Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 759
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Bai Qingcheng laughs. Suddenly, Qin Chu resists the pain behind her and throws out the bell. She reads an old mantra. The bell flies towards baiqingcheng, shrouded in the soul of baiqingcheng. She says something in her mouth. The bell makes a clear sound, and the golden light covers Bai Qingcheng.

"Ah..." Bai Qingcheng cried out in pain, "Qin Chu, you..."

Before she finished, her soul was sucked into the bell. The star was angry and was about to take the bell away. Qin Chu recited the incantation faster than him, and the bell exploded.

Qin Chu also fell on the ground, Huahai feeling eyes red to crack, looking at the blood from her body constantly outflow, he roared, "what are you still doing, don't come to help her heal!"

As soon as Bai Qingcheng died, Rong LAN seemed to wake up from a dream. The memory of being sealed before also surged forward. Seeing Qin Chu lying in a pool of blood, his face turned white. My God, what did he do?

What is he doing.

"Delicate!" He rushed over and picked up Qin Chu. The sword was different from ordinary soldiers. Qin Chu was seriously injured. Ronglan took Zhixue powder from the space and helped her stop bleeding first.

Hua Haiqing would like to swallow him, "fool! It's just a little bit that the Terran witchcraft can't resist. "

Let LAN look at him, silent, Qin Chu holding his hand, gas if gossamer, "I'm ok, don't hurt Huahai sentiment, you are one, less any one, are incomplete."

Qin Chu said, people also lost consciousness.


Stars see Bai Qingcheng dead, Rong Lan also lost control, in a hurry to escape, the sea of flowers cold smile, closed the channel of the sea of flowers, he sneered, "stars, you also look down on my flower sea, if I don't want to, you think he can come to Huahai, can you come to Huahai? Where do you think this is? Come and go if you want to? "

"What do you mean?"

Hua Haiqing said lightly, "thank you very much. If you didn't take him to the mirror land and teach him revenge, I don't think he can take the sword now. What do you think I did when I let him go to the mirror land? That is to let you know that zhushenjian is in the mirror land. Thanks to you, he got the Zhushen sword. Otherwise, in my resentful state, Zhushen sword is still in the mirror land, and you have brought people to the sea of flowers. Thank you very much. You are right. I missed the best time for recovery, but if it is in Huahai, then I can recover at any time. The sea of flowers is my cradle. Although I don't like it at all, it is undeniable that this is the safest place for me and the fastest place for me to recover my strength. I thank you for bringing him, and I also thank you for bringing the sword. Now, your role is gone. "

Flower sea love words sound down, countless resentment spirit rushed to the stars, devouring him.

Rong LAN looked at him coldly, just that words, not only said to the stars to listen, but also said that he heard, in the flower sea, the flower sea love is the leader, he can control everything.

Star thinks he can control Rong LAN and kill huahaiqing. Rong LAN thinks that he has two souls who can kill huahaiqing. They are both schemers, but they are cheated by huahaiqing.

"Take her in." Huahaiqing said, the rate of the advanced villa, full of resentment of the sea of flowers, also turned into a bright spring.

Zhushenjian changed his body and became a black haired boy. He was kind and chubby. He looked like a lucky baby. He said to Ronglan with a smile, "hi..."

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