Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 7
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Suddenly, a white light rose from her chest, forming a natural barrier in front of her. The sword spirit hit the white light, and suddenly rebounded, shaking Jue to fly out and smash on the wall.

Wow, spit out a mouthful of blood.

The white light on Qin Chu disappeared.

That scene was like an illusion.

Everyone was staring at Qin Chu. What happened just now?

"You..." Rong Jue couldn't say a word, but suddenly she fainted. Qin Xue and others were shocked and ordered to take rongjue for treatment. The royal highness of a country was injured by Qin Chu in the Qin family. If it was spread out, it would be a great crime.

"Qin Chu, you..." Qin didn't say anything.

The party walked clean within a minute. Qin Chu had come back to her senses. She didn't know what had happened at that moment. Chun'er was so scared that her feet were soft. Qin Chu waved and calmed down, "let people take care of this wolf."

"Yes, miss."

Qin Chu curiously pulled up the pendant on her chest. It was a round water drop shaped jade pendant. It was just the light of the jade pendant. Was it protecting itself? What is this?

There are so many things in the world that she doesn't understand.

This pendant must be special. She must keep it well. Maybe it is a precious thing.

Qin Chu is a person with a strong sense of crisis. She knows that she hurt rongjue this time. The royal family and Qin family can't tolerate him. Chuner said that the Empress Dowager was very grateful to her. She met her once as a child and told the Qin family to treat her well.

Maybe she could save her life, but she couldn't think of anyone else.

The Qin family won't offend the royal family for her sake. Moreover, when the crown prince quits, she can't bear to be humiliated and commit suicide. This time, she seriously injures the prince, and she will be divorced. How can she protect herself? They can fight back.

It seems that her ability is still too weak.

She looked at the body carefully. Although she was not favored by the common people, she also had a girl to take care of her daily life. Her fingers were not touched by the spring water. She was very delicate. She used to have 400 kilograms of strength on one foot.

This body, don't mention it.

She's too weak.

Rong Jue's sword spirit and Warcraft are all stronger than her.

If it wasn't for Warcraft's distraction, she could have been the opponent of the fourth level Warcraft.

Not to mention rongjue.

She must find a way to practice and become strong, otherwise, she is a waste material.

Obviously, she once tested her talent. Why did she lose her Sabre spirit overnight?

She didn't believe in such a mystery.

Chun'er finds someone to clean up Warcraft. There is a strong smell in the yard. The little girl sprinkles some golden powder. The smell soon disappears. Qin Chu laughs and calls her over.

"Miss, you've become so powerful that you can kill level 4 Warcraft. All the inferior swordsmen can kill level 4 Warcraft. If only you could cultivate your sword spirit, you wouldn't be bullied by them. What should you do this time? The prime minister and his highness will not let you go." Chun'er said anxiously.

Qin Chu's eyes were calm. She always had a delicate mind and a calm mind. She knew the importance of this matter. It was not a society ruled by law.

This is a powerful society. Whoever has a hard fist has the right to speak.

"Chun'er, don't worry about me. I ask you, who gave me this pendant?" Qin Chu pulled the pendant on his chest.

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