Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 40
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Qin Chu is a smart person. She also knows her meaning and is very excited in her heart. In this way, can she become a test teacher respected by everyone?

This is a very valuable career.

One in a million.

"Can I be a tester?"

"You also lack natural perception." The old woman said, "little girl, it's not so easy to be a tester. The conditions are quite harsh. That's why there are so few testers. Your sword Qi is sealed, and your natural perception is also sealed. If you want to become an experimenter, you must first remove the blood Demon Stone in your body. Generally, natural perception and sword Qi can't exist at the same time. Since you already have sword Qi, natural perception doesn't know. But I've seen your context and it's possible that you are a rare practitioner who can practice at the same time. "

"What a pity..."

Talent is so good, but so many years of wasted time.

She has not seen for many years, such a strong vein, nor has she seen the young generation of testers.

She thought that the profession of trial engineer was going to die out.

I didn't expect that when I went down the mountain by chance, I met a good young boy of an experimenter.

She has just used the natural perception to communicate with the blood Demon Stone in his body. This is a rare talent. No matter in cultivating sword Qi or in trial, she has a high talent. What a pity.

Qin Chu didn't feel any pity.

Heaven envies talents.

We should keep a low profile.

She was a genius.

If she was a little more ordinary, she would not attract blood Demon Stone.

Maybe it's smoother.

If let others know, she can become a test teacher, will certainly cause the world to compete.

She didn't want this to happen until she became strong.

"Granny, I hope you can keep it secret." Qin Chu whispered, "I don't want too many people to know that I can become a tester."

"Girl, you should know that if you know that you can become an experimenter, the materials you need are as easy as the palm of one's hand, such as wood spirit fire and figs. They are very willing to owe them a favor. Everyone in the land of sword God hopes that there will be an experimenter who can help themselves."

Nowadays, it's very rare to have a trial master in the land of sword God.

There is a fifth level test division, people in the misty peak, so the ethereal peak is firmly at the head of the first aristocratic family.

The little girl's talent is so high that everyone is willing to let her owe her a favor and create a unique weapon for them in the future.

They have plenty of time to wait for the little girl to become a high-level tester.

In the land of sword God, everyone has a life span of at least 200 years. Relying on the continuation of the elixir, 500 years is no surprise. A child with such a wonderful talent can become a high-level experimenter in a few decades.

She's just a genius tester.

"Girl, I can take you as my apprentice." The old woman said faintly, smiling kindly, "the old woman has lived 150 years old, and has never received an apprentice. You are the first girl I have met in the past 50 years who is most likely to become an experimenter."

"Mother in law, you are 150 years old Qin Chu's chin almost fell off. He turned his head and looked at chun'er. Didn't he die at the age of 100? Why is Mao so rebellious? Chun'er is at a loss. It's normal to be 150 years old.

Many strong people can live a long time.

Although Mr. Qin seems to be middle-aged, he is also 80 years old.

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