Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 760
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Zhushenjian changed his body and became a black haired boy. He was kind and chubby. He looked like a lucky baby. He said to Ronglan with a smile, "hi..."

Then ran to Huahai feeling, chubby face full of smile, "Hey, master, I'm back, you are really resourceful, clever, really my favorite host."

"You almost drive me out of my wits." Hua Haiqing didn't look at him.

"Xiaohei cried," look at the Qianqiu princess is not dead, please let go! "

Selling cute.

Huahai feeling cold hum a, directly on the second floor, Rong LAN holding Qin Chu to stay on the first floor, has been looking at her, small black bang bang ground up the second floor, Rong LAN calm eyebrows, Zhu Shenjian also recognized a master.

He only knows the love of the flower sea, even if he has two wisps of soul, he also only knows the love of the flower sea.

Does that mean that as long as in the sea of flowers, the love of the sea of flowers can devour him? After all, they are one soul and two bodies, which will eventually become one person and one person will disappear.

"ChuChu..." He gently stroked Qin Chu's face. He knew that only when a soul was restored could their power be complete. Otherwise, they would never be able to exert the power of the demon king. They were always incomplete.

But he is not willing, why should he disappear?

He didn't like it.

When Qin Chu wakes up, it's sunny outside, and her back still hurts. She frowns uncomfortably. Every time she gets hurt, she gets better very quickly. Nangong lvluo gives a lot of medicine, and she also puts it in Rong Lan's place. There's no reason why it still hurts so much.

Wait, what about them?

Qin Chu gets up in a hurry. He can see Rong LAN from the window. He is sitting outside. He doesn't know what to look at. He looks very silent. Qin Chu resists the pain and goes out the door.

Since the sea of flowers is brilliant, the love of the sea of flowers must be safe and sound.

"What are you thinking?"

Let LAN shake his head, smile slightly, "I recovered the memory, all."

Qin Chu pick eyebrow, allow LAN touched her face, "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, but it's best to remember. If I can't remember it, I don't think it's very important. Our life is so long, only a few months' memory is nothing. Maybe we can't remember this memory after we are 100 years old." Qin Chu told the truth, if only a hundred years of life, she still dare not say anything, but if there is a thousand years of life, there are ten thousand years of life, the memory of those months is really nothing.

He suddenly pulled her into his arms, and the whole person was silent. Qin Chu gently patted him on the shoulder. He was also a flower sea feeling. It was another flower sea feeling, which was derived from flower sea love in order to save her. At the thought of this, Qin Chu's heart became softer.

"Well, if I don't want to give up myself, how do you choose?" Rong LAN looked at her eyes and asked seriously. He really wanted to know what Qin Chu thought.

If he is not reconciled, so be engulfed by the love of the sea of flowers, lost the memory of this period in the Terran, then who will she choose?

It is clear that he has more soul, why Qin Chu seems to love that person more.

Even if he knew, it was himself, and he was mad with jealousy.

Zhu Shenjian chose huahaiqing. Did Qin and Chu choose huahaiqing?

"You are a person, there is no difference at all. Why do you reject so much?"

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