Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 39
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Suddenly, a sharp force collided with the blood Demon Stone in her body. It was not pain. It seemed that there was a confrontation between two forces. Qin Chu had a cold sweat on her forehead. This feeling was very uncomfortable.

The old woman suddenly withdrew her strength.

The face was full of surprises.

"I didn't expect that..." Her excited hands trembled, holding Qin Chu's hand as if she were kissing her daughter.

Qin Chu was baffled.

After the old woman was excited, she shook her head slightly again, "it's a pity, it's a pity..."

Qin Chu had a good impression on her and said with a smile, "it's no pity. I'll find all the materials and get rid of the blood Demon Stone."

"Do you know the blood Demon Stone Seal in the body?"

"Only recently did I know that I was going to find all the materials I needed to get rid of this blood Demon Stone. I have never given up on treating myself." Qin Chu said slowly that she did not know who the old woman was. To her judgment, she should be a strong man.

The old woman said, "I once saw such a strong vein. If there was no seal of blood Demon Stone, your achievements today would be at least sword emperor. I didn't expect that the people from the land of witches would still stay in our land of magic sword. It's really endless wildfires and spring breeze. I don't know how many disputes will arise in the future. "

Qin Chu did not speak. She did not know how the blood Demon Stone entered her body.

Chun'er said that her impression was blurred.

The first lady is not like a strong person, but an ordinary person.

Maybe she had someone seal her.

Anyway, it's a long time ago, and it's not clear.

"Girl, you and I are predestined. Today I will instruct you. You are the owner of the three elements: water, fire and gold. Do you know what this means?" The old woman asked meaningfully, with a look on her face.

Qin Chu glared round eyes, "can I become an experimenter?"

"Yes The old woman said, "there are not many swordsmen in the land of sword God who have these three elements at the same time. Even if they have them, they may not be able to become the experimenters. Gold is your hidden element. No one can detect it except the experimenter. This is your perception element. Your fighting elements are only water and fire. Many people who have the elements of water and fire, even if they have the element of gold, may not know it. "

Chun'er was very surprised. "I thought the lady only had water and fire."

"Yes, she used to have both water and fire. The gold element was only recently awakened. It's very weak. I think it's the little girl who suffered a death recently." The old woman looked at Qin Chu, clearly she was a blind man, but Qin Chu could feel her burning sight.

As if she could see herself?

"Is mother-in-law a trial maker?"

"You're smart." The old woman said, "chun'er is very surprised. The experimenter is one in ten thousand. He looks very fierce. Qin Chu is also very surprised. Rong Lan said that the emperor has an experimenter. He is only a fourth level tester. He has been praised as a national treasure. The emperor respects him like a teacher.

"After death, will gold awaken?" Qin Chu asked.

The old woman said, "the gold element is the most important perceptual element of the experimenter. To polish a peerless weapon or stone, you can't do without the perception of the gold element. You need to understand their voice and catalyze their most powerful power by the perception of soul and gold. Therefore, the gold element is a rare and hard to awaken element. Its awakening means that the master has to experience a catastrophe of life and death before he can get the power of the perceptual element of nature. This is an equivalent exchange. "

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