Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 6
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Rong Jue complacent smile, simply ignore Qin Xue, arrogant wantonly looking at Qin Chu, "scared, I'll let him teach you a good lesson today."

The fire wolf roared and rushed forward. Qin Chu stepped back in a hurry and almost fell down.

Rong Jue laughed, proud and boastful.

Qin Yue also pointed to her and laughed, "ha ha ha, look at her silly appearance. I haven't seen Warcraft before. It's really pitiful. I'm scared to death."

Seeing Rong Jue, Qin Xue only scares Qin Chu and calms down.

"If you want me to let you go, kneel down and beg for mercy, or..." Rong Jue said maliciously, "I let the flame wolf eat you."

Fire wolf with a roar into the sky, breathing out a group of fire.

The orange flame, running high.

Then he jumped up again and hit Qin Chu with his huge claws.

She nimbly avoided, the first fight with Warcraft, inevitably a bit embarrassed.

Qin Chu sneered, "it's just a beast. Do you think I'm afraid of it?"

"You just pretend it's Warcraft. You haven't seen it in your life." Qin Yun mocked, "you are not qualified to own Warcraft, no Warcraft is willing to sign a contract with you..."

Sign a contract, right?

Qin Chu's eyes sank, "yes, I haven't seen Warcraft. I've seen such a big one for the first time, but it's also my first time to kill Warcraft."

When she finished, she suddenly jumped up and gave a spin under her feet, kicking it on the belly of Warcraft, but she was bounced back. For Warcraft, it was not painful. Qin Chu frowned. The master of this body was too weak.

If you go down with this foot, you don't have much strength.

The constitution is too weak.

Warcraft received the attack, immediately manic, to the Qin Chu spurt a group of fire, Rong Jue was shocked, called out, "fire wolf stop!"

The wolf seemed to be puzzled why the master wanted him to stop.

he looked back at the Jue Jue, and at this moment, Qin Chu jumped up and kicked on the Wutong tree and leveraged, three or four meters tall, holding a dagger in her hand. Her eyes were fierce, and the dagger plunged deep into the throat of the flames wolf.

"Stop it!" Rong Jue roared. It was too late. With Qin Chu's body falling, the dagger slashed the throat of the flaming wolf.

Fresh blood stained Qin Chu.

The huge body of the flame wolf slowly fell down, looking like a dead man.

The flaming wolf, who has just been arrogant, has been killed by Qin Chu.

The magic crystal from the flame Wolf shot at Qin Chu's chest, as if absorbed by something.

The tall corpse of the flame wolf blocked rongjue.

They couldn't see it. Qin Chu was in a panic and didn't see it.

Those children of the aristocratic families who were watching the opera were stupid. This is the waste material in the legend of the Qin family. Can you kill a fourth-order Warcraft in one fell swoop? Where is this kind of waste material? It's just it is beyond logic and above reason.

That speed, that power, it's just too fast.

Quick and accurate!

It's like waste material.

Rong Jue was very angry, drew out his sword and swept across the air. "Qin Chu, I will kill you!"

A sword spirit suddenly attacked, with a sharp and murderous spirit. Qin and Chu rushed to the side and rolled on the ground. There was a hole in the sword tree. Rongjue's backhand was another sword. The sword spirit in his body turned into an invisible arrow and shot at her.

The speed is too fast for Qin ChuGen to stop.

Is this the power of sword king?

Is she going to die today?

Suddenly, a white light rose from her chest, forming a natural barrier in front of her. The sword spirit hit the white light, and suddenly rebounded, shaking Jue to fly out and smash on the wall.

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