Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 38
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"Granny, I want to buy some pills." Qin Chu sat on the stone steps beside her and chose pills from her stall. She didn't understand it very well. Chun'er worried and said, "Miss, we'd better go to another home and have a look."

"No, just this one." Qin Chu said faintly.

Chun'er is worried about the authenticity of the pill. The old woman looks old and blind. Who knows if she uses the wrong material when refining the medicine. If she uses the wrong material, the pill will be very dangerous.

"Little girl, you are the old woman's first guest today. What do you want to buy?" The old woman was kind and kind-hearted. She felt her hands and picked up a white jade bottle. "This is the seeking Hua pill. When taking it at the critical time, it can restrain the restlessness in the body and advance smoothly."

"This is Mingmu pill, which can strengthen your eyesight for half an hour if you take it in fog or at night."

"This is Zhixue Dan..."

With her introduction, Qin Chu's heart was almost roaring. What kind of world is this and why there are so many It's a great drug. Can instantly strengthen person's eyesight to have?

That's amazing.

It's the best aid to combat.

She had just asked two pharmacists again. It seemed that there was no Mingmu Dan and Xunhua Dan.

It seems that the medicine can repair the damaged meridians in her body.

Of course, Qin Chu didn't know.

The potion was very precious, and Ronglan had only one bottle of it. He had kept the things to protect his life when he was in a critical moment. It was a chance that he met a tester in the two continental barriers.

The spirit water given to him by the experimenter can be revived instantly with full blood as long as there is still a breath left.

This kind of treasure can not be made by pharmacists without formula.

"Granny, are you a pharmacist?" Qin Chu asked as he selected the medicine.

The old woman said with a meaningful smile

Is that right? Is this or is it not?

Qin Chu happily swept all the pills. There was only one bottle of pills sold by the old woman. Qin Chu always felt that there was no harm in having more pills. It was her habit to stock up on medicines.

"Little girl, there are many pharmacists selling medicine in Warcraft square. Why choose me

"The old woman is old and blind. Aren't you afraid of using the wrong medicine?"

"I believe in the old woman." Qin Chu said faintly. She thinks that pharmacists are a profession with qualifications. The older you are, the more reassuring it is to refine medicines. This is one of the reasons why she chose the old woman.

"The little girl is very kind." The old woman said with a smile. Qin Chu took the money bag and gave the old woman four gold ingots.

"Eh..." When the old woman touched Qin Chu's hand, she suddenly grasped her hand, and her face changed, as if it was a surprise or It was so subtle that she couldn't understand it for a moment.

"Mother in law?"

A warm force ran from her palm to her meridians. The warm and powerful power was particularly obvious. For example, the meridians that nourished her were suddenly blocked. The old woman motioned Qin Chu not to speak.

It's not like the sharp pain when Shi Yuntian's power enters the body.

The old woman's energy in her body did not cause her a trace of pain, she can feel the power.

Warm, compassionate, powerful!

Suddenly, a sharp force collided with the blood Demon Stone in her body. It was not pain. It seemed that there was a confrontation between two forces. Qin Chu had a cold sweat on her forehead. This feeling was very uncomfortable.

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