Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 5
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"I've been practicing all the time, and I don't care much about the affairs in the house. If my third sister is wronged, she should ask my mother to do justice for you." Qin Xue's a word of practice, the responsibility to leave all.

Qin Yue sneered, "Qin Chu, you are really shameless. You even touch the big sister in front of the prince. If you don't want to face, we beat you because you don't want to fight. It's disgusting to see that you are so mean. It has nothing to do with elder sister."

Qin Xue smiles and appreciates a little.

Look, she doesn't need to say anything. She has someone to defend her.

Rong Jue sneered and was not interested in the struggle of the young ladies of the Qin family. He said coldly, "Qin Chu, I don't want to ask about your family affairs. However, it is imperative to cancel your marriage. Even if you are looking for a life and death again, I will find my father and cancel our marriage. You are not worthy of me. You are not qualified to be the crown prince of the Donglin empire."

Waste materials?

Yes, she is a waste material. How can she be worthy of the prince who is already a high-level sword king?

Qin Chu sneered, it was a farce.

"Do you know that you are really pitiful and pathetic. You have lost your talent. You are a waste man. You are shameless and pestering me all the time. I feel bored when I see you. You are such a waste. You should not have anything to do with this palace. The whole Donglin Empire, who would like to have such waste material like you?" When the prince saw Qin and Chu, he was indifferent and could not help but choose his words.

"Do you think I rarely marry you?" Qin Chu's tone was cold, "the prince's highness can't help but think too much of himself. Others regard you as treasure. I think you're just a grass. Who likes to pick it up?"

Rong Jue and Qin Xue's faces changed.

Qin Xue's face was extremely ugly. Qin Chu said this, which was undoubtedly a curse to both of them.

Rong Jue was furious. He was the prince of Donglin empire. He had not been said to be a grass. Today, he must teach this woman a lesson.

The original intention of Qin Chu was to anger Rong Jue. She wanted to see how much worse she was compared with the so-called genius, the sword king on the mainland.

Who knows, from the ring of Rong Jue's wrist, a huge wolf suddenly sprang out.

Fourth order Warcraft, flame wolf.

The flame wolf is three meters high with black hair and green eyes as big as a man's fist. He jumps on the ground like an earthquake, shaking three times. Qin Chumu is stunned.

This is Warcraft?

She has very little knowledge of the world.

It was only in science fiction movies and fantasy novels that actually appeared in front of her.

At that moment, she was shocked.

After the shock, is the whole God alert, one hand to frighten silly chun'er behind.

"Teach her a good lesson." Rong Jue said angrily.

Qin Xue said in a hurry, "prince, quickly put away the flame wolf, Qin Chu offended the prince, although the sin is unforgivable, but the crime is not to death."

Qin Chu is a waste material, can't do anything, how to compete with a four level Warcraft.

She also wanted to teach Qin Chu a lesson, but she didn't want her life.

The Empress Dowager has always been very grateful to Qin and Chu. Usually, her father turns a blind eye to their behavior, and her consciousness is that as long as people don't die, the Empress Dowager will certainly punish the Qin family if his highness kills Qin Chu in his palace.

Rong Jue complacent smile, simply ignore Qin Xue, arrogant wantonly looking at Qin Chu, "scared, I'll let him teach you a good lesson today."

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