fighting."

"The state of Chu

The magic weapon? It's so Treacherous.

Qin Chu's understanding of Shenbing was so amazing. She always thought that Shenbing was like unrivalled Laurie. She knew everything and was flat and flat like a computer. She didn't expect that Shua was so lively.

This playful, obviously not afraid of Huahai sentiment.

"I haven't settled with you yet. You'd better not talk to me." Flower sea feeling light said.

Zhu Shenjian suddenly hugged his thigh. "Master, please let me go. I've been sealed by you for thousands of years. You can forgive me. Do you want to see me cry? Do you really want to see me cry? "

"The state of Chu

"Get out of here Hua Haiqing raises his legs and kicks him away. He is really useless. He has no ambition at all. Zhushenjian continues to hold his thigh and looks at huahaiqing with tears in his eyes. He is coquettish and cute.

Let LAN lip Cape a pull, how can have such divine weapon?

"Master, you are so cruel and heartless. At least I have been with you for hundreds of thousands of years. I don't give me a smile at ordinary times. I'll beat and scold at will. Where can you find me such a capable and obedient soldier? Be careful that I will run to your enemy." Zhushen sword cold hum said, that called a face proud.

Huahai looked at him coldly, and the sword suddenly softened. "It's so cruel, Princess Qianqiu, are you OK with your wound? Tell me you're OK, or the master will abuse me. He's too much of a friend."

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